Friday, October 4, 2013

Rest Well Needed

As much as I hated having to take 6 days off of running and working out this week, I do have to admit and putting my pride aside, I did indeed need the rest. But I was seriously like a kid in a candy store getting out of work today, I could not wait to get home, throw on my Brooks and head out the door. In my mind I planned on 5 miles, then my stomach did a weird rumble, feeling thing, and I listened, I didn't push it and did 3.18 in 34 minutes, a pace of 10:42, which was a holy surprise to me! I felt like I was moving at snail speed. My stomach was okay, not great and my breathing was a little off, but the run felt nice. The sweating I think was my favorite part because I felt like I was getting all the disease and poison out of my system once and for all. I brought a water bottle with me, just plain water, didn't want to test anything just yet. My legs were a little sore afterwards, but all and all it was good being what I had going on the last week. I plan on tomorrow going to 4 miles and I had in my mind to do my long run Sunday, but because I am still having weird stomach issues, I'm going to plan on 5-6 and do my long, long run this coming Thursday, my second day off.

I hated being sick for a 1000 reasons, but not being able to run was a sickness all its on. But I have become such an avid runner that even though I was out for a bit, I fell right back into it. A little bit of me was worried, I would hate it or just give up, I know crazy talk. The rest was well needed and awakened the spark back in me again.

Happy Friday!!