Friday, October 25, 2013

30 Days Until Women's Running Half Marathon

Quick post

I just realized that in 30 days I will be running my 4th Half Marathon! HOLY HECK!! 30 days and I cant believe it. I absolutely love this journey I am on and when I run one, I cant wait to run another one. The weather in Florida right now has been fantastic and has finally become fall like. The weather is around the 70's, little breezy and no humidity. I mean when I run and sweat, I no longer have puddles in my shoes, which is awesome. I love a good sweat session, but I love the cool weather so much more. I ran last night with my running bff and it was such a perfect run, we went a little slower, walked a bit more and then I finished strong, I got in a nice 4.60 miles.

Today is my rest day because I am working a longer shift and then tomorrow I am planning a 13 mile run. It will be my last big run before the half.

I have been having some ankle, lower leg issue. I think I pulled a muscle, because the pain hurts, not so much when I run, usually it hurts a bit but when I do my walk part, it isn't as bad. The next day it hurts though, so I have been wearing a Therma Care heat wrap on the muscle, which really helps. I will totally be wearing it after tomorrow's run.

I am glad I am having this issue now and not later or closer to the date.

 I prepped my meal for tonight to eat, pasta and chicken, YUM! Love carbloading time. Laying out my clothes for the morning and getting my water bottles ready and fuel. I love this, I love the organization, I love the prep and I love the final result. This is perfect timing because I am going on vacation starting tomorrow. I took 5 days off of work to have a nice little me time before the start of my crazy holiday season. I also just signed up for the Clearwater Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot, 5k. I ran it last year and it was a ton of fun. We run through a neighborhood, people are sitting outside, cheering us on, some playing music, and it is an awesome way to kick off Thanksgiving. Plus it is a nice run to do after running the Women's Half.

That's about all I have for now, I have to start my day, 9 hour shift stands between me and my staycation!