Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday in Pictures

Had a great Sunday. It was relaxing, awakening, fun and busy and I got to spend the whole afternoon with James, which hardly ever happens with our schedules. We both work retail so sometimes it feels we are working complete opposite of each other. Here are some pictures from our afternoon, we went to Golfsmith and then an afternoon at The Men's Wearhouse company picnic for James. I should have taken more pictures, I really need to start documenting more.

He is like a kid in a candy shop when we got to the Golf store, but I guess I am the same way when we go to Fit2Run lol.

My favorite golfer is Bubba Watson and they had this head cover, I wanted James to buy it so bad. I was even going to buy it just to have. I nick names James, Bubba, after Bubba Watson, and I even said if we ever got a male dog, we would name him Watson.

I also really wanted these. I would love to pick up golf, but I don't think it is something James and I should do together. I respect it is his thing, he doesn't run with me, its our own therapy. But I would love to just have a pink set!!

And us at the picnic. The food was so good, BBQ catered from an awesome place around here, First Choice Barbecue. Counted the points as best I could, but I did earn some activity points earlier from running. I look way to white for living in Florida, I need to get some serious sun time.

This was from this morning before I went on my run. I really loved this look and the hat I had gotten from Target. This was such a huge confidence booster, made me realize truly how far I have come.

Great Sunday!!!