Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Slight Gain but Expected

It's Tuesday again, which means my weigh in day and meeting day. I actually got out of work on time this week, so I was able to attend my meeting and get there early to chat with my leader and the manager, whom I love and adore dearly. Seriously going to the meetings really make a huge difference, I know that no matter what there is always a huge support system available. Also they were handing out free Chili Lime multi crisps, which is a win because I LOVE them and I was hungry.

Due to the massive, horrible stomach bug I had last week, I knew I was going to have a gain, the weight I lost last Tuesday, had a lot to do with the stomach bug. But when I got on the scale, I gained 2.2, which I was so happy to see the whole 3.6 I was down last week wasn't all due to the stomach bug, finally I was overcoming a bit of my plateau. So even though it is a gain this week, I still have a lost in there. I am not in the 140's anymore, which I hate, but it makes me want to work harder to get there next week. 

This past year has been a big struggle around this weight and then plateau. I am having a hard time getting past these 3 pounds, but I am not giving up, I have a ways to go, but I know eventually it is all going to fall into place. I am really going to fit this week and concentrate and work hard to move that scale.

And pray for no more stomach bugs.

Last week 148.8
This week: 151