Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Small, Steady and Slow

Even though I am on vacation, I am still weighing in and not getting off plan this week. Actually I am doing more baking and cooking this week to keep me on plan. This morning I got a good work out in with Jacke early at the gym, it was so nice to change it up a bit. Then for the majority of the day I did little things around the apartment I have been wanting to do, especially the laundry. I watched a whole lot of SVU, god I love when there is a marathon on and I also have a new obsession of The Big Bang Theory, so I have been dvring old episodes when I see they pop up on the guide.

At 5:00, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting, I also brought my WW members some of the Almond Butter Balls as a nice little treat. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them. I weighed in and lost .8 again. Woohoo! Another loss, 2nd week in a row. It is such a great feeling, even if it is a small loss, it is a loss. I just want to keep on keeping on with this losing. I know I can get there.

I haven't done anything different this week than I normally did, I did run 13.1 miles this week and earned 54 activity points. I think what I might be doing right is eating my activity points on the days that I earn them, especially my long run days. And it seems to be working!

Here's to another successful week!!!
Last week 150.8
This week 150.0
Down .8