Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Weigh In & 3 Year "New Me" Birthday/Anniversary

Its Tuesday which means my weekly weigh in and meeting day with Weight Watchers. James and I were both off today, so I decided to just go and weigh in and miss my meeting because we were going to be meeting his family out for our traditional Taco Tuesday. I thought James and I were going to be doing some stuff also this day, so I figured weighing in early would be better than waiting until later, in case I wanted to have a big lunch or such.

So I went to my Weight Watchers location and weighed in and to my surprise and happiness I was down .6. After a rough 3 weeks of weigh ins this was just the confidence and push in the right direction I needed. A half of a pound is not much of a weight loss but it is SOMETHING! Slow and steady is what I need and how I succeed the best. Plus it was what I had put on last week.

I did things right this week too. From Tuesday to Tuesday, I ran four days. I ate my 26 points and ate the activity points I earned. I made smart choices, drank lots of water and got good sleep. I made sure I was prepared and when we ate out, I ate smart choices. I tracked every day. The only day I don't track is on Tuesday's because I feel since its a weigh in day, it is my day. I can put tracking aside from that.

With that all said, I will continue to do what I did last week. I will continue to work the process and keep going on because like we say, it sure does work and boy does it.

Besides it being a weekly weigh in day, it is actually my 3 year "new  me" Birthday/Anniversary. Three years ago, this day, well actually the 25th but the last Tuesday of the month of January, I made the bold decision to change my life. I didn't think I would learn anything or care about losing weight. I started to WW to support a friend, I did it to be a supporting friend. I didn't think I would stick with it, I figured I would do it a little bit and then that would be it.

God little did I know how much it would change my life. From the moment I stepped on that scale, my life changed forever. These past 3 years have been truly amazing. I have lost 81 pounds. Now to all these fad diets that are out there, 81 pounds over a 3 year time frame does not seem like a lot. But I did it the right way. I lost it so it never comes back and I promise you I will never have it come back. Sure I have gained here and there, we know that, but never more than 4 pounds and then the next week or following week it was gone.

I have lost inches. I wish that when I started I measured my inches and could see the difference, but wow visually it is amazing. I mean I use to have cankles, you know where your calves blend to your ankles. Now I actually have ankles and calves and quads and muscles in my thighs. I also can see muscles in my legs. And I have HIPS. I never have had hips ever in my life, I actually never what they were in my body. And the best part I had neck, chest muscles that popped up. I have cheek bones. I have structure.

In 3 years I have gone from a size 22 to size 6. A size XL to a size Small. I have my wrist shrink and my ring sizes and I know my feet have shrunk also. I have gone from never able to wear flats because they hurt from all the weight, to that is all I wear now. I have been able to wear bathing suit again. I no longer have to wear my boyfriends sweat pants or his belts. I can actually fit into a belt now.

I went from not being able to walk up stairs without catching my breath, to now I run up and down them, no problem. I went from a 30 minute mile running to 10:30 minute. Oh and now I run half marathons!!!! I couldn't even run the mile in High School.

I can go on and say how much I have changed in 3 years, but I seriously have just became a whole new person. I believe the person I have always meant to be. In the last 3 years, I have never given up, not once. If I had a gain, I kept on going. I made the right decisions and never let myself get down. Even if I had a bad day, or a bad week, I weighed in every single week, just once! I did not become obsessed with the scale or the number because I knew the number and the result of it all, was bigger than what was on that scale. And I still believe that.

I feel like 3 years ago I was reborn.

And 3 years later I am still going to stick with it, because it is not a diet, it is not a fad, or a just for the fun of it. This is my life. This will be life from now and ever. Do I hope I wont be tracking points or journaling for the rest of my life, yes. But for now this works for me and this is it. I am ready to see what the next year and years after that will have in store for me. And I can look back on all the milestones in store.

BzzAgent Review on Fiber One Meal Bar Strawberry Greek Yogurt

I am a BzzAgent and received a free sample box of the new Fiber One Meal Bars in Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Peanut Butter. This is my opinion based post on receiving a sample, my thoughts and words are all my own.

Fiber One Meal bars are a healthy, on the go, quick and easy meal bar, that can promote weight management, provide energy from good products and give you a snack option better than a sweet, high sugar, high caloric product.

I decided to dive right in to the Strawberry Greek Yogurt bars first, primarily because they were less calories and less points. One bar is 4pp and 170 calories. The bars are suppose to be a meal replacement bar, but I see them more as a fueling or refueling option for my running and exercise, just like I use my Quest Bars.

When I opened the Strawberry Greek Yogurt bar, you get hit with an awesome aroma of strawberries right away. You can see that the bar is quite big due to the wrapper, which I was pleasantly surprised with. The texture of the bar was similar to a rice cereal with chunks of dried strawberries and the bottom of the bar is coated in Greek yogurt. No bitter taste or after taste. Once I took a bite, I was hooked. It was very delicious.

The stats on the bar are impressive. High in fiber, which of course is what you would expect from Fiber One. Also high in protein with 10g and low in Sugar, which just 9g. I look for these in a bar or meal replacement, because I want to fill full, but not heavy or having a sugar crash.

You can find these bars in the Nutrition Aisle. I have seen them in stores already, especially at Walmart. There are 3 flavors to try. Chocolate with Almonds, Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Strawberry Greek Yogurt. Price was varies, but very inexpensive and a healthy alternative to a meal or a great healthy snack.

I cant wait to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter one next.

If  you would like to be a BzzAgent or check it out...check out the website here..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivational Monday

So I was going to find a really great visual to post and motivate for this Monday, but I was running late this morning, so I kind of had my own motivation or well, a way of kicking Monday in the butt.

Nothing kicks Monday in the face like..

Enjoying a really good cup of a new flavored coffee.
Getting your to-do list done at work.
Finishing up a project that was 4 years in the making at your job.
Making the whole stores goals by the time you leave.
Being able to get out on time.
Bringing your running clothes to work and not making an excuse.
Running a comfortable, easy pace, 5 miles downtown.
Catching the sunset while running.
Listening to a uplifting, motivational play list that had me going the whole time.
And lastly...

Watching dolphins jump in and out of the water, just as the sun was setting and the sky was turning into a pink, purple, blue sky.

Take that Monday!!!

Hope you had a good one also!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday & Sunday

Despite having to work on a Saturday, I really don't mind it all, I work retail, it comes with job lol.

On Friday I went to Old Navy and used a Super Cash gift certificate I had. I ended up picking up a black sweater dress and sparkle tights and a long sleeved sweat shirt like shirt.

I decided to wear the new dress and sparkle tights to make Saturday a bit more exciting...

I was loving the look put together. The sparkle tights were so cute and I will be wearing them more often and the dress was comfortable. It was medium but I could have definitely used a small if they had it. I love moments like that.

When I got home from work James had surprised me with a bottle of my favorite wine, Red Cat. It was a great surprise and I wasn't planning on drinking or having a glass, but how could I say no to a very sweet gesture like that. Part of 2014 goals for each other, was I would love if he thought of me more often. When I am out at a store, I always pick something up for him, to let him know I was thinking of him, I asked him to do the same. And this was exactly what I was looking for.

I made a light dinner and enjoyed two glasses of wine with some fat free popcorn and Breaking Bad.

And it was a great Saturday night.

I ended up getting a great night sleep, which has been rare. I didn't really set an alarm and figured we didn't have anything planned today, so I would just wake up whenever and then just run. So I slept until 9:30, packed my to go bag for running, fueled with a Quest Bar ( I have a HUGE obsession) with them, a banana and some NUUN for hydration.

It had rained hours before so the weather was kind of perfect. I didn't have to bundle up or freeze to death. My quads were still a bit tight, but felt great since I had taken the two days off to rest from the back to backs. I ended up getting in 8 miles and I was having a great pace and time. I actually finished about 2 minutes better than prior. The only thing that stunk was I had forgotten to charge my Garmin, so at mile 7.65, it died. Luckily I know the route by heart.

After my awesome run I headed home and James and I went to Chipotle for lunch. I was starving! We have a serious obsession with Chipotle lately and I am totally okay with it because with Weight Watchers I know exactly how to order and what to order. And with Activity Points and weeklies I can even enjoy the chips.

Since it was a rainy day, we made it a lazy day and finished Season 2 of Breaking Bad, which by the way, HOLY HECK AMAZING!!!! And we were so hooked we started season 3, we cant get enough. It's sad to say we watched at least 4 hours of it back to back, but I mean come on, it is so worth it.

A friend of ours stopped by now tonight to watch the Pro Bowl and The Grammy's. I wanted to share my dinner, which actually was "Brinner"

2 pieces of Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread (2pp)
1 Tablespoon of Walden Farms Cranberry Sauce (0pp)
1 Tablespoon of Philadelphia Protein Cream Cheese (1pp)
5 pieces of Land of Frost Canadian Bacon (1pp)
1/2 cup of Egg Substitute (1pp)
Tomato, pepper, onion mixture (0pp)
1/4 cup of Fat Free Shredded Cheese (1pp)
1 Medium Sweet Potato, cut up into chunks, baked with spray olive oil, salt and pepper (3pp)

So delicious and hit the spot. I was craving breakfast and this was exactly it. Look at all those power foods, filing items and all for only 9pp!

And to start the week off right, a little motivation from by far my favorite quote and motto I live by..

Have a great start to the week!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Breakfast Pizza

Good Saturday Morning!!

I had plans this morning to get a quick run in, but my body and mind said other wise. I woke up and my legs were still really feeling it. And my energy was a bit low and my mind, well it just wanted to make a good breakfast, have a hot cup of coffee and watch some mindless T.V. and of course write this blog about my breakfast, which was amazing! Holy run on sentence with that one. Well, I never claimed I would have proper English.

Breakfast Pizza


1 Flat bread of your choice (I used Aldi brand because it was cheaper)
1/4 cup of Better N Egg or any egg substitute
1/4 cup of Boca Crumbles
1/4 cup of Fat Free Shredded Cheese
4 Grape tomatoes halved
1 Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge

Lay out the flatbread and spread the Laughing Cow Cheese on top. In a skillet, scramble the eggs. Put eggs on top of flat bread, spread around evenly. In the same skillet throw in the Boca Crumbles and cook for about 2 minutes. Toss those on top of the flat bread. Halve your tomatoes and put on top. Sprinkle the 1/4 cup of fat free cheese on top of your delicious pizza.

I put mine in the toaster oven for about 3 minutes. It came out perfect the cheese was melted and the flat bread toasted up perfect. I topped with some Sriracha Hot sauce (my new weakness) and crushed red pepper.

I cut it into 4 pieces and paired it with some cut up bananas and strawberries on the side with my coffee.

This was my favorite breakfast so far. I will be making this more often. The whole pizza was only 6pp.

I love flat breads because you can make a ton of different varieties of pizza!


Friday, January 24, 2014

What I Am Loving Lately...

Okay so its Friday, after 5 and the weekend has begun!


How I wish I was off this weekend!!!

 Tomorrow I close but luckily I am off on Sunday, so half of the weekend off is better than nothing off. Rather nothing exciting, health related or running related went on in my world today, I used today as a rest day from running because my Quads are screaming and I really do not want to risk injury. So I have my feet kicked up and relaxing.

So since nothing new and exciting is going on, I figured I would post some things I am loving lately..


I am loving lately these snack bars I picked this up at my Weight Watchers meeting the other day, they are new and delicious! I mean I have a new obsession for Dark Chocolate, I see it with something and it is all mine. I ate this as a snack Wednesday and Thursday after my long runs and it settled all cravings I was having and the protein content is low, but enough to hold me over until a meal. Seriously if you have a meeting area, pick these up! And loving my new key chain I received for attending 4 of the Simple Start meetings.


I am loving lately cereal!!! It is quick and easy and believe it or not there are some out there that are low in calories. BUT remember to always read the labels and measure because one serving is not the same for all! Such as Krave is a 3pp for a 3/4 cups serving and Special K is 3pp for 2/3 cup serving! Always measure! I haven't attacked the Special K yet, but the Krave I had as a snack and it is very, very good!! Tastes just like little pockets of S'Mores.


I am loving salads lately. These Lean Cuisine Salad Additions are the BOMB. Sorry for the corny description, but seriously no other word is better a description. The salad additions are found in the freezer aisle, the kit includes chicken, veggies, a topping and dressing. You just add the lettuce. I have been loving on these for quite sometime but this flavor was new. The Greek Chicken one came with chick peas, croutons, peppers and cucumbers. I added more chick peas, tomatoes and black beans to bulk it up some. I threw in a lot of lettuce because I was starving. The dressing that came with it was a dill cucumber dressing, wasn't the greatest, I probably would add more of my own fat free kind, but for a quick lunch packed with tons of power foods, BONUS!


I am loving lately Kale. I found these are TJ Maxx of all places. It is dried up Kale with unique flavors. This one was Nacho and it the whole container is 130 calories or 4pp. The Nacho flavor was with out a doubt Nacho flavoring. The Kale was crunchy and it settled the chip craving I was going for. Lots of  bang for little bulk. I believe you can find these at Whole Foods also, but TJ Maxx had them for much cheaper. I also picked up a Pina Colada flavor. Yup you guessed it, it was delicious also.


I am loving lately Breaking Bad. I know, I know I am way behind on this one, but James and I have started it on Netflix and I am hooked!! I absolutely love it, I do not know why I didn't start watching it years ago, but hey better late than never! We are currently half way through Season 2!


I am loving Oscar, Golden Globe nominated movies! These two movies were absolutely fantastic, but very different from each other, but amazing non the less. Fantastic actors and actresses, story lines and dialogue. Finally good movies are back in action! Plus I mean Leonard DiCaprio was half naked and so fit in the movie, that alone makes it great!


I am loving lately the company I work for and the marketing they have set forth for the Valentine's Day holiday. I love the fact that they have two men on our signs that hang proudly in our front window. I think it is real, beautiful and so proud to be part of a company that acknowledges that love is LOVE and it doesn't matter who you are, or who you love, rather that be men loving men, women loving women or a heterosexual couple! The signage also implies that love just isn't a "couple" thing. Love is family, friends, co-workers, etc. There is no label to love, so we shouldn't put one on it. So proud to be a part  of Things Remembered!


I am loving the new Quest Bar flavor, Cookies and Cream. Well, technically I am not loving the new flavor just yet, because it will not be in stores until February 4th, but  I am loving that there is a new flavor coming out and that fact it is Cookies and Cream. I mean look at that, I could eat the picture!! I am obsessed with Quest Bars, I just devoured one well writing this blog. I can not wait until February 4th, I will be racing to my nearest GNC for sure!


TonightJan 24

Partly Cloudy
59°FObserved High3:45 pm
Partly Cloudy

I am loving lately the cold weather because it gives me an excuse to bundle up in my hoodies and sweatpants, which I never get to do in Florida. Even though I love the heat more, the cold is a very nice change of pace.


I am loving lately the fact that I downloaded the BBM app to my iPhone and now I can keep in contact more with my Uncle who lives in Indonesia. It is so much more convenient then sending multiple emails.

What are you loving on lately??

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge & Throwback Thursday

One month from today I will take on a race that is testing my limits and ability. I will be participating in a challenge run of 25.5 miles in two days. Normally I average that kind of mileage in a week when running for a half marathon, so in two days is quite a lot. I should average probably about 30-35 leading up to the day. The race is on February 23-24. The 23rd as I have stated before is the 15k and then right after a 5k. I will have a 20 minute wait time, if I run it right. My average 15k time is 1 hour and 41 minutes. The 15k starts at 7:00 am and then the 5k at 9:00 am, luckily I will have those couple of minutes to just breathe, get some water and then get right back in line for the next one. Then on Sunday, the 24th, is the half marathon, straight 13.1 miles.

I am excited for this challenge because I am really pushing myself, my limits, my body and my comfort zone. Training for this is going to be a bit hard, because I am trying very hard to map out a training plan where I can do back to back long runs. Some weeks, I just might not be able to get some back to back long ones, but small ones and consistency might just be my key. This week since I was off yesterday and today, I was able to get the back to to back long runs. Yesterday I did 9.23 and today I did 9.34.

It was tough. When I woke up I was a beat tired, I got a little bit over 4 hours of solid sleep and I was just not feeling it. I am so used to after a long run, taking a rest day, but I knew I couldn't make any excuses and I just had to do it. It has been very chilly here for us Floridans lately, so I bundled up as best I could and took to my route. I was going to run the same distance and route as yesterday and do the same with water fountains. Yesterday I ran 9:00/1:00 walk for the whole 9 miles, which was good. But today, my right quad was killing me. Just really tight and sore, so instead of the 9:00/1:00, I did that for the first mile and then the rest I did 6:50/1:00 and started to feel much better.

Here's the thing with the walk, it makes a world of a difference in my pace, speed and recovery. Plus my splits improve and I can catch my breath. Will I eventually get to be a better runner from it, I surely believe it. Jeff Galloway's system is genius and it has made me a stronger person. I have no shame in my game with the run/walk, at the end I am not burnt out and I can continue on. I listened to the pain my body was experiencing, because I have never put it through that, I went down in the time. Once I got going, I got going.

The pain was still there and eventually both legs were really hurting, but I kept repeating Mind OVER Matter. The wind was insane against the water today and I felt like I was pushing a brick wall a lot of the times. I can deal with cold or hot, but wind, we do not get along. I hated the wind. It made it so hard to breath, my lips were burning and the resistance was insane. I stopped 4 times for water, and it was hard to get down because my mouth was so dry from the wind. I also stopped to pee and blow my nose twice, but other than that, it was a decent run.

I just pray that either day there is no wind.

I am not trying to win challenge or set PR's. I am just doing it overcome a challenge, push myself and finish.

After the run, I was very excited to use my Dunkin Donuts free coffee coupon and it warmed me right up. I got home and enjoyed a nice hot shower and then made some lunch, I am posting tomorrow about the lunch and what I am loving lately.

James was off too and he had one too many drinks last night, so he was happy to just lay around. I rested my legs and evaluated them all day. I took a 2 hour nap and just laid around. I didn't worry about laundry or cleaning, I can do that any day. We watched movies and our shows and went to Pollo for dinner. I tracked everything.

I have been super hungry because of all that I am burning, but seriously I know tracking is for me. I eat my activity points back and refuel and have been making good choices, hoping this improves Tuesday.

To end this day...

Here is a little Throwback Thursday for ya:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I Did Wednesday...

Okay so today I woke up with a fresh start. And what a better way than to hit the alarm, which I didn't really mean to set and sleep in until your body just woke up. I originally set it for 7 and then I said nah..I am just going to sleep in and I can run and do my errands whenever, its my day off.

That's just what I did and it was perfect. I stayed snuggled and warm and slept until about 9:30. I then got ready and headed downtown for my run. I munched on a Cookies and Cream Muscle Brownie. Which btw is very delicious. Tons of protein and perfect for my quick on the go move.

Was only 5pp and I tracked it. Let me tell you it felt good to get back to tracking, you know it just seems to make sense with me. Plus I can cook and create recipes again with tracking. Healthy and Power Food Approved ones.

I set out to get 9 miles in this morning. The weather was a bit chilly and windier than normal. I bundled up with my long sleeves and braced the storm lol. Seriously I think the only thing getting me through was the fact I was going to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee afterwords. All in all the weather turned out to be perfect. Running definitely kept me warm and the sun was shining and I was content.

Here are some views from my run today..

The sky was so blue and the water was a deep, crystal blue. Our Pier was once shut down and you couldn't run behind it for months, they reopened it and I am so happy. It is nothing but water and it really makes you appreciate it where I live. There is a little beach near there too and the sand was almost white. I love this time of year because everything just seems to be perfect. Not hot and sweaty, but still and calm. 

I wanted to do a 15k, which I had a brain fart and thought was 9.23, its actually 9.3 and well I stopped my Garmin too soon and walked the rest, so technically I didn't get the 15k, there is always tomorrow.

It was a really comfortable run. I didn't bring a water bottle or fuel item with me. I used the water fountains, but next time I need to get a tissue or something, my nose was running like crazy and chap stick, the wind was killing my lips.

After my run, I stretched and enjoyed this smoothie packet I had picked up at Whole Foods awhile ago.

A smoothie was a great refuel choice for me today because I was going grocery shopping right after. I also brought my blender bottle and water and a container of fresh fruit. The smoothie was made with just 8oz of water and lots of mixing. And only 2pp or 102 calories. It is a plant based smoothie but I tasted the chocolate the most. There is a warning that drinking this will or could have the effect of bloating and gas because of the flax seed. And well yup, my body felt it, thank goodness I was by myself.

I sat in my car for a bit and then off too..

YAY!! I got a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Lite Latte. 3pp, warm and delicious!! It was perfect for the weather and my refuel. The guy at the drive thru asked me if I was robbing houses because I was dressed in all black. I laughed and told him I needed to wear black because it reflected the sun while I ran. He asked how many miles I did, I of course beaming with pride said 9 and he said well you are 9 ahead of me. Haha! Even looking like absolute crap and salt caked on my face, literally salt from sweating, its nice to be hit on.

Then I went about my day running errands to Walmart and Aldi. I stocked up on items we needed, of course produce and other things we had to get rid of and throw out from the weekend. I love grocery shopping, my budget maybe not so much, but I stay within and I know I need it to stay on track.

I didn't get home until about 4 and I was starved so I made lunch which consisted of a half of cup of Quiona, a mixture of diced tomatoes, black beans and chick peas with a Johnsville Chicken Sausage on top. And a side 1/2 cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese.

I know very random, but running makes me hungry for weird things. This chicken sausages are awesome. James loves them, they are high in fat but low in carbs and they have tons of varieties. We like this one..

They make a great addition to pasta, rice, as a meal their own. This one was only 5pp. And fully cooked so just heated in the microwave for 45 seconds. Total yum.

I finally showered and then was hungry again. Here goes the training hungers. I know now to eat when hungry and eat the activity points I earn. I alone earned 19 today. That's crazy and burn almost 1100 calories. I need to eat more to lose more, everyone tells me that. So I toasted some 45 calorie bread and spread one tablespoon of almond butter with a cup of green tea.

Now waiting on James and we are eating my Poppy's beef stew recipe. It is very simple!

1.5 pound of super trimmed beef stew chunks
1 can of diced tomatoes
3/4 of a bag of baby carrots
4 medium to small potatoes
1 can of Fat Free Beef Broth
1 Packet of Beef stew seasoning
Some onions and celery

I didn't have any onions so I used some minced and celery, I completely forgot to pick it up.

Cut of the veggies and add everything to a slow cooker. I cooked on high for about 5 hours and then on low for one hour because the veggies and meat were tender. It smells just like home to me.

I am serving it with some warm loaf bread for only 2pp a slice. Score. I just might have two. And the serving of stew is a cup and a half.

Perfect for this chilly night!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh In and Recap Of The Weekend

Okay so I have been bad and haven't written a blog since Saturday!!!


I never go more than a day but seriously my life has been kind of busy these past couple of days and really nothing too exciting.

So here is a brief recap...

Saturday night the BF and I went to dinner and had some drinks at BJ's Brewhouse.

The hotel we were staying at was really close to it and we have been wanting to try it, so we figured why the heck not. It was really good food and I have to admit I had a cheat meal. I figured why the heck, I had been SO good all week and deserved it.

I had two Skinny Rita's. A slimmed down version of a margarita and in my opinion way better.

We got Avocado Egg Rolls.

Total Yum.

I had a side salad with dressing to dip not pour.

They we got there spicy meatball pizza. It was sure spicy and very very good. We split the whole thing, total splurge but I was hungry and ate lightly all day, I know bad idea, but it was worth it.

And then we got dessert! And we NEVER get dessert.

It was a great night out. We had drinks and kicked back and came home and watched Breaking Bad and feel asleep.

Sunday I worked all day doing the inventory at another store. We checked out of our hotel and since I didn't have anything to take to work with me, I stopped at the Fresh Market before work. I picked up two grilled chicken breasts, some veggies and some fruit. I also got two diet sodas and two Kevita drinks, which are sparkling Probiatic drinks. I knew I had a bad cheat meal the night before, so I needed to make really good decisions Sunday. And I did.

Once I got home from work, I was thrilled to be back in our apartment. I got everything unpacked including the stuff we had to back up for the fumigation. It felt so nice to be back in our home. The rest of the night we watched the football game, I got caught up on my DVR and bed.

See not much of an exciting life I lead.

Yesterday was an early day with work. It felt so good to be in our bed, I had a real hard time getting up and ready, but I suffered through and made it. I made really good choices again for work, bringing oatmeal, yogurt and Progresso Light Soup. I brought a Balance Energy Bar also as an indulgence. After work I got out and it was still light out, so I went for a 3 mile run. My legs felt a bit heavy and weighed down but I pushed and limited my walking a bit. It was a really nice night for a run and so glad I didn't talk myself out of it.

Then I came back and meal prepped our dinner. I made a big pot of Quinoa so I would have left overs for most of the week. Mixed a can of black beans with tomatoes and chick peas with some seasoning. I roasted carrots and made lean burgers for dinner.

The burgers I took hamburger, mixed with a half cup of water and a half of a packet of Onion Mix and made them into patties. They came out amazing! James loved them and requested that we have them more often. We ate them on sandwich thins with fat free cheese, delicious. I highly recommend it.

I roasted the carrots at 425 degrees with just a spray of olive oil. When roasted this way, they have the texture of a sweet potato. Crazy, I know. But seriously when you eat them, it seems like you are having sweet potatoes and zero points.

We caped off our night with Breaking Bad and I may have indulged in some dark chocolate blueberries. I have a weakness.

Today was weigh in day. And again seriously I didn't know what to expect. I have to say doing Simple Start has been hard for me. I love the foods and the no tracking and everything but my body is just not liking it. I gained AGAIN this week, .6.

Okay a half of a pound isn't horrible, but I mean come on!!! I did have an off weekend but I ran, worked out, drank lots of water and still my body is not having it. It is like my body wants to just hold onto this weight. I don't want it too, I am trying so very hard. I haven't been frustrated at all during this whole process and now....

Now I am getting disappointed.

I talked with the manager and she suggested to go back to tracking. Go back to what works best for me. And that is what I will do. I earn my activity points and I have lots of running planned this week, so I am giving it my all. Tracking and points have always been my thing, so I will make it my thing. She also said I might not have been eating ENOUGH. Insane to think I wasn't eating enough, I swear I was and I felt full, but with what I burn, it was just sitting there. Not moving.

Simple Start just wasn't for me...

So I am going back to tracking and seeing where that is going to get me.

But again I am not giving up at all. I know it takes time and I have been on this journey for almost Three years. And sure I have had a weight gain here and there but I keep thinking I am never going to gain the whole 81 back, EVER. Those pounds are gone forever and forever.

So tonight I didn't track again, enjoyed Taco Tuesday and Frozen Yogurt. And tomorrow I am back to my 26 points.

Next week will be better, I am dedicated to it for now and forever!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta get lost...

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I mean nothing spectacular went on and to most it might have been quite boring but to me it was pretty great. After publishing my last post yesterday I threw on my running clothes and went for a run. Like I mentioned I had planned on doing back to back long runs this weekend, but with everything going on, I just knew my mind and heart were not into it and I didn't want to be disappointed from a bad run.

So I tossed my training plans out the window and just went for a run. I get caught up a lot in training that I forget how much I just love to run. I schedule long runs, short runs, days, everything and time and sometimes it feels like it is  something I HAVE to do, rather than something I LOVE to do.

So I did just that.

Where we are staying has a tons of little neighborhoods around it, so I just went out exploring. I was planning to just run for about 3 miles, just around the block and such, but I was having such a great run and exploring and well...

I got completely lost at one point...

Yes, only I can get lost running in a neighborhood. I passed the same park at least 5 times, until I busted out Google Maps and directed me home.

But I did get in 6 miles, which is a perfect long run. And my run was one of the best I have had in a long time. Look what I accomplished from this run...

Woohoo, Fastest 5k, when all obsessions go out the window, I accomplished a lot...

I was so proud of this! I didn't feel like I was going that fast!!

Sometimes you just have to go and get lost. I felt great after this run, a spark was back in me. I have to remember that the only competition is me. I need to have fun with the training and exercising and not put so much pressure on it. So after the run, I got showered and ready to enjoy my time with James. We didn't do much of anything but were just together. We went to Pollo for lunch, which was very easy for Simple Start. Chicken Breasts with Black Beans and Brown Rice and Green Beans. After we ran a couple of errands and then back to the hotel to just chill out. It was so nice to not have any plans, no laundry to do or apartment to clean. I took a quick little nap and he played video games. 

Then we laid in bed and started Breaking Bad. I know I am going to love this series. Around 8 we went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner because it was right across the street and I love that place, it reminds me of my dad. James has never been and he was pleased with it. I enjoyed their oven baked chicken, broccoli and sweet potato and some Turkey noodle soup. It was delicious. And while I was really trying hard with Simple Start, it has been tough this weekend. So I counted some points, more indulgences I guess you can say.

When we got back we snuggled up in bed and watched a movie. We ate pretzels and chocolate covered almonds and I was smitten. Sometimes you just need a night where you just put everything aside and don't count, or worry and just enjoy. And I did just that. I feel asleep with a full heart.

This morning we got up early for breakfast and I had a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a hard boiled egg and yogurt. I was so sleepy and tired, that I immediately went back to sleep when I got back to the room. I know crazy, but I listened to my body. I got up a couple of hours later and went to the hotel gym and got on the Elliptical and burned 300 plus calories, 3 miles and 30 minutes. Boom!

See I indulged a bit, but by morning back at it. Now heading to work for the night and then back here to spend the night with my love. Not sure what we are doing for dinner and my lunch for work with consist of a Quest Bar and a yogurt, hey you gotta do what you gotta do. The same for tomorrow considering I have to work at another store for their inventory.

I guess what I am saying in this post, is sometimes you just gottta roll with the punches, even though I am not in my comforts, I am making them my comforts and going with it. Come tomorrow I will be back in our apartment, back to our food and back to Simple Start for the rest of the week

. Its like a vacation but not haha.

Have a fantastic Saturday...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Comfort Inn Morning

Good Friday Morning!!!

We slept great last night here at the good old Comfort Inn. I am a big fan of hotels, I don't know what it is about hotels, I kind of love them, just like airports. I love traveling and that whole concept, I wish I could do more of it. We have a king size bed and James is in heaven because even when I roll over I don't even come close to touching him haha. He loves that he has all the space and even was talking about looking at buying one for us. We will see how that goes, one time we went to a friends house and I love their dog and he hinted on getting one. Still waiting on that dog...

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and a hard time going back to sleep for quite sometime. I was thinking about getting up and running, but my body would not move, so I surfed the web and finally fell back to sleep. We slept until about 8:30 and then took advantage of the breakfast they provide here. Well I thought it would be toast and coffee and maybe some fruit. Nope so much more.

They had egg patties, sausage, toast, pastries, muffins, cereal, hard boiled eggs, light and fit yogurts, and make your own waffles. I stuck with a yogurt, a hard boiled egg, one piece of sausage, a mini muffin and a hard boiled egg and of course 2 cups of coffee. I was shocked with the good options and some simple start ways I can stick with in. I took some of the yogurts and oatmeal packets back to the room with me, they make great Simple Start snacks. I only had to count the sausage and muffin, which came to 6 points. I am really going to try to stick to this Simple Start this whole weekend, even though we will be eating out a lot, but I will count the points if I eat something different.

I think after this weigh in I will go back to counting points for a bit, but I am learning a whole lot trying this Simple Start. The weather has warmed up a bit, well at least I hope so. I think I am going to put on my running shoes and get a run in. I was going to drive downtown and get a long run in, but James and I really want to hang out together today, so I am just going to do a quick run, I did get 8 miles in on Sunday, and I usually only do one long run a week.

Since I am doing the Gasparilla Distance Classic Challenge, where it is 3 races in two days, this coming week I will do my back to back runs because I am off Wednesday and Thursday, bonus!

Happy Friday Everyone, since I am off today and we are at the hotel for most of the day, I am sure there will be lots of posts, Enjoy!!