Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Run Streak Challenge: Completed!!!

I seriously can not believe that I completed this challenge, I really thought on the days that work was crazy, busy and I was exhausted I wasn't going to get a run in. I thought for sure I was going to make excuses after excuses and of course find ways to justify it.


I DIDN'T!!!!

I ran at least ONE mile EVERY DAY from December 1-January 1. Some days were longer than others and some all I could do was the one mile. But all that doesn't matter because I stuck with it and got it done. As tired as I was and as much as my legs were feeling like lead, I still pushed on.

Doing this challenge I learned a lot about myself. I am not a quitter. I have to admit in the past, I have quit things, I have quit projects or tasks and always made the excuses I was tired, busy or just didn't want to do it anymore. I learned that when I put my mind to something I keep it going. I never once wanted to let anyone down. I knew I was documenting this whole journey on here and I needed that accountability.

I learned it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Sure, it was tough and I feared I would get injured or hurt my legs and knees, but a funny thing happens, when you don't take a rest day, your body doesn't know what a rest day is. Your body knows when it is tired and down, but your mind pushes you on. I listened to my body a lot this month too. When I was tired, I ran at night. I was on my feet all day at work and made sure to rest my legs when I got home.

I also learned to fuel my body the right way after the runs. I felt great this whole month, I never got sick and my energy was contagious. The last week I was able to get more mileage in and I know it helped my pace and time a bunch. I learned to feel and listen to my body when it wanted to walk. I didn't use my beeper and just ran. I learned that pace, time and everything technical doesn't  matter, it is all about the road and the mileage.

I learned also I have a ton of running clothes, which is great, so I could never complain nothing was clean. I learned about my area and saw different things in the morning and night. This challenge was perfect for me at this point in time. I think I will be doing this challenge again before I do marathon training because it helped me fall right back in love with running. It enlightened my love and fueled my running fire.

I highly recommend doing a challenge for yourself. I really liked the idea of doing something every single day. I really feel great.

If you want to start your own challenge, its very simple.

Pick a task, hobby, activity, fitness challenge, or anything of your choice. Such as walking at least a mile every day, or drinking 64 oz of water every day or eating a piece of fruit or veggie with every meal.

Put that task in motion.

Document your journey, believe me it helps you feel accountable. I blogged about it and also wrote my mileage on my calendar every day.

Tell people you are doing this challenge because their motivation really gets your through.

Celebrate each day that you completed it.

In the end, document your journey and enjoy it.

And start something new all over again!!

Day 32, Last Day of Run Streak: 3.10
Total Since December 1st: 78.07 miles