Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Okay I slept horribly last night, I tossed and turned all night. I don't think I finally fell asleep until 2 and then I was up at 4:30, so I could go to the gym with Jacke. My brain just could not turn off, I was thinking about anything and everything and just couldn't sleep. But despite being so tired and I could have totally slept in, I still went to the gym with Jacke. I got a good hour of cardio and weights in, it felt great and I didn't mind being up. But now I am sitting down and watching a Glee Marathon on Oxygen, it seriously is my guilty pleasure, I wish I was off today so that is all I could do.

So since I was up early and surprised my own self, I was looking at my old pictures and came across this and compared the two together.

The picture was taken in March of 2011, I was already two months into my journey with Weight Watchers, I think I was down about 15 pounds and still very much into the 200's. I was feeling great and so happy to see the process and Weight Watchers working. I was starting to really get in the groove and I knew I was sticking with this journey. The picture was taken while I was out to dinner at Universal Studios visiting my family while they were in town. I look at this picture now and I can't believe how big I had gotten. I never saw it though, I knew I had put on weight, but I didn't realize how much or how out of hand it had gotten. But here is the thing, I wasn't angry or upset or depressed, I just ate, I ate a lot of bad things. I didn't read labels on packaging. I just ate to eat, and everything in sight.

Now the picture on the right is someone who extremely different. I am still that girl on the left, on the inside of course, but the girl on the right is who I was always suppose to be. I am 148 pounds, happy, healthy and active. I have a whole new life. I run, exercise, eat right, sleep better (at times) I have new outlooks on life. I was always a happy person, but now I feel happy on the inside and it is shooting through on the outside. I love how my body moves and grooves now. I like how I look in my clothes now. I just like how I feel and how I carry myself.

The transformation isn't just physical, it is mental and emotional. Sometimes you need to take a comparison and see how far you really have come. 

I recommend you do it for yourself. Take a picture of your journey and compare the two, remember though to always love the "old" you and embrace the "new" you. 

You were always beautiful and you always will be.