Friday, January 3, 2014

My Fab Finds Friday

I am on a posting roll lately! You can tell that the holidays are over because my life sure does get back to normal now and I have more free time. I took this whole weekend off and today I was blessed to enjoy the afternoon with James. Since we had some time we went to lunch, Whole Foods, Target and CVS. I know we lead a pretty exciting life, but we had a gift card for Target to use, so I wanted us to get some new bedding and Whole Foods is right next door and then CVS, of course was on the way home. I love being able to just run some errands and do stuff like that with James, even though he would have much rather stayed home and hung out and played video games, he still went with me. I really just wanted to go to Whole Foods because it is rare I get to go there, everything else was a bonus!

Here is our afternoon in pictures, which also happen to be some pretty awesome finds I found...

Its a chilly one today in Florida, so I was finally able to wear my sweat shirt I bought on Black Friday from Target..hint you'll see more of this later on. And I wore my new jeans I got last week from Old Navy, they are skinny jeans and I am not used to seeing myself in something like that. A big change. I took the pic really quick because we were heading out. I really need to stand up straight more lol.

My lunch. We went to this amazing deli place in Tampa, called Wrights Gourmet House and it was fantastic. Probably not the greatest with Weight Watchers, but I made good choices. I got the Paris, which is a turkey sandwich with brie and apples, grilled with honey mustard. I got a scoop of their couscous and a fruit salad. The sandwich was to die for! I ate the whole thing, I ate light this morning so I could enjoy. The sides were perfect, I want to eat here all the time. I love deli's and atmospheres like that and this was me 100%. James knew I would love this place, he gets me I swear.

He got the Cuban with Spanish Bean soup and Shrimp salad. I admit I took a bite of his Cuban, it was legit good!

I will be going back here again for sure!

Then we went to Whole Foods...

I picked up some items I have seen on Blogs and on Instagram and just things I wanted to try. I have heard a lot about Ezekiel bread and the Good Run cookies, I have had before these are cashew flavored. And the bars, I liked the flavors and wanted to switch it up a bit.

If I see Pistachio and Vanilla, I'm game! And only 25 calories per cookie, SCORE!
2 cookies are only 1pp. They have a nice crunch and flavor and are going great with my hot green tea as I am blogging right now.

Just an up close of the drink I bought. Not sure about it, but wanted to try it. Will blog after I try it.

Then we went to Target...

I love this yogurt brand and at 2pp, you can not go wrong. Plus Cherry and Chocolate mixed, party in my mouth!!! Only at Target it says on the box, this will be happening tomorrow morning!

See I told you these would be making an appearance again...and because they were on sale for only...

Yup, 5.98!!! I paid 9.99 for the one I wore today and I really wanted the pink and black way back. The shirts are so warm and comfy and I love the over sized necks! And they are soft, they are part of their active brand so I can run in the also. Great buy and they had a cream color also.

And that is a small!!

And I finally found the shirt I have been looking all over for!!! Each Target I went too only had larges and xl's, this one had a small and I grabbed it and ran!

Then at CVS...

Because I am a sucker for anything Animal Print and I had Extra Bucks! I love this. And I have a true obsession.

Now we are home, relaxing, playing video games, reading and about to make dinner soon. This was a great day off and rest day from activity, even though I am sure I can count the shopping as some sort of activity lol.