Saturday, January 4, 2014

No Rest Day, Simple Day and Cupcakes for dinner

Okay well I thought last night was going to be a rest night and I was going to just chill out with my book and James, well.....

I kind of did that, but getting in exercise at the same time. I was restless last night, my gut was telling me I should have done something, I should exercised in some way. I think it is because I had the day off and I feel I must run or work out when I have a day off, no excuses. And because I had a fantastic lunch, I need to shave off some calories. So we just made left overs for dinner and I decided to go to our little apartment gym and ride the bike. I had a goal of riding the bike until I was done with my book, I had about 100 pages to go.

Our apartment gym is very small with 3 machines and weights. It was perfect for a cold Friday night for one person. I was there by myself the whole time and ended up getting in an hour and half of working out, between riding the bike for an hour, 15 minutes on the elliptical and then doing weights in between for 15 minutes. I had a great routine going on. I did squats with some free weights, worked my arms a bit. I didn't keep track of a lot of reps, I was just going with it. I could have gone for 2 hours, but it was getting late. I had about 20 pages more to go with my book, so I left after the 1 1/2. 

My tough face! And I wore my Wonder Women shirt James got me. I really love it, I especially love the fact he got it for me because I am the strongest women he knows. Just melts my heart.

My suck it up cupcake headband was very appropriate.

I realized that this is perfect for me, no pressure and I worked at my own pace. My boyfriend was home watching tv and playing video games and I figured, since I was just reading, maybe I could burn calories too. Plus I really enjoyed having the whole place to myself. I have a gym membership also, which is down the street, but isn't open late at night, I just might use ours more.

So my rest day became a work out day. And that is okay, I haven't taken a rest day in 35 days, I am so proud of myself to do some sort of activity every day. This is quite a streak I have going on. I will let my body tell me when it needs a rest day. Just because I don't run and use that as a rest day, doesn't mean I cant work on some weights and burn some calories in other ways.

Today when I got up, which by the way, I slept in so late. 10:15 to exact! I didn't set an alarm or anything, just slept, it felt wonderful. I got up and did my grocery shopping and then came home and ran. The rest mile was very bad, I was doing good and then all of a sudden I had severe cramps, due to the fact it is my lovely time of the month. I walked it out until I could feel better and then ran. It was just a good 5 minutes of pain and then I was back. I guess its true when they say exercise when you are having cramps, it makes them feel better. It worked today. I ended up getting 4 miles in and the weather was great. It was freezing this morning, so I am glad I waited a bit.

I spent the rest of my afternoon doing stuff around our apartment that I wanted to get done and laundry. I also finished that book last night and started another one today, which I am half way done with. I love reading and I am hoping this is a good sign I am getting my groove back with it. I sometimes fall out of love with reading.

I have been quite snacky today and trying to hold back, but those darn time of the month cravings are strong. I have been sticking to lots of water also to flush out everything. For dinner I made Chicken Parm Cupcakes from Emily Bites.

Here is the link to this awesome recipe.

They were amazing and only 4pp per cupcakes. James even liked them and I have to admit I had 4, they were so good!!! Thank god for weeklies and activity points for sure!!

Now our evening is the same, I am going to get back to reading and he is in football land. My little weekend off from work as been just what I needed.