Sunday, January 12, 2014

Checking off some 2014 Goals

Okay well first off today has been one of those days off, where I wish I could hit rewind and start over again. I woke up in a funk and then the day progressed onward to be that way, there are great parts to today, but I think it was just not a day off I wanted, so it bums me out a bit. I don't know maybe its all in my head.

So to kick off this odd day, I got a nice 8 mile run in. Was having again some major issues with my water bottle holders that through the first couple of miles off. I actually took it off and hid it in the bushes until I was on my way back. Then I had problems with my keys, where to hold them properly, etc. Once I got my "issues" in check I was ready to go. The weather was perfect this morning, a little breezy, but not too bad, I wore a light long sleeved shirt and it was perfect. The Pier where we live, the back part of it is finally open again, so I was able to run around the whole thing and catching the sun rise over the bay, it well took my breath away. It was fantastic. And in that moment, pace nor time meant anything to me.

I really need to concentrate on just enjoying the run, rather than the time and pace. I know I have a pace and time in mind, but I need to take one of my long runs and throw that out the window and just go with it. After the 8 miles, which I ended only a minute slower than Wednesday, I was surprised and happy, I headed home to eat and sit for just a bit. While running though my left pinkie toe was having some pain and I looked down at my shoe and you could see blood coming through the side of the shoe!!

Once I got in, I took off my shoe and it was a bloody mess, but I cant see where it is coming from. I think my toe nail might be too long and rubbing against the other toe, I have no clue, but of course blood scared me. I'll bandage up and see what happens next time. Well while making breakfast, which consisted of Cream of Wheat and some blackberries, all part of Simple Start, which was great, I made the huge mistake of watching Marley and Me. By the end I was a crying mess. But while sitting there I literally felt my body start to feel sick, my throat, aches and so forth.

My boyfriend wanted to go to this new bar today in Tampa to watch the playoffs and of course I had to go along, even though I felt sick and tired, he still insisted. And then that's where my mood and day went wrong. I really just wanted to spend the afternoon, relaxing, cleaning and doing stuff around the apartment, not spend hours in a bar, watching football with 100's of other people. But I guess I had no choice...

Before we went to the bar we stopped at Sports Authority because....

I just signed up for my first race of 2014!!!!

Well it's actually going to be 3 races!!!
On Saturday the 23rd I run the 15K at 7:00 AM and then at 9:00 AM run the 5K and then Sunday the 24th at 6:00 AM run the Half Marathon.

25.5 miles!!

It's part of the Gasparilla Distance Classic, which is held here in Tampa every year. Two days of running, medals and fun. Last year I did just the Half Marathon and my boss and family did the 4 race challenge. I waited for them after the half as they did the 4th race and I knew that was not something I wanted to do, BUT the idea of the 3 races intrigued me.

It stuck with me for a year.

So for one of my 2014 goals, I put to sign up for the Challenge race, back to back races of some sort. And here we are 12 days into the new year and I am kicking it off. I was nervous because online it said it was sold out, but you can still do it in store. Phew!

I signed up today and got my first round of goodies.

Here is the description of what you get when running this race...
Publix Gasparilla Reusable Booty Bag

15K, 5K and Half Marathon Shirts...

Virtual Booty Bag
15K, 5K and Half Marathon Finisher's Medals
Michelob Ultra Amber Challenge Jacket
And when completing and finishing all 3 races, you get a HUGE (they put it in all caps, exciting) Challenge Finisher's Medal.

I am so excited and nervous for this experience because that's exactly what it will be a huge experience. I am not used to long mileage back to back. The 15K and 5K if I time it right, I should have about a 20 minute stretch period. It is the back to back days and doing the half on already tired legs.

But 2014 is all about growth and change and getting out of my comfort zone. There is no reason I can not complete this challenge, I am so excited for this journey.

Here are the course maps for the two days...

Please join me on my training and journey with this exciting race!!!

Happy Sunday RUNday!