Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivational Monday: LIFE

Many dislike Monday's because it is the start of a new week, but for me, Monday is just another day really. I don't mind them and sometimes I really even enjoy them because they tend to be my rest day from running and working out. Considering I do my long runs on Sunday, I want to rest my legs on Monday's and today was one of those days. I didn't sleep well last night and neither did James. He was up every hour, driving me nuts, so my sleep was very much effected.

But worked a good day and my toe from running yesterday wasn't feeling so bad. Tomorrow is weigh in day with Weight Watchers and I am nervous and excited to see what is going to pop up on the scale, we shall see. I am proud that I have had a good week, but regardless of what happens, I will be continuing this of course.

Now since it is Monday, a little motivation to keep the day and night going.

I have this in my bathroom and look at it every day.

Makes the day seem a bit better!!