Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I Did Wednesday...

Okay so today I woke up with a fresh start. And what a better way than to hit the alarm, which I didn't really mean to set and sleep in until your body just woke up. I originally set it for 7 and then I said nah..I am just going to sleep in and I can run and do my errands whenever, its my day off.

That's just what I did and it was perfect. I stayed snuggled and warm and slept until about 9:30. I then got ready and headed downtown for my run. I munched on a Cookies and Cream Muscle Brownie. Which btw is very delicious. Tons of protein and perfect for my quick on the go move.

Was only 5pp and I tracked it. Let me tell you it felt good to get back to tracking, you know it just seems to make sense with me. Plus I can cook and create recipes again with tracking. Healthy and Power Food Approved ones.

I set out to get 9 miles in this morning. The weather was a bit chilly and windier than normal. I bundled up with my long sleeves and braced the storm lol. Seriously I think the only thing getting me through was the fact I was going to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee afterwords. All in all the weather turned out to be perfect. Running definitely kept me warm and the sun was shining and I was content.

Here are some views from my run today..

The sky was so blue and the water was a deep, crystal blue. Our Pier was once shut down and you couldn't run behind it for months, they reopened it and I am so happy. It is nothing but water and it really makes you appreciate it where I live. There is a little beach near there too and the sand was almost white. I love this time of year because everything just seems to be perfect. Not hot and sweaty, but still and calm. 

I wanted to do a 15k, which I had a brain fart and thought was 9.23, its actually 9.3 and well I stopped my Garmin too soon and walked the rest, so technically I didn't get the 15k, there is always tomorrow.

It was a really comfortable run. I didn't bring a water bottle or fuel item with me. I used the water fountains, but next time I need to get a tissue or something, my nose was running like crazy and chap stick, the wind was killing my lips.

After my run, I stretched and enjoyed this smoothie packet I had picked up at Whole Foods awhile ago.

A smoothie was a great refuel choice for me today because I was going grocery shopping right after. I also brought my blender bottle and water and a container of fresh fruit. The smoothie was made with just 8oz of water and lots of mixing. And only 2pp or 102 calories. It is a plant based smoothie but I tasted the chocolate the most. There is a warning that drinking this will or could have the effect of bloating and gas because of the flax seed. And well yup, my body felt it, thank goodness I was by myself.

I sat in my car for a bit and then off too..

YAY!! I got a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Lite Latte. 3pp, warm and delicious!! It was perfect for the weather and my refuel. The guy at the drive thru asked me if I was robbing houses because I was dressed in all black. I laughed and told him I needed to wear black because it reflected the sun while I ran. He asked how many miles I did, I of course beaming with pride said 9 and he said well you are 9 ahead of me. Haha! Even looking like absolute crap and salt caked on my face, literally salt from sweating, its nice to be hit on.

Then I went about my day running errands to Walmart and Aldi. I stocked up on items we needed, of course produce and other things we had to get rid of and throw out from the weekend. I love grocery shopping, my budget maybe not so much, but I stay within and I know I need it to stay on track.

I didn't get home until about 4 and I was starved so I made lunch which consisted of a half of cup of Quiona, a mixture of diced tomatoes, black beans and chick peas with a Johnsville Chicken Sausage on top. And a side 1/2 cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese.

I know very random, but running makes me hungry for weird things. This chicken sausages are awesome. James loves them, they are high in fat but low in carbs and they have tons of varieties. We like this one..

They make a great addition to pasta, rice, as a meal their own. This one was only 5pp. And fully cooked so just heated in the microwave for 45 seconds. Total yum.

I finally showered and then was hungry again. Here goes the training hungers. I know now to eat when hungry and eat the activity points I earn. I alone earned 19 today. That's crazy and burn almost 1100 calories. I need to eat more to lose more, everyone tells me that. So I toasted some 45 calorie bread and spread one tablespoon of almond butter with a cup of green tea.

Now waiting on James and we are eating my Poppy's beef stew recipe. It is very simple!

1.5 pound of super trimmed beef stew chunks
1 can of diced tomatoes
3/4 of a bag of baby carrots
4 medium to small potatoes
1 can of Fat Free Beef Broth
1 Packet of Beef stew seasoning
Some onions and celery

I didn't have any onions so I used some minced and celery, I completely forgot to pick it up.

Cut of the veggies and add everything to a slow cooker. I cooked on high for about 5 hours and then on low for one hour because the veggies and meat were tender. It smells just like home to me.

I am serving it with some warm loaf bread for only 2pp a slice. Score. I just might have two. And the serving of stew is a cup and a half.

Perfect for this chilly night!

Until next time...