Friday, January 17, 2014

Comfort Inn Morning

Good Friday Morning!!!

We slept great last night here at the good old Comfort Inn. I am a big fan of hotels, I don't know what it is about hotels, I kind of love them, just like airports. I love traveling and that whole concept, I wish I could do more of it. We have a king size bed and James is in heaven because even when I roll over I don't even come close to touching him haha. He loves that he has all the space and even was talking about looking at buying one for us. We will see how that goes, one time we went to a friends house and I love their dog and he hinted on getting one. Still waiting on that dog...

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and a hard time going back to sleep for quite sometime. I was thinking about getting up and running, but my body would not move, so I surfed the web and finally fell back to sleep. We slept until about 8:30 and then took advantage of the breakfast they provide here. Well I thought it would be toast and coffee and maybe some fruit. Nope so much more.

They had egg patties, sausage, toast, pastries, muffins, cereal, hard boiled eggs, light and fit yogurts, and make your own waffles. I stuck with a yogurt, a hard boiled egg, one piece of sausage, a mini muffin and a hard boiled egg and of course 2 cups of coffee. I was shocked with the good options and some simple start ways I can stick with in. I took some of the yogurts and oatmeal packets back to the room with me, they make great Simple Start snacks. I only had to count the sausage and muffin, which came to 6 points. I am really going to try to stick to this Simple Start this whole weekend, even though we will be eating out a lot, but I will count the points if I eat something different.

I think after this weigh in I will go back to counting points for a bit, but I am learning a whole lot trying this Simple Start. The weather has warmed up a bit, well at least I hope so. I think I am going to put on my running shoes and get a run in. I was going to drive downtown and get a long run in, but James and I really want to hang out together today, so I am just going to do a quick run, I did get 8 miles in on Sunday, and I usually only do one long run a week.

Since I am doing the Gasparilla Distance Classic Challenge, where it is 3 races in two days, this coming week I will do my back to back runs because I am off Wednesday and Thursday, bonus!

Happy Friday Everyone, since I am off today and we are at the hotel for most of the day, I am sure there will be lots of posts, Enjoy!!