Thursday, January 16, 2014

Silly Bugs

So the last two days have been kind of crazy. Yesterday I woke up and was able to get a good 3.1 mile run, not the best, but good enough. I then got ready for work and met up with my good friend Melissa for lunch at Panera. I love being able to have lunch with her even if it was quick because I had to go to work. We met at Weight Watchers almost 3 years ago and just clicked and I know I have a friend for life with her. She is the sweetest person I have met. She even brought me a goodie bag just because. It included two amazing coffee mugs, which she knew were my favorite things, a snack and a coupon holder and she made me a knitted dish rag. I mean how great of a friend is she. We had a great lunch and I had everything under Simple Start for the most part. I order the Chicken Noodle soup, The classic salad and a apple and got a Sugar Free/Fat Free Vanilla Latte for dessert. I just had to count the dressing which was two points and the soup for 2 points. It was perfect. And now the lattes are my new obsession, so delicious.

After lunch I headed to work for the night. Then when I got home I had to pack and start getting apartment ready for the fumigation that we have going on this weekend. Let me just say, I hope you never have to go through this. The packing and before hand is horrible. You practically have to pack up EVERYTHING. You have to put anything and everything you would ingest you have to double bag is these special bags. Our whole kitchen, including the fridge and freezer. It was hell. I am not looking forward to unpacking it all on Sunday.

This morning I got up kind of early. I have been trying to sleep in whenever I can because the weather has been so chilly and comfy, I have been enjoying my sleep a bunch and well I deserve the sleep. I slept in a bit and then got into my running gear. I didn't plan for a run today originally but I needed to unwind and clear my head so I got 1.50 miles in. That is good enough for me and ready to take on the day. Then when I got back we finished the rest of our packing and I went to work for our inventory.

Now we are at the hotel and it isn't too bad, I actually like it. Its like we are on our own little vacation. We are both off tomorrow and really have no plans but just chilling out. I want to get a longish run in, but I am not putting pressure on it because I am out of my normal element. I will do what I can, I know I am strong enough in my training that I will be fine. Plus I am made I brought everything but a sports bra, I mean come on!!

Until next time...

Don't let the bed bugs bite lol...