Friday, January 24, 2014

What I Am Loving Lately...

Okay so its Friday, after 5 and the weekend has begun!


How I wish I was off this weekend!!!

 Tomorrow I close but luckily I am off on Sunday, so half of the weekend off is better than nothing off. Rather nothing exciting, health related or running related went on in my world today, I used today as a rest day from running because my Quads are screaming and I really do not want to risk injury. So I have my feet kicked up and relaxing.

So since nothing new and exciting is going on, I figured I would post some things I am loving lately..


I am loving lately these snack bars I picked this up at my Weight Watchers meeting the other day, they are new and delicious! I mean I have a new obsession for Dark Chocolate, I see it with something and it is all mine. I ate this as a snack Wednesday and Thursday after my long runs and it settled all cravings I was having and the protein content is low, but enough to hold me over until a meal. Seriously if you have a meeting area, pick these up! And loving my new key chain I received for attending 4 of the Simple Start meetings.


I am loving lately cereal!!! It is quick and easy and believe it or not there are some out there that are low in calories. BUT remember to always read the labels and measure because one serving is not the same for all! Such as Krave is a 3pp for a 3/4 cups serving and Special K is 3pp for 2/3 cup serving! Always measure! I haven't attacked the Special K yet, but the Krave I had as a snack and it is very, very good!! Tastes just like little pockets of S'Mores.


I am loving salads lately. These Lean Cuisine Salad Additions are the BOMB. Sorry for the corny description, but seriously no other word is better a description. The salad additions are found in the freezer aisle, the kit includes chicken, veggies, a topping and dressing. You just add the lettuce. I have been loving on these for quite sometime but this flavor was new. The Greek Chicken one came with chick peas, croutons, peppers and cucumbers. I added more chick peas, tomatoes and black beans to bulk it up some. I threw in a lot of lettuce because I was starving. The dressing that came with it was a dill cucumber dressing, wasn't the greatest, I probably would add more of my own fat free kind, but for a quick lunch packed with tons of power foods, BONUS!


I am loving lately Kale. I found these are TJ Maxx of all places. It is dried up Kale with unique flavors. This one was Nacho and it the whole container is 130 calories or 4pp. The Nacho flavor was with out a doubt Nacho flavoring. The Kale was crunchy and it settled the chip craving I was going for. Lots of  bang for little bulk. I believe you can find these at Whole Foods also, but TJ Maxx had them for much cheaper. I also picked up a Pina Colada flavor. Yup you guessed it, it was delicious also.


I am loving lately Breaking Bad. I know, I know I am way behind on this one, but James and I have started it on Netflix and I am hooked!! I absolutely love it, I do not know why I didn't start watching it years ago, but hey better late than never! We are currently half way through Season 2!


I am loving Oscar, Golden Globe nominated movies! These two movies were absolutely fantastic, but very different from each other, but amazing non the less. Fantastic actors and actresses, story lines and dialogue. Finally good movies are back in action! Plus I mean Leonard DiCaprio was half naked and so fit in the movie, that alone makes it great!


I am loving lately the company I work for and the marketing they have set forth for the Valentine's Day holiday. I love the fact that they have two men on our signs that hang proudly in our front window. I think it is real, beautiful and so proud to be part of a company that acknowledges that love is LOVE and it doesn't matter who you are, or who you love, rather that be men loving men, women loving women or a heterosexual couple! The signage also implies that love just isn't a "couple" thing. Love is family, friends, co-workers, etc. There is no label to love, so we shouldn't put one on it. So proud to be a part  of Things Remembered!


I am loving the new Quest Bar flavor, Cookies and Cream. Well, technically I am not loving the new flavor just yet, because it will not be in stores until February 4th, but  I am loving that there is a new flavor coming out and that fact it is Cookies and Cream. I mean look at that, I could eat the picture!! I am obsessed with Quest Bars, I just devoured one well writing this blog. I can not wait until February 4th, I will be racing to my nearest GNC for sure!


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I am loving lately the cold weather because it gives me an excuse to bundle up in my hoodies and sweatpants, which I never get to do in Florida. Even though I love the heat more, the cold is a very nice change of pace.


I am loving lately the fact that I downloaded the BBM app to my iPhone and now I can keep in contact more with my Uncle who lives in Indonesia. It is so much more convenient then sending multiple emails.

What are you loving on lately??