Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Weigh In & 3 Year "New Me" Birthday/Anniversary

Its Tuesday which means my weekly weigh in and meeting day with Weight Watchers. James and I were both off today, so I decided to just go and weigh in and miss my meeting because we were going to be meeting his family out for our traditional Taco Tuesday. I thought James and I were going to be doing some stuff also this day, so I figured weighing in early would be better than waiting until later, in case I wanted to have a big lunch or such.

So I went to my Weight Watchers location and weighed in and to my surprise and happiness I was down .6. After a rough 3 weeks of weigh ins this was just the confidence and push in the right direction I needed. A half of a pound is not much of a weight loss but it is SOMETHING! Slow and steady is what I need and how I succeed the best. Plus it was what I had put on last week.

I did things right this week too. From Tuesday to Tuesday, I ran four days. I ate my 26 points and ate the activity points I earned. I made smart choices, drank lots of water and got good sleep. I made sure I was prepared and when we ate out, I ate smart choices. I tracked every day. The only day I don't track is on Tuesday's because I feel since its a weigh in day, it is my day. I can put tracking aside from that.

With that all said, I will continue to do what I did last week. I will continue to work the process and keep going on because like we say, it sure does work and boy does it.

Besides it being a weekly weigh in day, it is actually my 3 year "new  me" Birthday/Anniversary. Three years ago, this day, well actually the 25th but the last Tuesday of the month of January, I made the bold decision to change my life. I didn't think I would learn anything or care about losing weight. I started to WW to support a friend, I did it to be a supporting friend. I didn't think I would stick with it, I figured I would do it a little bit and then that would be it.

God little did I know how much it would change my life. From the moment I stepped on that scale, my life changed forever. These past 3 years have been truly amazing. I have lost 81 pounds. Now to all these fad diets that are out there, 81 pounds over a 3 year time frame does not seem like a lot. But I did it the right way. I lost it so it never comes back and I promise you I will never have it come back. Sure I have gained here and there, we know that, but never more than 4 pounds and then the next week or following week it was gone.

I have lost inches. I wish that when I started I measured my inches and could see the difference, but wow visually it is amazing. I mean I use to have cankles, you know where your calves blend to your ankles. Now I actually have ankles and calves and quads and muscles in my thighs. I also can see muscles in my legs. And I have HIPS. I never have had hips ever in my life, I actually never what they were in my body. And the best part I had neck, chest muscles that popped up. I have cheek bones. I have structure.

In 3 years I have gone from a size 22 to size 6. A size XL to a size Small. I have my wrist shrink and my ring sizes and I know my feet have shrunk also. I have gone from never able to wear flats because they hurt from all the weight, to that is all I wear now. I have been able to wear bathing suit again. I no longer have to wear my boyfriends sweat pants or his belts. I can actually fit into a belt now.

I went from not being able to walk up stairs without catching my breath, to now I run up and down them, no problem. I went from a 30 minute mile running to 10:30 minute. Oh and now I run half marathons!!!! I couldn't even run the mile in High School.

I can go on and say how much I have changed in 3 years, but I seriously have just became a whole new person. I believe the person I have always meant to be. In the last 3 years, I have never given up, not once. If I had a gain, I kept on going. I made the right decisions and never let myself get down. Even if I had a bad day, or a bad week, I weighed in every single week, just once! I did not become obsessed with the scale or the number because I knew the number and the result of it all, was bigger than what was on that scale. And I still believe that.

I feel like 3 years ago I was reborn.

And 3 years later I am still going to stick with it, because it is not a diet, it is not a fad, or a just for the fun of it. This is my life. This will be life from now and ever. Do I hope I wont be tracking points or journaling for the rest of my life, yes. But for now this works for me and this is it. I am ready to see what the next year and years after that will have in store for me. And I can look back on all the milestones in store.