Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Random Things I am Loving

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Gosh it has been awhile since I have done a Top Ten Tuesday post. But you are in luck because today I am bring it back with a little bit of randomness!

I live my life pretty randomly with my taste of music, food and life in general. Nothing is never the same and neither is my taste. So I figured to kick back off the Top Ten Tuesday, I was going to do the Top Ten random things I am loving right now!

Sound good??

Good, lets go!

10. Seltzer Water. Seriously this seems crazy, like duh everyone loves water, but Seltzer water is my jam!! I grew up with my Poppy and he drank seltzer water all the time, it is actually the only thing he drinks, besides coffee and milk occasionally. He drinks it just plain But I prefer the flavored kind. I find myself searching out for flavored water more than ever, and when it is sparking or seltzer it is a win win for me.

9. Spark. Spark is an energy enhancement that is made through Advocare. You can buy it in a tub or get the single serve packets, which is what I get. It gives you great clean energy. I usually take it before a workout or running and practically every night after work so I don't go home and fall right to sleep. My favorite flavor so far is the Watermelon, but I am on a quest to try every flavor to see which one really is.

8. Wake Up Wrap from Dunkin Donuts. So there is this magical breakfast sandwich that is packed with some low carb and high protein. It is called an Egg and Cheese Wake Up wrap from Dunkin Donuts. Seriously it is kind of small but it is a perfect snack or for the morning. I practically get one every time I am there. It is just an egg patty with a piece of cheese on a tortilla wrap, melted goodness. I could make it at home but come one. It is only 150 calories and I freaking love it. It gives me some quick protein and goes perfectly with my coffee. They have other with sausage and bacon, I always just get the egg and cheese for less fat and calories, try one next time.

7. Big Little Lies on HBO. Big Little Lies is a book by Liane Moriarty and now is a mini series on HBO. Holy crap is it a good show and it is just like the book in my opinion. Staring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, it is amazing, even James loves the show. The finale episode is next Sunday but if you have HBO catch up now!! The book was a great and the show does it very good justice.

6. Bark Box. Okay so this is a subscription box for dogs and it is the cutest thing ever. I signed up for a free one to try for the puppy I dog sit and he loved the box. It comes with 3 treats and 2 good sized toys for him. He loved each toy so far and the treats have been tasty for him. It is 25 a month and I think I get more excited for the box than he does. You can cancel the subscription at anytime too. It is worth trying for one month for sure.

5. Protein Cake Bites. 

These things are AMAZING. Birthday Cake with Sprinkles, Chocolate Covered Cherry and Red Velvet. The Chocolate covered cherry is my favorite. 3 come to a pack and they are packed with 20g of protein and taste really great for only 240 calories. I picked these up at GNC.

4. Little Buff Bakery. This is an online only company that makes a cake mix that is protein packed and the whole cake you make is less than 300 calories. It is amazing, a whole cake. You can use the cake mix to make muffins, bread, etc. I have tried the chocolate and loved it and I just got the vanilla one so I can use it for other than cake. Recipes and reviews will be coming soon. They come with a small packet of sprinkles too! And a recipe for how to make a frosting to go along with it. Check them out.

3. Elightened Ice Cream.

This ice cream is protein packed and low calorie. You can eat the whole pint and not feel bad about it, or at least I don't ;0) The reason I am loving this so much is I can finally find it in Florida. They are now being sold at Winn Dixie. I found the peanut butter chocolate and red velvet there. Which the red velvet is heavenly with cream cheese swirled inside.

2. Halo Top

Another great protein packed ice cream. I have mentioned before that I love Halo Top. And now not hard to find either, sold at Whole Foods and Publix here in Florida. The S'mores flavor is fantastic and so is the sea salt caramel. Check out the website where you can find it!

1.  Foam Rolling. This is crazy for me to say that I am loving this but I really am. I foam rolled last night and I woke up this morning and my knee and IT band were not hurting as bad as it has been. I mean that is a HUGE change for me. It hurts a lot foam rolling and I think I literally saw stars at one point, but dang it does hurt so good. I have been using my foam roller and then also using the stick. I have the Nashville Half Marathon in 32 days and I am nervous because the pain has been bad. I know I can run it but I want to run it not crying or in pain. So I am foam rolling literally every day now.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Winghouse's New Limited StripTease Menu

If there is one thing that I love is when restaurants introduce new food options and spice things up a bit or in the case of Winghouse, Strip it up a bit. Strip you ask, what the heck does that mean. Well Winghouse, has a new limited time only StripTease Menu, featuring some really fun, new, exciting items.

On Tuesday night, I was with partnership through The Tampa Bay Bloggers was able to experience, drink and taste the new menu, let me tell you, I can not wait to go back just for the Deep Fried Twinkies alone.

We will start with Dessert...

Yup they went there and have on their dessert menu a Deep Fried Twinkie, that comes hot and drizzled with raspberry sauce. Being a healthy living guru type of person, I wasn't sure if I would eat it, but I mean when it comes to something as a Deep Fried Twinkie, you kind of have to try it AND it definitely did not disappoint. It is fried to a golden brown, and then oozes the minute you crack into that shell. It was worth the calories, 100%. It is the perfect cheat dessert and James was with me and loved it. Even if you are not a fan or have ever had a Twinkie before, you need to go and try this dessert. It should be on your food bucket list at least once.

To start off your meal or if you are going to just be at Winghouse for drinks, they now carry Flip Flop Wine, that comes in a can. They are fizzy wines and have a great flavor to them. They come in 4 flavors, Fizzy Chill Red, Fizzy Crisp White, Fizzy Moscato and Fizzy Pink Moscato. You can drink them right out of the can or for the sophisticated drinkers, a glass is provided, lol.

Two new limited starts or apps, are the Cheesy Broccoli Bites and Fresh Potato Chips, that can be ordered just as chips with ranch dip and Winghouse Cheese Sauce, fully loaded or with cheese and bacon. We had the pleasure of trying both ways and all delicious all the way around.

The Cheesy Broccoli Bites come with this sauce that is out of this world, which typically comes with Winghouse Onion Rings and I would order them again and again.

The potato chips are an awesome alternative to nachos and they had a light and crisp, salty taste to them. I liked them as the fully loaded because it came with blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes and onions, jalapeƱos and hot sauce.

Shrimp and Chicken combo is perfect when you want to have the best of both worlds with land and sea, thats fried. They are both seasoned with Winghouse seasonings and it is so good. It comes with ranch dressing, but I would ask for the sauce that comes with the broccoli bites or onion rings, it is so good.

3 New Sandwiches are also on the menu....

The StripClub is served on a Marble Rye bread, which gosh I can not even tell you the last time I had marble rye bread. I was really impressed with the choice of bread and it made a world of a difference too. The StripClub was my favorite. It has chicken, bacon, ham and Swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato and the wing house signature sauce. Tons of protein packed into that sandwich, meaning it will keep you full. Seriously the sandwich is packed to the gills and tasted amazing. I wasn't sure how I would feel about chicken with ham and bacon but all the flavors complemented each other so nicely and with the toasty bread. I will be ordering this the next time I go, it is served with chips and a pickle.

The StripCheese is also served on the marble rye bread with fried chicken strips, pepper jack cheese, bacon strips and tomatoes. James really enjoyed this one also. Served with chips and a pickle. Again the marble rye bread really gives it a nice taste and kick.

The Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap, has fried chicken strips, bacon strips and zesty ranch. This one is tightly wrapped in a chipotle wrap. While I love wraps usually, this one didn't surprise me too much. It was very  hearty but I would go with something else instead to kind of cheat with. If I am going to Winghouse I want to have something I normally wouldn't purchase. The zesty ranch does give this a little zing and also served with chips and pickle.

The next time you are at Winghouse, of course order the wings and then try something new from the StripTease mean, you will not be disappointed.

Don't miss out it is only for a limited time!!

Check out Winghouse here to find a location near you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Work Out That Challenged Me...

Okay so this might seem like a  bit of a rant but the beauty of this blog, is well I can write and say what I want haha. Last week, I was home in New York, spending the week with my family. While I was home I wanted to get some workouts in, besides my running, because I was still having some leg pain and there was a blizzard, so the roads were covered and that wasn't happening.

I had reached out on Facebook and asked my friends and family members to let me know of some places that offered free passes, classes for work outs, rather a fitness class or a gym or yoga. I got a ton of responses and was quite pleased to see my small town had so many different options. 

On Thursday, I looked up a place called 9Round. I had driven by it many times and it was in a plaza I was very familiar with. A lot of my friends from back home had recommended going there. It looked like something way out of my comfort zone. 

"9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want an unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer."

I looked up the classes and watched some videos online and it seemed really cool and different. Remember I am usually just a runner, or some stuff in the gym and yoga, so these work outs are new but exciting to me. When you go to the website, it offers a free work out. I knew that this was franchise and I remembered seeing a new one open up here in Florida too, quite close to me also. So my thought process was I will do the free workout, burn some calories, get my endorphins going and if I really loved it I would consider down here. I knew I wasn't going to join back home in NY, I only come home 2 a year, if that and it wouldn't be worth the money, BUT FREE is for ME.

I signed up for the free work out and chose to the do the later class, mainly because I figured no one would be there. I get embarrassed very easily when I am working out. I can run with millions of people but jumping around and doing stuff I am not comfortable with, makes me kind of anxious. 

I know weird.

All day I thought about the work out and I was exited. It is a kickboxing atmosphere and dang I have never attempted that before. So when the time came, I got in my car, in my work out gear and headed over. When I walked in there was a young guy there and no one else. He nicely asked what I could be helped with and I explained I had signed up for a free work out online and was going to check it out. I also explained I was visiting from Florida and wanted to just sweat a little bit. He said okay and then quickly ran down the process.

I was a bit taken back because he didn't walk me through anything, he just jumped right into it. He didn't even tell me where to hang my coat or put my things. Remember I had NEVER been there before. He explained that there were 9 stations and each one, he will show me what to do, I will do it for 3 minutes and 30 seconds of active rest. Okay I got this I thought. Thank goodness I knew the active rest idea and the concept, not so lucky with the attitude.

The rest two stations were based around strength. They switch the work outs each day to something different, so he told me to not pay attention to the board, I would just do what he said. He gave me a jump rope and told me to jump for 3 minutes. Ummmm okay, I hadn't jump roped in like 20 years. Dang I felt good at first. I was skipping and moving and getting into it. Then the rope hit my pony tail and I was thrown off. But I kept going. He yelled out something, Maybe like 30 seconds and I stopped but he told me to keep going. Already station 1 and I was confused and INSTANTLY I could tell he could care less I was there. He was walking around, he did put on some music, but that was it.

No conversation. nothing. My groove was instantly off. I groove off of other peoples vibes and he was giving me that last customer, get out vibe. Station 2 did not include kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls or anything like the website included. I did jumping jacks for 3 minutes. My attention span was shot. 

Our 30 sec. active rest was jumping the line. Which he said so quickly, before I knew it, it was over. Station 3-8 was where the kick boxing came in and I was done for. He gave me some gloves to put on, pink ones of course. I punched some bags and then kicked some. Let me tell you, I suck at kickboxing. He showed me the moves I was suppose to do. Didn't explain much, okay. honestly at all. 

This was the part where I felt really defeated. I wasn't getting it. I wasn't punching correctly or kicking. I hated that I wasn't getting it. I instantly felt stupid and well less than. And I thought for sure the trainer would step in and try to help me. Build up my confidence. I tried to make a joke and say man I must be the worst person, he said no we have had worse.

Dannnnnggg. Build me Up Buttercup, why don't you. If it wasn't for the sweat dripping down my face and the satisfaction I was feeling inside I would have given up there. I felt like I was an incipience. He even went and changed into his jeans while I was attempting to kick the bag. The last station was station 9 and that consisted of 3 minutes of a plank and then push ups as the active rest and burpees. Oh joy!!

That plank was hard. Planking and me don't get along much anyway and then add 2.5 more minutes than I normally do and well disaster zone. He was walking around telling me to not drop down, 30 seconds, generic type of messages. I tried to do a side plank or add some push ups to make up for the plank I was not doing and he was telling me to suck it up. At the end, of the work out, finally, he said alright your done. 

He didn't say great job or job we'll done or even what did you think. He made it clear he knew I wasn't coming back and that was it. I grabbed my coat and left. My legs were shaky for the work out and my arms too, I was sweaty and I felt good, but I also didn't feel good. I felt judged right away that he knew I wasn't coming back and that I was new. It was a different feeling. I didn't like it. My comfort zone was slowly closing in on me. I was upset at the experience but glad I did it.

I can tell you, I liked the work out and realized I needed to add more of those routines and work outs to my life for sure. I am a runner and that is all I really do, so I need more endurance, Clearly I don't have. I would try it again if I had a better trainer.

The moral of this story was a bad work out is still a Good Work out! I got out of my comfort zone and I tried a class I would NEVER had done before and I did it on my own. And I didn't give up. I didn't sit in my car and cry either. I looked at myself in the mirror and said you are better than that and great job. I gave myself the support I needed in that moment. And heck I burned some calories and you know what I am still a bit sore from that work out. So that is a plus. 

My advice is try something new. Do something that scares you and when it doesn't work out how you had planned, its okay, don't let it discourage you or get you done, pick yourself up and try a new one again.

I plan on doing beach yoga next :0)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Coffee Talk: Lets Get Personal, Personal....

Good Thursday Morning!!!

I am still currently on vacation and have sometime to just kick back and relax. I have been taking my mornings a little slower than normal, I have been having multiple cups of coffee, I am not racing to make my breakfast and I haven't turned on my alarm at all all week. I am sitting here listening to the Bobby Bones show on my MacBook and just taking in all this time. So while I am doing that, I wanted to do some more posts because life has gotten in the way and I want to make that stop.

I have pinned a lot of blog post ideas, because sometimes you just need a little advice, help and guidance. This morning I came across one that has you answering personal questions, I thought it was a fun idea to do. 10 personal, in depth questions....Here we go :0)!!

1. What are my strengths?

I always love and hate this question in interviews. When I am sitting down with someone doing an interview or if I am the interviewee, it is always a tough question because there is so many ways it can go. But my strengths are as follows, I can always find a positive outlook...I choose to find a positive outlook, I will put a spin on that outlook just to find it. I love with my whole heart, which is a strength because I am open to anyone and everyone, which as you can imagine is a weakness also. I am dedicated to everything I do. I don't give up easily. I am constantly happy, upbeat and have a way to turn the energy in a room.

2. Where do I feel safest?

I feel safest with my family back home. I feel safest when I am with my boyfriend and I feel safest when I am with my best friends. I am an extremely trusting person, so anywhere I am with people and I am not on my own, I feel safest.

3.  What is my happiest memory?

I often think about this question, not sure why but ever since losing my dad, I often think about the happiest memories I have. And sometimes I feel like those memories get blurred or I worry about did I make those memories up. I have so many happy memories, in all aspects of my life, happy memories with my friends, family, BF, work happy memories. But if I dig deep my happiest memory would be with my dad. It was a day we were running errands together. He had this truck, I can still smell and feel the way the leather in that truck in the front seat was like. It was a single cab truck and it was covered in stone, brick and dirt because he was a mason, so his truck was constantly dirty. But I loved it, I didn't care if I was covered in it. We got in the truck and headed to the lumber yard to pick up some supplies. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat. We stopped to get some diet cokes and Slim Jim's from the corner store (which I love to do always). He got some kind of horrible snack they had there and I got a crystal clear Canadian water, black cherry of course. We drove to the lumber yard, listening to classic rock and I had a book with me. I always carried a book with me, my dad laughed because he didn't know how I could read while the car was moving. He always got motion sick. But I didn't care, I read that whole book start to finish that day just driving around with him. We got to the lumber yard and he filled up his truck and we had the windows down, driving past piles or wood and sand and concrete. He was telling me all the different kinds and in that moment, that day, I knew I would never forget it.

4.  I know I am stressed when.....

I get this weird flutter in my eye. It is almost like butterfly wings flapping. When that happens I know I am stressed from whatever may be going on, work or life in general.

5. What is my proudest accomplishment?

I have a couple actually. The simple ones...graduating High School and College, out of my Mom and Dad, I was the only one too. My mom took some College courses but never finished and my Dad never was a thought to do so. And then starting and completing my Marathon. But I think my proudest accomplishment is never following down the path my parents did. Now I know that sounds horrible and my parents were both amazing people. My mom still is. They both were extremely hard working and dedicated to me, but they had vices when it came to drinking. And it is a fact that a child that has both parents that suffer from addiction it most likely to do the same and I am proud to say, I never have and have fought every day to do so. Yes I drink alcohol but I do not let alcohol control me because I know first hand what it can do. My proudest accomplishment is beating the odds.

6.  Am I night owl or an early bird?

Can I be in between?? haha. I am a little bit of both. I love waking up early and taking on the day. I love the quietness of the morning and starting it before everyone else BUT I also like being a night owl and staying up and making the night go longer. In College, probably like everyone else, I was a night owl. And of course as I got older I became a early bird. I enjoy the cup of coffee early in the morning now more than I ever thought I would.

7.  What is my biggest failure?

I honestly can say I don't have any regrets in life because I do 100 believe everything in life happens for a reason. But my biggest failure would be I fail when it comes to what people think about me. I have a really bad habit and fail miserably about how I will be perceived in the eyes of others, how they think I look and feel. It is bad and I am working every day on it, but that is probably my biggest failure, is not trusting myself 100.

8. What matters the most to me?

My Poppy. My Poppy is my life line, he is the greatest person in my life. I would do anything and everything for him.

9.  What new activities am I willing to try?

Oh my goodness, I am practically willing to try anything, once! I just need people to try it with me. I really hate going to things by myself. I am a super social person, but walking into group activities, gives me all kinds of weird feelings. So for instance doing a group class by myself for fitness really does it for me. I get nervous and weird. I am not sure why.... I can go to a movie by myself, I can eat by myself but a fitness class makes me so nervous and I know I need to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to that. Which I am actually doing that tonight to help me a grow a little bit more.

10. What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about running, smiling, writing, dogs, love, family and friends. I am passionate about making people in my life happy. I am passionate about being a better person in the world and passionate about being a better person to others. I am passionate about happiness and my life.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beach Running is Hard...Unless There Is A Cupcake

Good Tuesday Morning....

I am home on vacation in New York, spending the week with my family and today we are currently enjoying a snow storm. Well everyone else is really mad about it But I am sort of loving it!!! I haven't seen snow in well over 8 years and let alone having a snow day to top that off. Believe me I am not a fan of snow at all and I think thats why I like it right now, because I know I can leave it again lol.

And I am going to attempt a run in the snow and I will do some shoveling for my Poppy. Its kind of perfect!!

But since I am stuck in this cold weather, I wanted to post about the beach, take me back a bit to when it was warm and the only white stuff I was running through was the sand.

A local running company, called St. Pete Running Company last year put on a beach race, called Race  For The Cupcake. It is a 5k race right on St. Pete Beach and at the finish line you get a delicious cupcake. I mean it is a win win no matter what. Last year I signed up for it because it seemed fun and different and the entry fee was very inexpensive ( which I love!! when running a race). Instead of a tee-shirt like you receive at most races, this one, they gave a free visor. It was a great race last year and this year I knew if they were going to do it again, I was game.

So it came back around and I signed up. When I do these 5k races, I am just doing it for the bling and the experience and just to have a good old time. PR's are not that important to me at all. It would be nice to have a super stellar one, and when I don't put pressure on it then I am golden. 

So the week before the race, I had a long run and after that long run, my body was hurting. My whole left side of my knee, ankle and calf were so sore. I am not sure what I did wrong but it was painful. That continued to feel that way for most of the week, so when Saturday came around I wasn't expecting anything other than that.

The morning of the race, I taped up my leg with KT tape, I took some ibuprofen and headed to the race. It was a nice cooler morning and anything against the water is a bit cooler than normal anyway. I know beach running is hard. It is honestly a whole ball game for me. I live by the beach but I never run it, I prefer to sit back in my chair and just take it all in. And since I don't do much beach running, I forget how the sand is hard to move under my feet.

My feet were moving pretty good that morning for the first 1.5 miles. I forgot my GymBoss beeper and was just kind of winging it. My leg and knee really started hurting and I found myself hobbling a bit. I can't explain it but I felt like my legs weren't moving and I was almost skipping because it hurt so bad to put my leg down...

I tried to keep running but my knee was really holding me back, I couldn't get in the groove and it was a pain I had never felt before, so for the last mile, I just walked it to the end. I hate to do that. I hate that I had to walk the rest of it home. I honestly, felt defeated. I just didn't feel like myself. I felt so off. But then I was hearing the water crashing against the sand, I was watching other people doing the same thing and it was empowering.

I didn't care that I was walking, I did not feel any shame whats so ever. I was just trying to finish the race and get that medal and cupcake. And it was a beyond gorgeous day. Injury can do that to you though, it makes you feel like you are not yourself, when really you, you are beyond yourself, Running you become a whole new person. So yes I walked the rest of the race. I shuffled myself into the finish line, but I got it done!!

That medal was so cute too. And the cupcake was delicious. I ate only half because it was super sweet, but they also gave out a fruit cup which was a perfect balance between the two. The sand was so tough to run through and now I know I want to do more beach running to help switch things up and be better prepared. I will do this race again, just because I had a bad race, doesn't mean it wasn't perfectly put together.

And now this....

Monday, March 13, 2017

What you missed this year....

Dear Dad,

So we approached a new milestone today. Today it has been 5 years since you left my world. 5 years, 1825 day and 43800 hours. I still can't believe you are gone. I know this will sound bad but sometimes I don't even realize and then some days, on the best days, you know those days you loved, when the sun was so bright and the weather was so perfect, you never want them to end. That is the day that it hits me like a ton of bricks and I can't call you and tell you I miss you and I love you. Sure I can look to the sky or I can go to my special spot where I laid your ashes, but I miss your voice. I miss you telling me about your day and how it went. I miss you telling me about your stories of work and just simply I miss you telling me you love me.

I just miss you....

Those days happen all the time. When I hear a song on the radio, rather it be Tears in Heaven or an old school classic rock song. I put the classic rock station on sometimes just in hopes to hear you in the music again.

This 5th year of you being gone, you missed some things. I ran some more races of course. I did a 100 day running streak, yup, you were with me the whole time. I know you were there on those days when the runs were super hard and I needed that extra little push. The whole family came down this year and we had an absolute blast. Poppy was in his element with the sun and the relaxing, oh and he really likes hot wings. He even choose to eat at Hooters because he loved the wings so much haha. We did a lot when they were down here. We celebrated at the Gay Pride parade. Uncle Keith, Uncle Kevin, Abby and I had so much fun.

We went on a dolphin tour, kind of like what we did when you visited. We went to an aquarium. James, Uncle Keith, Abby and I went to Busch Gardens and we had a heck of a time. We rode rides and watched a show, we ate and had a really great day. We even went to a baseball game. I think everyone had a great visit, you of course would have had us all laughing. You would have been in the gulf and laying out on the beach all day long. You and Abby would have played in the water and you would have said over and over how much you loved Florida. I honestly think the reason I love Florida is because of you.

I celebrated my birthday in July. I turned 31 and James took me to a country concert, which by the way I sang and danced the night away. It was a simple birthday but so much fun. I went on a work trip in August, that I earned for being good at my job. In October, James FINALLY came home to Catskill with me. And guess what...

He loved it. He loved the charm of our sweet little town. I took him apple picking and he went golfing. I showed him everywhere!!!! And he ate a really NY slice of pizza. We had such a great visit and we stayed here at Poppys house, which by the way is not the walnut house anymore, but you knew that.

The holidays came and went. They happened so quickly. I am training for a half marathon in April and having some pain in my leg from the running, if you could send some good vibes that would be greatly appreciated.

This past year, I of course missed you often. And today when I woke up, for one quick moment, I couldn't believe what day it was. I recall this day all the time. It haunts me for a little bit and then it doesn't. It slips away silently and I am engulfed in the love of our family. I come home every year now since 5 years ago, just to be here with everyone. I need to be around them, mainly I just need to be around Poppy. So besides the fact that you are gone, you gave me a gift to always be back here with them, forever. We share a rare bond now, this day is always with us, but together we heal.

I love you daddy and miss you even more. Please continue to guide me in this life.

I hope I am making you proud....

Until we meet again...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

Lets march right into this month....

hehe see what I did there!!!

Holy crap it is March already, I mean seriously I felt like I blinked it and was January 1. Anyway a new month with new goals and new excitements.

The one nice thing this month is I am keeping everything from last month. I am continuing to track my food through My Fitness Pal and my work outs. My FitBit game has been amping up a lot more lately with the help of my mini doggie day care I provide. We love to go on walks and adventures.

I use my Endomono, a running app to track my running and track my mileage. My goal this month is to do at least 3 runs per week. This week has been a bit tough because I didn't start off the beginning of the week with a run, I did yoga and a 3 mile walk with the pup. And I only ran yesterday, 4 miles and then a 2.5 mile walk with the pup. The 4 miles hurt yesterday a lot. I am having some serious knee pain, not sure where it has come from. It started last Friday when I did the 6 miles.

And I have been foam rolling, icing and resting the best I can. Injury messes with your brain so much, it is unfair. It makes me feel less than a runner, when I know damn well I am not that. So my goal is to do a high week of miles and then the next week, a smaller week of miles.

I do have a race this weekend, Race For the Cupcake. It is a morning race on the beach. I LOVE it. I never do beach running, because I honestly forget it is something to do. I know Florida problems when the beach is right around the corner from your house and you never go. It is a 5k race and at the end you get a pretty awesome medal and a cupcake, hello like best race ever!!! It was a cooler morning last year and a month earlier, so I am hoping to have the same results. I never go into these races expecting to have a PR, I just want to finish and earn that bling and be surrounded by the same amazing people, who have the same interests.

March is also going to be the month I work on my arms and upper body. My arms have been really bothering me lately with the extra skin and I need to do better with those, so in my gym routine, I am amping that up a lot more than I have in the past. Starting off small and simple and taking it from there.

March I am also planning on doing more for me. Not things that cost money, like shopping or anything to that nature, but taking time for me to enjoy time with friends, if I want to enjoy some wine or beer and not worry about calories, then I am going to do so. Also time to read more. I have been seriously slacking on that a lot lately. I just couldn't get into the groove of it. Now I am ready to read a book a week.

Plus taking time to sit out by the pool, get back to loving the Florida weather and just relax. I do not do that enough. I need to just take time to go off the grid for a bit.

And probably the most exciting thing about this month is I am going home for vacation!!!  A full week home in New York. March 13-19, spending time with my family, especially my Poppy. It is my favorite month, for that alone.

Hoping to make some more progress this month too with my weight loss. Even though that dang scale is the devil. I am seeing some difference in my legs, in my mid section and in my eating habits. I am not constantly hungry all the time. That is a nice change of pace for sure.

What are some goals you are planning for March??