Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Random Things I am Loving

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Gosh it has been awhile since I have done a Top Ten Tuesday post. But you are in luck because today I am bring it back with a little bit of randomness!

I live my life pretty randomly with my taste of music, food and life in general. Nothing is never the same and neither is my taste. So I figured to kick back off the Top Ten Tuesday, I was going to do the Top Ten random things I am loving right now!

Sound good??

Good, lets go!

10. Seltzer Water. Seriously this seems crazy, like duh everyone loves water, but Seltzer water is my jam!! I grew up with my Poppy and he drank seltzer water all the time, it is actually the only thing he drinks, besides coffee and milk occasionally. He drinks it just plain But I prefer the flavored kind. I find myself searching out for flavored water more than ever, and when it is sparking or seltzer it is a win win for me.

9. Spark. Spark is an energy enhancement that is made through Advocare. You can buy it in a tub or get the single serve packets, which is what I get. It gives you great clean energy. I usually take it before a workout or running and practically every night after work so I don't go home and fall right to sleep. My favorite flavor so far is the Watermelon, but I am on a quest to try every flavor to see which one really is.

8. Wake Up Wrap from Dunkin Donuts. So there is this magical breakfast sandwich that is packed with some low carb and high protein. It is called an Egg and Cheese Wake Up wrap from Dunkin Donuts. Seriously it is kind of small but it is a perfect snack or for the morning. I practically get one every time I am there. It is just an egg patty with a piece of cheese on a tortilla wrap, melted goodness. I could make it at home but come one. It is only 150 calories and I freaking love it. It gives me some quick protein and goes perfectly with my coffee. They have other with sausage and bacon, I always just get the egg and cheese for less fat and calories, try one next time.

7. Big Little Lies on HBO. Big Little Lies is a book by Liane Moriarty and now is a mini series on HBO. Holy crap is it a good show and it is just like the book in my opinion. Staring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, it is amazing, even James loves the show. The finale episode is next Sunday but if you have HBO catch up now!! The book was a great and the show does it very good justice.

6. Bark Box. Okay so this is a subscription box for dogs and it is the cutest thing ever. I signed up for a free one to try for the puppy I dog sit and he loved the box. It comes with 3 treats and 2 good sized toys for him. He loved each toy so far and the treats have been tasty for him. It is 25 a month and I think I get more excited for the box than he does. You can cancel the subscription at anytime too. It is worth trying for one month for sure.

5. Protein Cake Bites. 

These things are AMAZING. Birthday Cake with Sprinkles, Chocolate Covered Cherry and Red Velvet. The Chocolate covered cherry is my favorite. 3 come to a pack and they are packed with 20g of protein and taste really great for only 240 calories. I picked these up at GNC.

4. Little Buff Bakery. This is an online only company that makes a cake mix that is protein packed and the whole cake you make is less than 300 calories. It is amazing, a whole cake. You can use the cake mix to make muffins, bread, etc. I have tried the chocolate and loved it and I just got the vanilla one so I can use it for other than cake. Recipes and reviews will be coming soon. They come with a small packet of sprinkles too! And a recipe for how to make a frosting to go along with it. Check them out.

3. Elightened Ice Cream.

This ice cream is protein packed and low calorie. You can eat the whole pint and not feel bad about it, or at least I don't ;0) The reason I am loving this so much is I can finally find it in Florida. They are now being sold at Winn Dixie. I found the peanut butter chocolate and red velvet there. Which the red velvet is heavenly with cream cheese swirled inside.

2. Halo Top

Another great protein packed ice cream. I have mentioned before that I love Halo Top. And now not hard to find either, sold at Whole Foods and Publix here in Florida. The S'mores flavor is fantastic and so is the sea salt caramel. Check out the website where you can find it!

1.  Foam Rolling. This is crazy for me to say that I am loving this but I really am. I foam rolled last night and I woke up this morning and my knee and IT band were not hurting as bad as it has been. I mean that is a HUGE change for me. It hurts a lot foam rolling and I think I literally saw stars at one point, but dang it does hurt so good. I have been using my foam roller and then also using the stick. I have the Nashville Half Marathon in 32 days and I am nervous because the pain has been bad. I know I can run it but I want to run it not crying or in pain. So I am foam rolling literally every day now.