Saturday, May 31, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 35: 5 Weeks Down and Negative Zero

My energy level today was a negative zero!

Thank goodness today was a rest day because if I had to run, I probably wouldn't even had made it down the street. I mean I didn't even want to make breakfast or anything, I just kind of shuffled myself around the apartment before work. I was completely and utterly drained.

I managed to get myself ready for work and I had a burst of energy, I think I just needed a lazy morning, curled up on the couch. My favorite friend, Flo, did just decide to come by so I am sure that is why I feel like complete crap too.

My left heel is bothering me also. Not a lot where I am doubled over in pain, but just a pain here and there. It is in the back of my heel, to the side, facing inward. I should probably take a picture haha. I am using  ball to rub it under my foot and it is helping. I know when I increase my mileage a lot this tends to happen and I have been wearing nothing but flats and flip flops lately and just my running shoes when I am running. I need to wear my sneakers more often, I think.

I run tomorrow, so I will see how it feels when running. So rest and relaxation when I can.

I cant believe that 5 weeks is gone and done with my training and tomorrow is 6 weeks. For 6 weeks I have been going and going with the training and I am still loving it. Plus, I am so glad I am documenting all of this, thank you to the gentleman Cameron, who commented and said he likes that I am documenting this all experience. I really appreciate it, even on the days when I feel like I am just rambling.

I have some fun posts in mind too coming up!

Back to 5 weeks, wow, a whole month is gone too. I started this the last week of April and for the whole month of May. My calender is full with my daily runs and workouts and the rest days I took once a month. This month I learned, it is best to run in the morning, water is key, even when I am busy at work and life, I am still making time to get this done, my period is my enemy to running, I may not have lost on the scale with this month, but I am seeing some muscle definition.

I learned that my neighbors are getting used to seeing me and I am finding new things to look at all the time. I love when I can get a long run in downtown because it is my favorite place ever. I learned that running with a friend who has a faster pace, will make me faster, even if she chooses to do splits with me. I learned I need to do some speed work every once and a while. I really love to ride the bike because I can catch up on my Nook.

I learned I am tougher the heat and I will continue to get tougher as the summer months progress. I learn that I am to follow the training plan, even when I feel like pushing more, it is a training plan for a reason. I learn that I love getting up for a run on my day off, but before work, is a big hassle lol.

I learned that even with 5 weeks down, I am feeling, stronger, better and faster. I am starting to feel like a marathoner.

Here is too another 5 weeks, well maybe 4 weeks, another month and another miles ahead!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 34

So today was one of those days where I had a feeling writing a post would just be boring. I knew that not all days would be exciting and worth writing about, like today.

Today was a walk or XT day. I woke up with a headache and tried to sleep it off as best as I could, but having a headache in the morning makes me super groggy. I shook it off and went to the gym anyway, thankfully it calmed down a bit. Fridays are the days when I really start to feel a bit tired and fatigued, later on I might use this days as an extra run day or an extra run day, especially when I am getting up in mileage. While XT isn't going to help me complete my Marathon, it does help my overall fitness and my endurance, which I am liking a lot.

My gym experience was just kind of boring today. I rode the bike for 30 minutes, doing a hill workout and high watts. I can feel it in my thighs, which I love, cause those bad boys need to get smaller! And then I did my Sarah Fit arm work out and called it a day. Hey, 40 minutes is better than no minutes and its all about keeping those legs moving.

While, I find this to be a boring post and more will be like this, I need to do this because it helps me stay accountable, it keeps me on track and it keeps me going.

But I am thankful that tomorrow is a Rest Day for sure!

Happy Friday and to make this a little bit more, here is a quote to kick your weekend off with...

Friday Fun Finds in May

Disclaimer I am writing this at the gym while I am riding the stationary bike! Yes I like to multi task and it's quite in here so it works for me.

I was going through my phone and noticed I had some items and pictures in here I never posted and shared! I know I'm shocked too, I share everything!

So here are some fun food items, I have tried lately...

Okay this was a little high in points from the box, 8pp but it was quick, easy and on sale, which I love! I know you can make this all on it's own, but I was in a pinch for work and this hit the spot! I added in my own kiwi pieces, which made it extra good! It came with chicken, cranberries, pineapple pieces and sesame twigs for crunch! I love these Lean cuisine additions but I know I can make it less points on my own! 

I got this at Publix! If you don't have a Publix, your missing out! But check your stores brand of yogurt, LOTS of them are carrying greek now and putting their own twist on it! This was delicious and reminded me of Faye brand! I never would think brown sugar and pear but it was tasty!

These rock my face off!! I first tried them in a Runnerbox subscription I had and loved them. Sadly I couldn't find them anywhere, until now! I found them at Fit2run last week but didn't get them and the other day I found them at CVS!! Meant to be!! I always shop there and it was on sale and I can use extra bucks! As my runs get longer, I will stuck up! They taste like candy, gluten free and for 90 calories, you get 5 chews! I eat them before activity and take with me! Natural energy and they aren't hard to get down!

Target and Yoplait did it again! While it was creamy and tasty, to me it tasted like blueberry not blackberry and nothing else special with it. I love all their flavors but this one was just ehh.

Heaven in the bottle right there! I saw someone post it on Instagram and I checked out the website! 7.99 for the 750 mil bottle, good deal! Could only find it online from their website and when you sign up you get 10% off! I tasted it last night and it is so good, I added it to my protein shake! Today will be in my coffee! I need a pump for it and I'll have my own coffee shop! While I love the Dunkin Donuts one, it isn't sugar free and this is!!

Some of my favorite food finds I was loving on this month of May! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 33: Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

I saw this quote the other day when I was looking up a quote for a Challenge on Twitter I am participating in, called #sharesomethinginspiring and this just rang so clear to me.

I know there are days where I just want it to all fall into place. I want to run fast, run long and strong, I want to drop the weight, I want to see my arms and legs tone up and everything just be there. I follow a lot of fitness, running and Weight Watcher people and I want to be so close like most of them are...

And then I read this and it just seemed to make sense.

I was thinking and striving for perfection, something perfect. The perfect mile, the perfect weight, the perfect experience. You know what, I am not going to have that because it is not attainable. But progress is. Hitting my marks, running when I am dead tired, like today, or when I just don't feel like it. Hitting that snooze button over and over, sweating like crazy, filling up on protein and having to have a salad when I would rather have the fries, weighing in when I don't want to, or getting mad at the scale when it just wont budge.

Even with all of those, I am making progress because I am changing. I am creating new habits and I am getting there. Losing 75 pounds didn't happen overnight, neither did running 6 half marathons in a year or having the drive and courage to sign up and commit to running a full marathon. All of these things came with time, with progress. I am never going to be perfect and quite frankly I do not want to be, there is not fun it that, but I will continue to grow and learn and strive to live this life each and every day.

Seriously, this is what I thought about during my miles tonight. I ran them after work, they almost didn't happen because the sky looked like it was going to open up something fierce. I planned to suck it up and anyway, even if it wasn't a perfect run, I still had to do it. The weather held off and it was breezy and beautiful, so my planned 3 miles became 4.10 in 48 minutes. It felt great and before my run I was exhausted after I have a burst of energy and didn't regret that move one bit.

I recommend to everyone to take a look at how far you have come or if you are just starting out, how far you are willing to go. I promise you it will suck at times, lets me real, but geez in the end, as your going along, as you are making progress in steps, weight or just wanting to change your habits, you will get there. Don't give up! Trust the process, trust the time and you will see the results, but mainly you will feel the results deep inside!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Overnight Oats: Peanut Butter & Banana

I am back with my Overnight Oats kick!!!

If you have been reading or following me on Facebook and Instagram, I went on an Overnight Oats obsession a while back. I made those bad boys multiple times a week. But due to over exposure, they died out for me. Plus if I eat the same thing over and over, I tend to get tired with it.

But I was looking the other day for something to make for breakfast that was quick and easy. Yesterday, since I ran in the morning and then had to go right to work right after, I knew I wasn't going to have time to make my egg whites. And I didn't want waffles or cereal, so I grabbed my old friends, Old Fashioned Oats.

And then this baby was created, one of the best ones yet, if I do say so myself.

I couldn't find the tops to my mason jars, random I know, so I mixed everything into a tupperwear container with a lid. It worked just as great, if not even better!

1/4 cup of Old Fashioned Oats (not cooked)-2pp
2 Tablespoons of PB2-1pp
1 container of Yoplait Light Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt-2pp
1 Tablespoon of Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk-0pp
1 Banana, cut up into pieces
1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds-1pp (not shown)

Mix everything together in your storage of choice and put in the fridge until the morning.

Don't heat up, just eat cold. I know it seems crazy and different, but I promise you, it is a GameChanger!!

After my run, I was able to make my coffee and throw this into my lunch bag and bring to work with me. It was filling and super yummy! The chia seeds made the mixture bulk up a bit and the PB2 gave it a perfect PB taste. Note, I did not add water to the PB2, I just used it in its powder form, mixing it in with the yogurt and milk, gave it is texture.

Overnight Oats are back in my life again. I find it a great way to get in some protein when I use Greek yogurt, some fruit and even dairy. The chia seeds are an added bonus. But these will be perfect for those early morning runs or coming back from a long one.

I think I have some other ones in mind and adding protein powder too, it give it more staying power.

This one was definitely inspired by the King, Himself, I think he would have approved :0)

Okay side note, while searching for an Elvis and Peanut Butter with Banana sandwich picture, yes I did put that in the Google search box, these came up...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Where the heck can I find these???!! This would be a total cheat meal for me!!!! Omg! Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana. My mouth is literally watering...

sadly these were introduced in 2007...womp womp womp..

But I did have this at Yogurtology last night...

And I was all SHOOK UP!!!

Like what I did there!

Have a happy Breakfast!!

Journey to 26.2 Day 32: 4 Day Work Weeks Rock!

I think every week should be 4 days. I am loving the fact I was off on Sunday, Monday and then today, but like all things, it doesn't last for long because come June 8th, I will have to work for 11 days straight cause of Father's Day and vacation time. So I am enjoying this week very much so.

Today, I wanted to sleep in but I had to go get my car, FINALLY it is fixed. Jesus, lets pray it stays this way for quite sometime now. James had an early tee time, so I had to go to the car place right when they opened, I really don't mind because I can get stuff done and over with and I wanted to go to Target and pick up some stuff.

Oh shall I say, I have a list and buy everything else besides what I went for.

Target is a wonderland! #laylagrayce #quotes

After I got my car, I had some time before the Heaven of all shopping centers opened, so I went and had breakfast at First Watch Cafe.

I have only been there once before with James and I loved it. It is very sweet looking, calm and clean. The booths are comfortable, the staff is super friendly. The mugs for coffee are huge and the meals are even bigger and delicious.

I don't mind going out to eat or the movies or anything by myself. I really enjoy it. I occupy myself with a magazine or book I bring or of course my phone, so there is no worries or being bored or alone. I am an independent person and a social butterfly but I really love doing this alone from time to time.

I ordered their Tri Athlete this morning, which is under their Healthier Side Menu. Everything on the menu looked amazing, but this was what I was in the mood food.


Egg white omelet with house-roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and green chilies. Served with housemade salsa, a dry English muffin and fresh fruit.

It was delicious!!!
    I asked for a side of avocado for added bonus. And I ordered coffee of course. 
    I didn't even put anything on the English Muffin, except for pieces of the omelet. 
    They have really big pancakes too, known for them, but this was enough for me. 
    I did get the omelet without mushrooms, not a big fan.
    After enjoying my meal, I went and ran my errands at Target and CVS.
    And then enjoyed my day off, I laid out by the pool, cleaned, found a great dresser
    a neighbor of ours was throwing away, cleaned it up and made it ours. I took a 
    nap and then decided to do my training workout. It was a walk day, so I did 3
    miles around our area and then 10 minutes of the Sarah Fit workout.
    I love that work out and the feeling it is bringing to my arms, which have always
    been a sore spot for me. I dislike my arms a lot, but I am learning to love myself
    and all my imperfections.
    Back to work tomorrow and more mileage on the shoes. I am really loving this 
    training plan, I cant say it enough, I look forward to each day and doing something.
    While it takes awhile and most days I don't want to do a thing, I am never 
    regretting it. 
    My advice, find something you love and enjoy and stick with it, you'll be amazed
    at how it changes your whole life.

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 31: Early Alarm, Miles, & Weigh In

    First off today was weigh in day and because I had to work today, I had to weigh in after work. I am beginning to think about switching up my weigh in days. I have weighed in for the past 3 years on Tuesdays, but with my running, I have noticed that on Tuesday's is when I am starting to see a gain. NO MATTER WHAT. With my training plan, I run every Tuesday and then weigh in, while you think that would be a great thing, no so much.  I retain a lot of water and my muscles get super heavy, so when I weigh in later in the day, it is all sitting there, not flushing out.

    Plus, I think I need to change it up a bit. Mix up my routine a bit, maybe weighing in on a Wednesday might be the trick for me. They have a morning and evening weigh in time, so it would work when I normally have a day off. I am going to weigh in next Tuesday and then give it a try on Wednesdays for awhile. I am trying to do everything and anything right. I drink more water now than I ever have, I am switching up my routines, I am eating more, which is a good thing with the running and the 6 days a week work out, but my body will not move.

    I woke up this morning feeling sore. A good sore, my legs were sore from the running and my arms from the weights I did yesterday. So a satisfying sore. My legs felt really heavy today and I could feel my muscles, which I have never felt in my legs, so I was sure I would have a gain. Plus the fun I had on Sunday was going to creep up to me. But to a pleasant surprise I had only gained .4.

    Here is the thing, a gain is a gain, even if it is a small one. It does something to you. Even though I know I am on the right path, doing all the right things, it is a slap in the face and an even bigger blow to my confidence. When I see that scale go up even for a bit, I start to look at myself all different. I compare pictures, I look at myself contently. I guess, you can say I become a bit obsessed.

    I never want to go back to the way I was. I don't ever, EVER want to weigh that big EVER again. And yes, .4 is nothing, but it adds up and it freaks me out. So I have my day of pity and I will move on. I need to evaluate much more and stop with the little snacking here and there. I have a bad habit of that. I am going to Aldi tomorrow to stuck up on fruits and veggie and making sure that is what my treats are all day. I will allow myself one little low point snack in the afternoon and evening, so only 2 a day. Nothing more.

    I need to jump start or spike something. And I think I need to talk to my doctor and see if my Thyroid has something to do with it. We had a great meeting at WW today, besides the small gain. We talked about what brought us to WW and what is our anchor to keep us going back.

    I started because of a friend, which I have told my story before, but I never knew I would stay or grasp it as much as I did. Plus, I didn't realize how bad I was. Then it all clicked and what keeps me going is the accountability. Knowing I have to weigh in every week and I have a commitment to it. I need to do it because I am afraid if I don't, I will fall off. I stay because it works for me and I am not willing to give up until I feel 100% comfortable.

    And right now is not the time.

    So besides my weigh in, today was a run day and also an early work day. I have to be to work on Tuesdays at 8:15. Meaning I have to get up super early to work out because I know I will not do it after work because of WW and because we usually go for Chipotle and frozen yogurt. Who would want to run after that??

    I set my alarm for 6:00 and with a little dragging of the feet I was out the door by 6:30. I got 3 miles in, roughly around 35 minutes. It was very humid because it rained the night before, but with the sweat I started to wake up. I am very impressed with myself because knowing it would have be a long day, I would normally toss in the towel. But I am sucking it up and getting it done, with no complaints. I know it will only make me stronger.

    Now that is 10:50 and I can finally unwind, I am going to bed.

    Off tomorrow because of the holiday week and I have plans all over the place. So much I want to do and probably not enough time.

    Enjoy your day!

    Monday, May 26, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 30: Holy Crap 30 Days are Completed!!!

    It's amazing what this journey is doing to me.

    If you had seen me years ago, a night after a night of bad food and drinks, I would have slept in way late, ate a sugary breakfast, lay around all day and continue to eat bad. I would not have drank water, or make good choices. I would refueled with a burger and fries and a big soda pop pop.

    Today, though I made the choice to start new again. I need to and had too. So I made myself an awesome egg white with peppers and a laughing cow light cheese wedge scramble, paired with one turkey sausage patty and two pieces of Reduced calorie bread with sugar free Strawberry jam and water and a cup of coffee.

    I did lots of stuff at my desk and cleaned up a bit and then before heading to the gym, I had a Greek yogurt with Chia seeds on top.

    I went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes, which was roughly 3 miles. I was drenched and sparkling in sweat after. I then looked up a video on YouTube for arm sculpting with weights. I found an awesome one from
    Sarah Fit. Please check her out, she is amazing!!!! She has awesome videos, tips and tricks and all things fitness.

    Here is the video I used today..

    It was quick and easy. I used 7.5 pound weights. Probably too heavy and I am feeling it now for sure, but I couldn't find the 5 pounds, next time I might just do the 2.5 weights. I will be using this for sure because my arm wave is really getting old.

    After the gym, I went back to my apartment and grabbed my Garmin and went for a 2.13 mile walk around my neighborhood. It was hot but there was a breeze and not too bad for a walk. It turned out to be 38 minutes which was great.

    I love with this training plan the walk/xt days. I am really starting to enjoy working out again and switching it up. Before after a long run day, like yesterday, I would use this as a rest day, today, I felt great to sweat out the toxins from yesterday.

    I also tried a new protein powder I got at CVS and I will be using in a post later on with some new items I am loving lately!

    30 Days completed!!! Woohoo!!

    Brews & Baseball

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!

    While some say it is the unofficial start of summer today, lets make sure we all take a moment to remember what today really means.

    It is not a day off, or a "banking" holiday or a day where sales are crazy and you can find great deals off at the mall. Or a day to BBQ, while yes all those things go on, the true meaning is to honor those who were brave enough to fight for our country and for those who continue to fight.

    Both my grandfathers were and are war veterans, so I take a moment to honor them both. I am blessed to have my Poppy with me to this day, while my Grandpa passed away years ago. Honor those who had the courage to fight when no one else would.

    Then enjoy the rest of what the day has to offer! I am going to enjoy the day, cleaning, working out, laying out by the pool and drinking lots and lots of water and recharging myself back to life from yesterday festivities.

    Yesterday, James and I went to the Rays vs. Red Sox game here. The game was to begin at 1:40 and since we don't go downtown often, we wanted to head down a little early to check out some bars around the Trop, to have a pre-game beer or two.

    We came upon this brewery called Green Bench Brewing Company. I have never heard or seen it before, James noticed it the other night and looked it up.

    It is a pretty awesome place!!! I am not much of craft beer person, I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, but I am happy with Bud Light Lime and Lime-A-Ritas or Miller Light or just a Margarita on the Rocks. I love limes and it just screams Florida and summer to me.

    I wasn't sure what to expect and I was craving a Blood Mary, which I knew they would not have, but James really wanted to check it out, so we went.

    I am so glad we did. It was a great place, very chill, set up awesome and they brew the beer right there. You can take a tour of the brewery on Wednesday or Saturday, which I am sure we will be doing in the near future. The bartenders were great and he suggested a Lemongrass style beer for me, since I had no clue what I was looking for. He said it was refreshing and clean and he was right on point.

    James got a double IPA. I have no clue what any of this means, but he seemed to really enjoy it, but it was too strong for me. I stuck with my light and girly drink, I was not disappointed. I am glad I branched and tried something new.

    We snacked on pretzels with honey mustard dip. It literally was mustard with home grown honey drizzled on top. GENIUS. And it paired perfectly with the beers.

    After our drinks we went over to the stadium and got our seats. I remembered last year they sold Bud Light Lime and that was all I wanted. BUT of course this year they stopped selling it. The concession lady sold me on Coors Light with a Lime in it, but it just was not the same. I drank it and thanked her but did not order that again. 

    We had awesome seats and I love the Trop, as it is called because it is an indoor stadium that is air conditioned. In Florida it is very much needed. It is a different experience but I love it all the same. I am a big baseball fan. I love the atmosphere, the sounds, the teams, everything about a baseball game. They are relaxing and intense all at the same time.

    I had a couple of beers, a hot dog, of course, nibbled on some of James's fries and I got some chocolate covered raisins. I normally bring my own snacks, but I was slacking and was in the mood to just enjoy myself and I did. My body started talking to me mid way and had me cool down a bit. I didn't finish a beer, but I chugged two 20 oz bottles of water, I needed it. I had to start flushing out the toxins and crap.

    See before I would never have done that, I probably would have kept eating and drinking and making myself sick, I did over indulge for sure, but I knew when to turn it off for a bit. 

    The Red Sox lost and the Rays won, so James was super happy, I, not so much but it was a good game overall. We tried to check out another bar after, but we were both pretty beat, we had half of a beer and came home. We didn't feel like cooking, so we ordered Chinese. We killed it. From the run earlier, the walking, and the drinking, I was starving. 

    We took a nap after that, being full and probably a bit drunk and then I woke up and watched a great movie on HBO, The Normal Heart.

    If you have HBO, check it out!!

    I was very impressed. An amazing cast and director!!

    After that is was time for bed and I made sure from the moment we got home, I have been drinking water like crazy. 

    The best way to jump back after an indulgent day...
    10 ways to get your diet back on track          -#fitspiration #fitness

    There ya go!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

    Sunday, May 25, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 29: I am going to be tougher

    Yesterday was a ton of fun. Jen and I did that same race last year and boy what a difference a year makes. The set up was different, the energy was different, and we felt different. It was so stinking hot last year and this year it wasn't too bad. By that I mean it was probably 5 degrees cooler and for Florida standards, that is a big deal.

    Jen and I laughed and chatted the whole time. Right before the end, I was shocked it was coming to in an end, I wanted more miles with my BFF. She hasn't ran really in over a year and I was impressed with how she did. I kept pace with her and walked when she wanted too and we finished probably about 45 minutes. I was very happy with her because she tends to put herself down and not follow through. She gets caught up in negative thoughts and then it takes over her run. So I tried to push and motivate her and let her call the shots. We had a blast.

    We took lots of pictures as you can see from yesterday's post and we just took it all in. I am so happy I won the tickets and Jen was able to go with me. We both had to go into work after the race a couple of hours later, which really stinks, but hey its life and what you gotta do sometimes.

    Today, I knew as per training I had to get 7.5 miles in. I am excited to start getting up in mileage again, well excited and nervous at the same time.

    The heat is back in Florida and I am not talking about the basketball team.

    I got up at 6:00 and could not get my mind straight. I thought I lost my phone, I paced all over and I grabbed a new protein bar to try and did not drink a lot of water. I did bring my fuel belt with me, thank goodness. I am staying with the 4:1's and while I feel slower, I know I am getting better and will get stronger and faster. It was hot and humid this morning and I could feel it all over.

    At one point my face was just burning up heat, I threw some of my water over my head to cool me down a bit. It really helped. Water is the key and I know on all my long runs it is coming with me all the time. At around mile 6.25, I felt my bladder filling up and I knew I had to pee, I was kind of grateful. I paused my Garmin and went to the bathroom, tossed some cold water on my face and refilled my bottle water with cold water.

    It was like I got a second wind. It made a world of a difference!! I was planned to do 7.5 but over judged my route and when I got to where my car was, I was at 7.88, and I cant stop there when I am so close, so I dug it out and went to 8.

    I know that training for a marathon in the summer for a fall race is going to be tough and it is going to take A LOT out of me, but I am going to be tougher. I am going to let those miles define me and change me. If it doesn't challenge me it wont change me. Sure it is going to suck and I might want to give up, BUT I WONT. I am in this to the end, no turning back now, I won't let that happen.

    I figure I am going to start having to get up 5 for those long runs, to beat some of the sun and heat. I am ready to take on this Challenge. I mean I have already gone through 4 weeks!!! I have been on this training plan for 4 weeks, I am finding out who I am a little bit and how far I want to go. I am changing a little bit at a time. I am tired and hungry, my hunger for that finish line is something that food will never fill. Everytime I run, I am picturing that end and it looks so sweet.

    With that being said, thank you everyone for reading my little blog. I am wanting to grow and expand this bad boy. Thank you for reading the last 4 weeks and taking in everything and anything I have to say about my running and working out. 4 1/2 more months to go of my Journey to 26.2!!! I want to thank you for believing in me and inspiring me and motivating me. Knowing I have some readers and people who want to read what I am up too, is making this journey even better. I don't want to miss a day and I promise I wont.

    So here we go, today begins week 5!!

    Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and if your enjoying a Memorial Day picnic, indulge and relax. We are going to the Red Sox vs. Rays game and I am so excited oh and I can promise you, I will be having some beers and a hot dog.

    I mean I would be crazy if I didn't :0)!!

    Saturday, May 24, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 28: Radtastic!!!!

    This post will be short and sweet because I did the 5k this morning and have to go close at work now but it was a RAD morning!!! 

    Here are my photos, I'll dive more into later tonight or tomorrow!!

    Friday, May 23, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 27: Got it Done Anyway

    I am ready for two days off in a row!!!

    I have to wait until Sunday, but hey at least it is two days off back to back!

    I am beat. This whole week has been kind of bananas, with the change of training, my car, change of schedule and so on and so forth. I just want two days to not think about much of anything. I am due for a vacation too.

    Anyway, I had full thoughts of today being a good day. I slept in a bit because I had to call and have my car towed. I was having a great hair day and was loving the outfit I had on. I never NEVER wear dresses so this is a big deal for me, to love it and feel comfortable in it.

    Excuse our messy apartment in the background. I really, REALLY have to clean those kitchen floors, but I haven't had much time or I am just to darn lazy when it comes to it lol.

    Probably the second one.

    Anyway, work was so busy today. It was me by myself and I was just slammed. I was working on a small amount of coffee too. And I still managed with a smile. I love when it is busy though, it really makes the day go by super quick. But once it was time I was ready to go. I was just in a cranky mood. 

    Which leads to my training day today, I have to say I really did not want to work out today. I didn't want to move my legs or sweat or anything. I wanted to plop on the couch and go to sleep and eat dinner and make it a night, BUT I started to feel guilty if I didn't complete it. I threw on some clothes and went over to the gym. There were people there which makes it super awkward because it is a small area, but I did a mile on the treadmill at a incline of walking and then 3.71 miles on the bike. I was beat, my head wasn't in it, I was just uncomfortable.

    But I did something. I got some miles in and now I can relax.

    Tomorrow is the Color Me Rad race and I am ready to have a great time!!
    Happy Friday, long weekend and Memorial Day weekend!!

    Thursday, May 22, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 26: Four Mile Run, Broken Car & Packet Pick Up

    Today was a day!!!

    I am sitting here stress eating almonds and my mind is going a mile a minute. I mean there could be worse things I could binge eat, but these almonds are being killed. I thought I could just have a couple of pistachios, but that opened the Flood gates for me. I can have self control, I know it, but I wont enjoy something sweet for dinner because of it.

    So I say..

    Okay well today started off just how I wanted. I got up with my alarm at 6:30, got dressed quickly, had a couple energy chews and then went out for my 4 mile run. It was a really good run, even a couple of times, I felt like I was just gliding along.

    I pictured myself as a Gazelle, but I mean lets me real.. not gonna happen.

    After my run I enjoyed my recovery EAS lean and toned drink, worked on some bills and emails, set up my flight for my family vaca in June and then got ready quickly for work. Packed my lunch quickly and grabbed a Smart Ones Breakfast and with coffee in hand, started to work.

    Then the day just crumbled.

    I got into my car and AGAIN it wouldn't start. I AM PISSED. It will turn by not turn over, everything works but it just wont kick in. I just wanted it to go, just start and I can continue on with my day. I had plans after work to go and pick up my Color Me Rad stuff I won, I was gonna run some errands, do all kinds of things and now I am stuck.

    Luckily James took me to work and then I had a pity party. My car wont start, I have to put even more money into that AGAIN, I have all kinds of bills tomorrow on pay day, I have stuff I wanted to get and now I cant. I have to take the bus or bother James at times. It is just a pain in the ass.

    I have to get it towed, pay for that, wait for them to fix it, its a holiday weekend, so I am sure they won't do it until Tuesday. I mean cant I just catch a break. I have so many bills do to credit cards, my dad was paying, Student loans, I paid for all my college through them because my parents didn't have money, I pay all my bills and cards and then just try to live, work and train for a marathon, which the last part is the only thing that keeps me sane.

    I mean it just sucks at times!

    I am miss Positive Polly all the time, but for a good 2 hours today, I just felt like crap. I wanted to go home curl in a ball, have a good cry, take a nap and just be miserable with how I was feeling. But I couldn't, I had to work, I had to jump back into it and organize myself.

    Man oh man... once gathering myself. I called the car place and getting my car towed tomorrow, my BFF Jen told me she would pick me up and we could get the packets together after work and drive on Saturday and just made a list and buckled down.

    I know everything will work out and it will all be okay, but I would just love some months were it just falls into place.

    But I guess that wouldn't be life then...

    After work Jen picked me up and we got our packets..

    While the shirts are cotton and not something I would run in, I love it as an every day shirt or gym shirt. I love the colors in it and you get a free pair of sunglasses. Last year, I got pink but they were out of all colors except for Green and Yellow. So I chose yellow. They are polarized and are awesome for the beach too. We got stickers too and our bib numbers, anytime I get an 8, I am happy. 8 is my second favorite number after 18 :0). At the finish line they give you a color packet to use and your get color bombed at each 1/2 mile I believe. I am super stocked to just let off some steam and have a blast for a few hours.

    I am so glad Jen picked me up and was willing to take me, we had a great car ride over and just had some girl time for a couple of hours. We work together at different stores, we talk through out the day, but its nice to just be outside of work together. She is my work rock! I called her today when I was feeling down and out and she knows just how to get me back. I adore this lady to death.

    Now feeling much better and done eating the almonds with this post, I am ready to just unwind a bit tonight and sleep good.

    Tomorrow is a new day...

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    Journey to 26.2 Day 25: Early Rest Day

    I know that with this training plan, I will have to make adjustments each week based on life. Work will make it a little harder, activities, family functions, weddings coming up, and overall how I am feeling. This week is a week I had to make a little changes.

    Typically Saturday are a rest day, no running, walking or XT, usually just work. But this Saturday, I won the tickets to the Color Me Rad 5k, so my rest day is not a rest day, it is an extra run day/walk day. It is very hard to make this a full running race because there are 1000's of people, so running a full on 5k is not typical, but it is a great way for extra activity and exercise. AND it is a great amount of fun too.  I am super excited and I get to do it with one of my BFF's.

    With that being said, I decided to switch my rest day from Saturday till today. I wanted to make sure I still got a rest day in and I was going to do it Friday but today my mind and body were calling it in. I have to close tonight, so I really didn't want to rush getting ready for work, it has been awhile that I took time before work to just unwind, sit down and eat a good breakfast and catch up on some emails and other blogging stuff. So I did just that today.

    What I love about having this training plan is I know I can adjust it to fit my needs. I do not want to fall off this plan at all, but I know with the XT/Walk days I know I can make adjustments as needed. When I get up in mileage, which those days are creeping up soon, insert anxious/excited face, I will be using one more rest day but for now, the one a week is working out just fine. I also woke up this morning with some stomach issues, no need for details, I am sure your mind can figure it out.

    While this isn't a true rest day, it is nice to switch it up a bit.

    And can we just say, holy heck it is May 21st.

    Where is time going??!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    Nothing To Lose

    I love entering giveaways!

    I hardly if not ever win anything. But I mean what do you have to lose if you don't try. A couple of years ago I entered the Weight Watchers Success Story contest. You could star in a Weight Watchers Ad and  got to spend time in NYC, all this awesome perks, sadly I did not win.

    But I gave it shot.

    I have entered in tons of different giveaways for product also and recently I won a pair of tickets to Color Me Rad, which I will be attending this Saturday. Stay tuned for an awesome post about that.

    So with my luck changing, I figured I would give this next contest a try. While reading my Women's Running Magazine, they featured a Cover Model contest that you can enter. I LOVE Women's Running Magazine and of course their race, which I ran this past November and beat my time! So I am all about WR magazine and what it stands for.

    At first I didn't think much about it, thinking I could never win anything like that, ever! But then I thought...

    Well maybe I just could.

    I mean what do I really have to lose.


    So I went to this website...

    Answered like 3 questions. I love when it is quick and to the point and uploaded 4 photos. They suggested head or full body shots, in running gear or casual wear.

    So I chose these 4..

    These are 4 of my favorite pictures of me. Are there better ones??

    I am sure, but these 4 are ones that really express me. I am in my happiness in all of these. Running is what I love and you can see that in my smile and how I am looking at the camera. And well why not throw a picture with food because we all know I can eat. And I love running, so I can eat!

    I hit submit and now it is out there!!

    So fingers crossed and see if I can become a finalist.

    2014 is all about my getting out of my comfort zone and taking chances. I mean how amazing would it be if I could grace the cover of Women's Running!!