Sunday, May 18, 2014

Journey to 26.2: Day 21 & Day 22: A Night Out and a 5k

Just like most of my Saturdays, yesterday was a "rest" day for me. I only had to open at work, which was nice also. I got home at a pretty decent time and I had a weird stomach issue for most of the day. I wasn't that hungry and it just felt off. I didn't even eat that much, I had a Quest Bar, 1 tablespoon of PB with an apple and a protein shake that was only 100 calories. I just couldn't think of something to eat or bring to work that I wanted. When I got home, I laid right on the couch and actually passed out for a good hour. I mean I slept hard, mouth open, drooling, the whole 9 yards. I guess I was a lot more tired than I thought.

James got home around 7ish and said our friend, Mr. Larry wanted to do something for dinner and drinks. As you know, I rarely go out for drinks, as I would much rather eat my calories and points then drink them, but I was having a craving for some alcoholic beverages last night, I craved to just let loose a bit. We went to a local Steakhouse for dinner and I order a Margarita on the rocks with dinner, paired with a side salad, Chicken and peppers and sweet potato puffs and 1 dinner roll.

It was delicious and I am glad I ate light, so I could enjoy my beverage and order a second one also :0). Hey, I never get to enjoy a beverage here and there. After dinner, the night was still young and we all didn't want to go home so we went down town to a favorite place of ours, called Taste For Wine.

Taste For Wine, is specifically a wine bar, if the name didn't give it away, but they serve beer also, no liquor or mixed drinks. It is very, very chill and sits on a balcony over looking the streets of Downtown St. Pete. It was packed outside, so we just sat inside, which was dark and just relaxing. The guys split a bottle of Merlot and I ordered a glass of Moscato and we split some Chocolate Truffles from an amazing chocolate shop near by. It was a great end to the evening. 

Around midnight we headed back home, I can not hang like I used too and got right into bed, but first remembering to drink a full bottle of water. I am not a drinker, so this morning, I wasn't hung over at all, but my body felt off and my stomach was a little crazy. I knew today I was going to have to sweat and drink lots of water to flush out my system a bit. I gulped almost two bottles of water and then went to a friend's house to go for a run. My boss and friend does a weekly Sunday morning run with people in her area, with her husband, friends and those that work out at their gym. She and her husband are highly motivating and inspiring people, so I knew going this morning was going to be good.

The mileage they do is a 5k or 6.5 miles or whatever you want. My training plan for today was just for 3 miles, which I am happy to do. Jen and I did the 5k together and she also did my splits with me. She has a much faster pace than I, and I was happy she paced with me even with the walks. It was nice to have someone running with you, it literally always makes a big difference, not matter how fast, the pace or mileage, I am a firm believer in that. Even if we didn't do the mileage together, knowing they were at the finish or waiting for them, makes a huge difference.

While, I haven't been concerned with my pace or time at all, this morning was different when running with Jen. I ran the full mile with out turning on my beeper and had my fastest mile of 9:56! Under 10 minutes, holy moly that is an accomplishment! My mind felt it, my breathing felt it and my body felt it, but it felt awesome to keep pace like that. We finished the 5k in 32:56, which is my fastest 5k!!! 

I did not wake up this morning thinking that was going to happen because of how I was feeling, but I am so glad that it did. See, sometimes we just have to get out of own heads. I wasn't dying, I was pushing myself and did some speed work for me and it was nice. I still had a great pace, I was huffing and puffing, but it showed I was doing work, while I wont be this fast with longer mileages, its nice to go back and do this once and while to see how truly different my body is becoming. And having Jen beside me, chatting and knowing she was there, made a HUGE difference.

Now my workout is done for the day, I can relax, light some candles and enjoy my day off. I have nothing planned, I don't want to go anywhere, I might go to the pool, but a nice long nap is in order to get my body and mind geared for the week ahead. We are having freak weather here in Florida, meaning it is beautiful and low humidity and low heat. NEVER this time of year, so it nice to take advantage. Because I had low mileage today, I might even go for an evening stroll to just work up those legs a bit and sweat some more.

Hope everyone has had an awesome Sunday morning and rest of your day!