Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Journey To 26.2 Day 17 & Weekly Weigh In

I decided to change my title for my marathon training progress from just the day to Journey to 26.2 and then the day because lets me real this is a journey and a wild ride. I am sure too, that title will change as time progresses haha. I never can settle with one thing on titles. Anywho, today was planned to do 4 miles and I did just that.

I have two days off from in a row, it is a gift and blessing to myself. After the long, emotional and draining work week last week and the first two days of this week, I need these days off for sure. I got up no problem this morning, anytime I am off of work, I never have that problem, its only when I work is it a struggle. I got dressed and headed down the street.

I wore the wrong carpi's or underwear today because I was having some major issues with things falling down for the first couple of minutes, finally I had to hike them up and give myself some major camel toe. Listen, I never said running was going to be pretty. I distract the on lookers with my hats and headbands, just don't look below.

The 4 miles were really good. I stayed at the 4:1's and it really does make a difference and I am happy with that change. I have no shame with my one minute walks at all. I am still a runner and I am still getting out there and getting it done. The walks work for me, they make me love running even more and I feel great afterwords.

I was also thinking while I was running how so many people give up after the first mile. If your having a bad first mile, keep going. The first mile is always the hardest for me, something about that mile just drags me, I am working out my kinks. My legs always feel so heavy and I am panting like crazy. But I continue and get over that hump and that last mile, that's where the magic happens and that is where I feel the reward. I know I earned those miles in that last one. I never judge a run by the first mile, I judge by the last.

After my run, I had a conference call with work and then caught up on some stuff on social media. I am also thinking about starting a Facebook Fan Page for this blog, become all legit and stuff. I love reaching out to people and motivating and inspiring and Facebook is a big place to do that with my blog. This blog is a lot about me and my journey and just who I am and I know I want to take it further. I will keep everyone posted when I do so.

Today is Tuesday which is also WW weigh in day. I wasn't going to go to my meeting today because I wanted to go over to Tampa and wouldn't be back in time so I weighed in this morning. I have been feeling really great lately and not bloated, even with the end of my period. I was hoping for a bigger lost, but .8 is all I got. BUT I will take that lost. If the scale is going down then I am happy. The 6 days of working out is really helping because I was PMS crazy towards the end of the week, eating everything and anything that was a carb with no shame in sight.

Now it is a new week and I am ready to buckle down since the cravings are gone. Today is my fun day, it is a day off and I weighed in, so I don't track points today, besides activity. I am mindful of what I am eating for sure, but I take a break from finding the values, etc.

So 4 miles this morning and a lost on the scale and a day off, what could be better???

A trip to Trader Joe's???

Yup, but that post will be later :0)