Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 10: Early Morning Run, Weigh In and Cheat Meal

Despite not having the best of sleeps last night, when my alarm went off at 6:15, I didn't fight it or hit snooze, I got up and got ready and made my way out the door ready to run! Well, while I was ready to run, my heart and mind was into it but my stomach not so much.

My stomach was all over the place, but I claimed myself down. Took a couple extra walks, a little mind over matter and made it to 3.1 miles this morning, in plenty of time.

I love that beat red, dripping in sweat feeling. I really, really do! Plus, look how tan I am getting! I must remember sunblock!

I really felt great after my run this morning, I got ready for work with a little extra pep in my step and took on the work day. Unfortunately my mood didn't stay that way long, but I pushed through. Also I must post tomorrow my absolute new favorite drink combo from Starbucks that has gotten me through the afternoons lately.

After work, I got dressed and went to my WW meeting. I of course sported my new shirt from Old Navy. A tad bit big, hoping it will shrink in the wash, but my life motto these days. I like my motto in life from now on, seriously it really is...

Yup Mind over Matter!! 
Not sure what is going on with my hands of leg, but my hair was having a good moment, so you gotta document these things.

My Weight Watchers meeting tonight was great. I even lost 1 pound! Thank goodness, it really was the jump and encouragement I needed to see today, after having a pretty crappy day. James and I decided to eat out tonight, while we normally get Chipotle, we wanted something a little bit different, I was craving different and unique. 

We went to PDQ and I had chicken tenders with fries!

And I ate the whole thing!!!! It was delicious. I cant tell you the last time I got chicken tenders and fries, probably 2 years by now. I wanted it, it looked great, the fries were a little bit too greasy, but I craved it. And I know I needed to have it to get it out of my system. While, I am sure my body wont be thrilled with me with it tomorrow, I didn't hold back. I don't give up on things I love, I just enjoy them in moderation. So because of this meal I wont have another "bad" meal all week.

We did have some frozen yogurt after also. The flavor of the month at Yogurtology was Peanut Butter and Banana. I mean that screams me all over it. So I had my cheat meal, its gone and over with and tomorrow is a brand new day.

Last week, I tracked a whole lot. I snacked here and there, but I made great choices and I worked out for 6 days. So again keeping it the same this week, I believe Aunt Flo is making a visit this week, so I have to make really good choices. I think she was the one who got me on my cheat meal today anyway.

Today, was one of those days, where yes there were some bad parts, the good ones over powered them. And it shows how strong I am already becoming!