Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 12: Brought to you by the letters P-M-S & A Giveaway Win for ME!!

This run was a really, really tough one. I had a hard night last night, even though I slept pretty good, I was super fatigued when I got up and just didn't feel great. All because and brought to me by P-M-S! Uggh, I hate being a woman sometimes, seriously. I wanted to rip out my Uterus as I was running down the street. It was really bad and it was hot. I went out at 9:30 a.m. and I just wasn't prepared at all for it. I should have brought water and drank a lot before hand. 

On these small runs, I have been doing 6:1's but today I had to take it down to 4:1's. I remembered from the book, Jeff Galloway, he said to bring it down a lot when it is over 60 degrees. I listened to my mind and body and did just that. I went to 4:1's and if it weren't for my wicked cramps, I probably would have done much better. But I got the mileage done, I was hoping for 4, but hey this is better than me just calling quits.

After my run, I couldn't wait to get in the shower and drink water. On my run, I was actually seeing it in mind, that's how bad I wanted it lol. I took a great shower and then enjoyed my morning. I have to close tonight, so I get to just unwind a bit before heading into the madness.

And Great News: I am a winner!!!!

I entered into LiveSweatSleep's giveaway for a pair of entry tickets to Color Me Rad 5k. I ran it last year with my work BFF, Jen and we had a good time. It was hot, but we had a fun time and it was quite an experience. So I am so excited that I won it and can get it for free this year and Jen is going to do it with me again. I really want to go all out with this year, since now we know what to expect. Cant wait to talk about it later on. The event is on May 24, and your swag is pretty great too. Awesome sunglasses, a t-shirt and a color bomb to go along with it. I am super excited and this made my day way better!!!

Also check out Caitlyn's blog at

She is amazing and such a down to earth, fitness loving, running, Goddess!!!