Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 11: Almost Didn't Happen & My Iced Pick Me Up

I, of course had all intentions of getting up before work today to do my Walk or XT part of training today, but my bed and this sinus headache I had going on, well changed my mind for me. I was having a really bad headache, the kind where you can literally feel it throbbing, it was bad.

So I slept it off and went to work. I knew after work I was going to get on the bike, because I had too. Well at work, I almost wasn't going to be home in time tonight. My teammate who was suppose to work, called off and I wasn't sure I was going to have anyone to cover.

I kept saying over and over in my head, I should have done it in the morning.

BUT, fate was on my side and someone was able to come in and close and I got out a decent time. Work is crazy hectic this week because of Mother's Day and I am trying to fight through excuses and being tired. Believe me, I would have wanted more than anything to just come home and chill out, but I came home had a quick snack and then went to our little gym and got on the bike for 65 minutes.

The longest I have ever done on the bike. I burned close to 400 calories and I rode about 13 miles. I felt it in my legs for sure afterwords. I also met a friend too. She is working out and works out every day,  hoping to find a buddy to motivate me at our little gym. I brought my Nook with me while on the bike, seriously sometimes its the only time I can fit in some reading.

While I was there, I realized how much I need exercise and enjoy it. I feel great afterwords and it really is just me time. I don't have to deal with work or my boyfriend, I focus on myself and my goals and desires. I can just take in my life and for an hour or longer, it is for once just about me.

The love life is on the rocks lately, the boy and I are just not grooving on the same paths of our journeys. I know if its mean to be it is meant to be, but my path is paved different than his and I don't think we want to walk it together. So exercising is really letting me clear my mind, while we are trying to work all this out.

After my bike ride I was starving. I mean STARVING. I knew I still had some stuff to do before dinner, so I ate a Quest Bar before and it definitely helped. So the day that almost didn't happen, happened and I am so glad it did.

But I learned my lesson, I should plan to workout in the morning, lord knows what my day will bring!

Oh this heavenly drink has become my go to drink in the morning and mid-afternoon. Every morning I have a cup of coffee that I bring from home and then before the store opens or a mid afternoon pick me up, I have been having this...

Its a Venti Unsweetened Iced Green Tea with 2 Splenda and 2 pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup! Holy Yum and Refreshing!!! I am obsessed with it. Something about that extra little vanilla kick really does it. Green Tea is so good for you and I can feel a difference for sure with energy. So instead of grabbing some coffee I have been turning to this oh and the banana in the back ground :0)