Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 15: Drive and Determination

I know it has only been 15 days on this journey, but I can feel a change. Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside and in my brain, I surely am changing. Take today for instance. I had to work from 10:45-7:15, a pretty long day on a Sunday, especially since I worked all last, clocking in 52 hours.

I planned on getting up at 6:00 and going down town and running my 6 miles as per my training plan. Well I had a really hard time getting up this morning. I had a really bad night and didn't even fall asleep until 4:00 am. So when 6 o'clock came around, I could barely get up. I thought over the facts and figured that I would run after work. It was a bad idea and I knew I would be exhausted, but I knew I would do it.

I was holding myself accountable, but I didn't want to break my training plan and since I am blogging every day, I didn't want to let whom ever my readers may be down. This is why my blog means so much to me. It is a way for me to account of all my journey and have a cheering crowd and accountability.

I thought of those 6 miles all day long at work. I knew I had to just come home, grab a quick snack and then out the door I would go. I grabbed my water bottle fuel belt, had a Quest Bar before hand and went off running around our neighborhood. My legs were a bit sore from being on my feet all day at work and being tired in general. I have taken my minutes down to 4:1's, so running for 4 minutes and walking 1 minute.

While I felt like I was moving slower, and my pace was a bit slower than usual, I was definitely feeling a change in my running. When I was feeling tired or sluggish normally, I was starting to feel a surge, my splits were getting better. I really love the 4:1's. I am going to stick with this a lot. I don't feel burnt out, especially with it being so hot.

I cant believe I got the 6 miles done tonight after a really long day of work. It was late, I was tired, but the drive and the determination drove me. Having a goal and a purpose really makes a huge difference. I don't want to fail, I just want to be the best I can be and I will do everything in my power to do so.