Thursday, May 15, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 19: Sweaty, Stripes & Season Finales

This post is definitely late in the day and evening, but I decided to sleep in a bit this morning and had to rush around to get ready for work. I had to close tonight, so I figured I would sleep in a bit, while it was a good idea to me and sleep, running later in the morning, not the best idea.

It was so humid. I felt like I was running through a thick wall of water. It was total yuck. Because it was so hot, I just got in 3 miles, but I felt like I was running 10. I was drenched in sweat. I have to start getting out earlier, thankfully when I do the longer miles, I will be ending around the 10:00 hour than beginning.

After I was drenched in sweat, I came home and downed as many bottles of water as I could, literally until I heard it moving in my stomach. I read that in my marathon book, to drink until you hear it sloshing. I didn't think that was a real thing, until today. I stood in my kitchen for a bit too and feeling defeated, I said to myself why am I doing this, putting my body through all this pain and exhaustion. Then I remembered because I never thought I could and then it all made sense. I took the sweat, the heat and the exhaustion and used it as a reward rather than a punishment.

I made an awesome breakfast of egg whites and some chopped veggies and got ready for work.

Our dress code at work is kind of blah. It is business casual but that colors are only black, white or grey. I am a very bright and cheerful person and those colors just don't do it for me. So to spice up my look, I wear a lot of headbands, fun flats and sparkles here and there.

I used to never wear stripes because they would always make me look fat, but since I have dropped close to 76 pounds, I am embracing my body and love wearing anything I couldn't before.

I love my new shoes I got form Payless the other day. They are very me and very dress code approved. I loved how my inches seem to be showing lately and I don't loo as bloated. When I look at this picture I do see a difference, I can see a waist and my legs thinning out a bit. It is a great feeling to look and love what are you seeing. It makes all the hard work and dedication so worth it. Plus I believe every outfit is better when you add a bow to it.

Since I was closing tonight, I got home around 9:30. Yes, I eat dinner when I get home late, I have been doing that forever. I look different hours and that is what works for me. Even eating late at night, I still have been able to lose weight, it can be done when you have the right tools. I didn't want to cook so I made multi grain waffles with chocolate almond butter, it hit the spot and then I got to my season finales.

Tonight was Grey's and Big Bang Theory. They balance each other out, one I cry at the other I laugh hysterically at. Grey's was great. I enjoy that they didn't kill anyone off this season, even though I do love a good cliff hanger, like they used to do in seasons past. It was farewell to Christina and it was done right. Big Bang Theory was just hysterical and put me in a better mood.

All my shows are coming to season finales and I am going to be lost without them. Thank goodness for Netflix and Orange is the New Black coming back.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!!