Monday, May 26, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 30: Holy Crap 30 Days are Completed!!!

It's amazing what this journey is doing to me.

If you had seen me years ago, a night after a night of bad food and drinks, I would have slept in way late, ate a sugary breakfast, lay around all day and continue to eat bad. I would not have drank water, or make good choices. I would refueled with a burger and fries and a big soda pop pop.

Today, though I made the choice to start new again. I need to and had too. So I made myself an awesome egg white with peppers and a laughing cow light cheese wedge scramble, paired with one turkey sausage patty and two pieces of Reduced calorie bread with sugar free Strawberry jam and water and a cup of coffee.

I did lots of stuff at my desk and cleaned up a bit and then before heading to the gym, I had a Greek yogurt with Chia seeds on top.

I went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes, which was roughly 3 miles. I was drenched and sparkling in sweat after. I then looked up a video on YouTube for arm sculpting with weights. I found an awesome one from
Sarah Fit. Please check her out, she is amazing!!!! She has awesome videos, tips and tricks and all things fitness.

Here is the video I used today..

It was quick and easy. I used 7.5 pound weights. Probably too heavy and I am feeling it now for sure, but I couldn't find the 5 pounds, next time I might just do the 2.5 weights. I will be using this for sure because my arm wave is really getting old.

After the gym, I went back to my apartment and grabbed my Garmin and went for a 2.13 mile walk around my neighborhood. It was hot but there was a breeze and not too bad for a walk. It turned out to be 38 minutes which was great.

I love with this training plan the walk/xt days. I am really starting to enjoy working out again and switching it up. Before after a long run day, like yesterday, I would use this as a rest day, today, I felt great to sweat out the toxins from yesterday.

I also tried a new protein powder I got at CVS and I will be using in a post later on with some new items I am loving lately!

30 Days completed!!! Woohoo!!