Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nothing To Lose

I love entering giveaways!

I hardly if not ever win anything. But I mean what do you have to lose if you don't try. A couple of years ago I entered the Weight Watchers Success Story contest. You could star in a Weight Watchers Ad and  got to spend time in NYC, all this awesome perks, sadly I did not win.

But I gave it shot.

I have entered in tons of different giveaways for product also and recently I won a pair of tickets to Color Me Rad, which I will be attending this Saturday. Stay tuned for an awesome post about that.

So with my luck changing, I figured I would give this next contest a try. While reading my Women's Running Magazine, they featured a Cover Model contest that you can enter. I LOVE Women's Running Magazine and of course their race, which I ran this past November and beat my time! So I am all about WR magazine and what it stands for.

At first I didn't think much about it, thinking I could never win anything like that, ever! But then I thought...

Well maybe I just could.

I mean what do I really have to lose.


So I went to this website...


Answered like 3 questions. I love when it is quick and to the point and uploaded 4 photos. They suggested head or full body shots, in running gear or casual wear.

So I chose these 4..

These are 4 of my favorite pictures of me. Are there better ones??

I am sure, but these 4 are ones that really express me. I am in my happiness in all of these. Running is what I love and you can see that in my smile and how I am looking at the camera. And well why not throw a picture with food because we all know I can eat. And I love running, so I can eat!

I hit submit and now it is out there!!

So fingers crossed and see if I can become a finalist.

2014 is all about my getting out of my comfort zone and taking chances. I mean how amazing would it be if I could grace the cover of Women's Running!!