Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 24: My Tough Life...

This morning I kicked off my day with a 4.13 mile run! It was a good run, the 4:1's make me really happy. I had a bit of a sore knee so I iced it right when I got done! I also found these awesome on the go quick protein shakes. I got them at CVS and they are only 100 calories or 2pp. The stats are really good, high protein and low carb. Perfect for after a run or work out or as a snack, which I love! I love the EAS brand! 

After my run and breakfast I did some couponing for groceries and then went I WW. Today of course is weigh in day. Well, I gained 1.2, it could be muscle gain or water weight from the run earlier, either way I'm shaking it off and moving on! It's only a pound, I mean I freaking had a 5k PR on Sunday! Small victories!! I'll get back down for sure, keep working the system! I'm seeing slight results which I know will reflect the scale. I was a snack monster this week, so I knew it was gonna happen. I own it and live it!

James is off today too, so we of course had Chipotle for lunch..

I could eat it at least once a day, no joke!!

Now we are relaxing at the beach...

I know tough life...

I run, eat, beach and sleep!

Oh and manage a retail store at times 😃

It's a hard life but I'm so glad I fell into it and your along for the ride!!!