Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trader Joe's Haul #2

I think the beauty I find in Trader Joe's is each time I go, I seriously find something new to pick up each time. I also make it a mission to get something new each time, I mean I have to try it all, to figure out what I really like.

Since, I was off yesterday, I figured it would be a great time to go. Trader Joe's is over in Tampa, which is about 30-45 minutes away, so I have to make sure I bring my lunch bag and my ice packs to keep anything frozen still cool.

James came with me also, to check it out. We did pick up some seafood also, stuffed flounder with crab meat, I didn't picture it or the wine we got. I picked up one called CocoBon, I can't wait to try it this weekend.

Sweet Potato Tots. I have tried the Alexia brand before, so I have a feeling these will be just as yummy. These are great for the morning also with your breakfast.

I have had this before and it is AHHMazing!!! So yummy. I put it on everything. 2 tablespoons is only 1pp and 30 calories. It is made with Greek yogurt and tastes like regular guacamole. I love chips and guac when I get Chipotle, this might be my new stable. I put it on my turkey wrap today too.

LOVE THESE!!!!! I have heard and seen so many people fave about these on Instagram and I finally picked them up. We had these for dinner last night with some of Guac on top with a sandwich thin. Perfect taste, only 150 calories or 4pp. Takes about 10 minutes to cook and your good to go.

Picked up some condiments to go along with stuff we cook. The coconut oil spray I was so excited about, I used it tonight when I roasted butternut squash. The cold brew coffee concentrate, I have read about, so giving it a try. The marinades will be put to use on veggies, fish and chicken, the same with the chili sauce. The fig butter is really tasty, I had it on my english muffin this morning. I would never have tried something like this years ago, I am so glad my taste have changed.

I cant leave with out some snacks. I love their dried fruit section and I want to get everything when I am there, but I will try a little at a time. The Fuji apple slices, Dried mango and dried mandarin oranges, which they are to die for and so addicting. And in the back some whole wheat pita pockets. I will be pairing those with my giant tub of Hummus I got from Costco a while ago.

And lastly the sweet spot. They have a LOT of dark chocolate items, LOTS and it is hard to pick and choose from at times. I have to be very careful and use self control, I don't know why I tempt myself, I guess its a game I like to play. The dark chocolate marshmallows are awesome and the same with the orange sticks. They are a orange jelly with dark chocolate over, perfect for the Sunshine Orange state. And of course my favorite almond milk. I don't normally get it at TJ's but it was right and didn't have to make another stop.

It was a good haul and I am excited to eat it all lol. I also got some chopped veggies and butternut squash cubes.