Sunday, May 25, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 29: I am going to be tougher

Yesterday was a ton of fun. Jen and I did that same race last year and boy what a difference a year makes. The set up was different, the energy was different, and we felt different. It was so stinking hot last year and this year it wasn't too bad. By that I mean it was probably 5 degrees cooler and for Florida standards, that is a big deal.

Jen and I laughed and chatted the whole time. Right before the end, I was shocked it was coming to in an end, I wanted more miles with my BFF. She hasn't ran really in over a year and I was impressed with how she did. I kept pace with her and walked when she wanted too and we finished probably about 45 minutes. I was very happy with her because she tends to put herself down and not follow through. She gets caught up in negative thoughts and then it takes over her run. So I tried to push and motivate her and let her call the shots. We had a blast.

We took lots of pictures as you can see from yesterday's post and we just took it all in. I am so happy I won the tickets and Jen was able to go with me. We both had to go into work after the race a couple of hours later, which really stinks, but hey its life and what you gotta do sometimes.

Today, I knew as per training I had to get 7.5 miles in. I am excited to start getting up in mileage again, well excited and nervous at the same time.

The heat is back in Florida and I am not talking about the basketball team.

I got up at 6:00 and could not get my mind straight. I thought I lost my phone, I paced all over and I grabbed a new protein bar to try and did not drink a lot of water. I did bring my fuel belt with me, thank goodness. I am staying with the 4:1's and while I feel slower, I know I am getting better and will get stronger and faster. It was hot and humid this morning and I could feel it all over.

At one point my face was just burning up heat, I threw some of my water over my head to cool me down a bit. It really helped. Water is the key and I know on all my long runs it is coming with me all the time. At around mile 6.25, I felt my bladder filling up and I knew I had to pee, I was kind of grateful. I paused my Garmin and went to the bathroom, tossed some cold water on my face and refilled my bottle water with cold water.

It was like I got a second wind. It made a world of a difference!! I was planned to do 7.5 but over judged my route and when I got to where my car was, I was at 7.88, and I cant stop there when I am so close, so I dug it out and went to 8.

I know that training for a marathon in the summer for a fall race is going to be tough and it is going to take A LOT out of me, but I am going to be tougher. I am going to let those miles define me and change me. If it doesn't challenge me it wont change me. Sure it is going to suck and I might want to give up, BUT I WONT. I am in this to the end, no turning back now, I won't let that happen.

I figure I am going to start having to get up 5 for those long runs, to beat some of the sun and heat. I am ready to take on this Challenge. I mean I have already gone through 4 weeks!!! I have been on this training plan for 4 weeks, I am finding out who I am a little bit and how far I want to go. I am changing a little bit at a time. I am tired and hungry, my hunger for that finish line is something that food will never fill. Everytime I run, I am picturing that end and it looks so sweet.

With that being said, thank you everyone for reading my little blog. I am wanting to grow and expand this bad boy. Thank you for reading the last 4 weeks and taking in everything and anything I have to say about my running and working out. 4 1/2 more months to go of my Journey to 26.2!!! I want to thank you for believing in me and inspiring me and motivating me. Knowing I have some readers and people who want to read what I am up too, is making this journey even better. I don't want to miss a day and I promise I wont.

So here we go, today begins week 5!!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and if your enjoying a Memorial Day picnic, indulge and relax. We are going to the Red Sox vs. Rays game and I am so excited oh and I can promise you, I will be having some beers and a hot dog.

I mean I would be crazy if I didn't :0)!!