Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fab Finds!!!

Happy Tuesday!! 

Ugh these last two days have been quite eventful! Yesterday was a crazy day at work and a long one, it felt like it at least and then today this happened...

Blew a tire on my way to a stor today in the pouring rain. Handled it like a champ, got somewhere safe and called AAA. Amazing I freak out of the littlest things and stuff like this I handle so calmly haha.

Anyway my day was shot after that, so I took a half day, got the tire fixed, a big old 100 to fix it, had lunch with Bubba..

Publix subs are amazing by the way and then I did a little Target and Big Lots shopping.

Here are some new finds I came across and some I bought..

I had a taste of the tropical one!! Delicious!!

It says it is a 3 step one day renewal! I'm going to give it a try, not sure if that's all I consume in the day, I'm going to have to look into it! But this step is exclusive to target!

This made me laugh!! I really want to get into Yoga but this what I currently do!! Haha

I took pictures so I knew what I wanted to read next, these looked really good!

Found these at Walmart and they are delicious!!! 4 for 4pp and so tasty!

Got these from Kohls and I am in love!! They were 19.99 and I had 10.00
Off!! They are Keds, I remember growing up and they were just a white shoe, these are totally dressed code approved

can not wait to get my hands on these, GNC needs these ASAP!!

Clearance items worth trying and lastly

Now some Chipotle action and a movie!! There is always a silver lining to a bad day!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sweetness With Out The Guilt

As many of you know, Coffee is my spirit animal! I love everything and really anything with coffee. I have a whole coffee area in my apartment and a collection of coffee mugs, that may or may not be getting out of control. I need a whole cabinet for them at this point.

I used to drink my coffee as Light and Sweet. Or as some down here in the south say, Extra Extra. Light and Sweet was an up north thing. Light and Sweet meant it was with some cream, as light as can be and sweet, where you were getting a layer of sugar on the bottom of the cup. Yes, I would literally be drinking liquid sugar at some points. Looking back on it now, it was very gross, but hey you learn.

Then when I would make my coffee at home I would pour almost a half of a bottle of Coffee Mate creamer into the mug. The coffee to creamer ratio was very limited.

Then entered Weight Watchers and my creamer days were measured, literally. I know measure out my creamer opitions and try to stick to the Fat Free or Sugar Free kinds.  Internation Delight makes some really great ones, a whole line of them now. I used to be a huge fan of Coffee Mate but their Sugar and Fat Free lines are very limited. And I like to enjoy my coffee at zero points and then in walked in Torani Syrups.

Torani Syrups are seriously a good send. I am obsessed with them. You can find them online Torani. A lot of coffee houses and restaurants and smoothie places carrry the line of syrups also. They have regualr syrups and sugar Free. Their sugar free line is the way to go.

Such as Caramel Apple, S'mores, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pumpkin. Classics like Hazelnut, Caramel and Vanilla. This morning I took the pleasure of adding Caramel to my coffee..

One tablespoon is all you really need. I add 2 just because I can have a sweet coffee without all the guilt. Torani syrups are great for baking, smoothies, Iced Coffee, Ice Cream and anything and everything, the possibilities are quite endless.

I even added, them to alcohol...

This tasted great. You can add the syrup to margaritas, cosmos, mixed drinks. You get all the flavor with out the added calories.

Torani syrups can be found at stores too. Check out the website to find where you can locate them also. I have purchased mine from online. 

Waking up in the morning is easy when I have a great cup of coffee waiting for me. Torani syrups also allow me to drink my coffee with out any added creamers or Splenda. I am not much of Black coffee drinker, but with one or two pumps of syrup it turns my coffee into something so much more.

If you have tried any Torani Syrups, what kinds are your favorite??

I think my next one to try will be Peanut Butter :0)

Happy Sunday!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

StitchFix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix and I was very excited about it. This one was defintely a cut above the last one, but some items were still quite familiar. I didn't purchase anything in this one again, but because I think Stitch Fix is a bit expensive for me. BUT what I do love about this, is it gives me some super awesome ideas and I can go and find it cheaper somewhere else. I know that sounds bad and not the idea, but I have bills and still want to look good :0)

I loved this shorts right away when I saw them in the box, the only thing was the belt looked adorable in the box, but on, I just wasn't loving them. I think it wast the matieral. But I will be looking out for something like this.

As you know I am picky with pants, but I have been loving straight leg A LOT. These remind me of Old Navy's Pixie Pants, which I have a pair in black, I got for a 1.00, YUP. Told you I am cheap. I loved this color too, they were comfy and actually fit me quite well, but for 98.00 dollars, I just couldn't swing that. I know I can find that cheaper.

The next piece is a top that came in the box, I paired with the pants..

As you can tell with my smile, I love how this all looks, with cute sandals and I am good to go. It reminded me of the teal shirt they sent me last time. I love the color and with my tan finally coming back it all goes good. I will be finiding something in my budge for this. I never would have thought to put the two together and it make a great look.

I didn't even bother with this shirt. I just did not like the material or the ball things on there at all. No thank you. Pretty color, but it seemed way to old fashioned for me. Not my style at all.

This was a statement necklace for sure, but again not really me. I would wear this only once because I don't have much that goes with that, I know I could make it work with work, since we wear a lot of black, but not really screams me.

So this was a good second chance, I think I will give it another go. I love getting this service, a lot because I can see it on and take a picture and see how I really look in the items and it is helping me find my nitch and that is a win all its own.

So until the next fix!!!

So A Huge Shake Up In The Entertainment World!!!

Okay so this happened last night on Grey's Anatomy!!!


Now, you know I love me some DVR time and Grey's has been one of my all time favorite shows, BUT this, well I didn't see this coming and the rest of the world didn't either.

I was a mess last night on the couch. I am a huge emotional person anyways and throw this into the mix, I'm treating this like it was a family member. I have seriously watched this show since the beginning, religiously. There have been some I missed here and there, but I know every episiode and everything that has happened. I was devestated.

People were going crazy online too with this. But can we just say it made for great T.V., sure it is the main character and for 10 seasons all we ever wanted some for Meredit and Derek to be happy and they FINALLY were and now this. Where does it go from here??? That's kind of the exciting part, thats what will keep me watching. I mean this shakes up the whole show. I am not the person who will boycott the show, that's what the show is known for, those gut wrenching moments, that just kill you.

Kuddos to Shonda Rhimes, she knows how to write and make a conversation. And lets me honest too, Grey's has gotten a little crazy the last few years, should I bring up the musical episiode. So this is a change of pace all together. I would love for everyone to have their happily ever after, not last night.

I don't know why I am so vocale on this, maybe because it is the biggerst turn of events in a show in a very long time. James was making fun of me all night, what can I say, I love entertainment.

Derek will be missed for sure...

McDearmy!!! RIP!!

One of my favorite lines ever from the show!!

Were you as devestated as I was????

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Past Few Days...

Oh man it has been a few days since I have written a blog post. So very unlike me, I apologize. Life just gets in the way. But this week, I have to say has been going off with out a hitch.

Courtesty of my selfie stick*

Sunday night we went over to some friends house for dinner. They just moved into a new place and right around the corner from us. We had a freaking blast. It is a work friend of James and I finally got to hang out with the guy's girlfriend, whom I can tell we will be fast friends, which is always great. They treated us so well, he made us steak, corn on the cob and potato salad and bananas foster for dessert, like legit bananas foster.

I mean anyone who can cook for me, like that, is good in my book. We got home super late that night and I had to be up early for PT, which ultimately after I got home from PT, I went right back into bed just to relax, I was exhausted. Worked a closing shift  and that was I wrote that day.

Tuesday, nothing too special, you know the drill, working and then trying to find a way to muster some energy to Work Out. I grabbed a Red Bull for the ride home, it was a travel day, I never drink Red Bull, I mean ever, regardless if it is Sugar Free or not, but I was desprite but I really wanted to get a run in.

Which I did...

And so happy about this..I decided to try The Women's Running Beginning Running or Starting Over, Getting Back into plan, however you might want to word it.

It is an 8 week plan, with 3 run days a week, 2 stregth/core/cross train days and 2 rest days. My run days might have to be 2 days a week, depending on my ankle and so forth. I am really hoping this will continue to build my endurance and stamina and get me back quickly. I love this plan because it is a daily plan, with something to do each day and I hold myself accountable and something to shoot for. I really want to run a sub 30 5k by the end of the year and I know I can, when I plan well.

I mean I had a daily training plan each day for 6 months for my marathon and I know that is what made me 100% successful. It's going to be tough, I know this because of my darn ankle. One day it is really great, the next it hurts like hell, BUT it's healing so thats all that matters.

Wednesday, I used as a rest day because of a closing shift of work. This is when the pain set in, last night I had the worst night sleeping, my ankle was throbbing it was so bad. And today was my last day of PT. I have two weeks to do the exercises at home and see if it heals anymore. To be honest, I am nervous to see how this well all play out, but I will do the exercises at home and take it from there.

It will be nice to sleep in a bit, but I really loved my PT guy. He was awesome and friendly and it was a great environment to be apart of. I am sending him a card to thank him for all he did, I don't think many people do that and I just want him to know I appreciate him. I never would be able to run if it wasn't for him.

Today, I have been off of work and just enjoying my day off with James.

We went out to breakfast and went to an old school diner set up. It was amazing...

Canadian Bacon, 3 Egg White Omelete with Feta, tomatoes and Peppers, Whole Wheat bread and Chessy Grits with a perfect never ending cup of coffe. Absolutely Delicious, we will be going back there again. We sat at the counter and I was in pure heaven.

Right across the street was an old school type of book store, which again is one of my favorite things in the world...

Broken up by departments, books people donated back or re sold. I love that, knowing people enjoyed this book before, millions, broken in. This will be defintely a place I will going back to enjoy time and time again! I picked up 4 books, 2 Jodi Picoult, A Nicholas Sparks and a book that just seemed fun. I cant wait to dive in.

Thanks for hanging around and cathching up!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Currently April

Haven't done one of these in a while, nice to catch up.

Current Book:
I purchased a couple of Groupons recently where for 5.00 you get a 10.00 credit through Barnes and Nobles for the Nook. I have a Nook and bought 3 of them. Due to this I have been looking for new books to read, going through lists I have made, etc. My great friend, Nanci and I have a make shift book club lol, not really, but every time we read something good, we let each other know. Nanci is the best at suggesting books, I just finished two recommendations from her...

The Girl on the Train    &  

Both great books and totally different from each other. Sneaking Candy is a fun, guilty pleasure, quick read but VERY entertainging and The Girl On The Train is fast paced, intense and a lot like Gone Girl. Each book, I couldn't put down and read very quickly. Now, I'm startin tomorrow A Dog's Purpose..

Current Music:

This song is on repeat over and over..

I just love the message and everything to this song.

Current Guily Pleasure:

My Brand New Selfie Stick

First selfie Stick picture. I am thrilled, James not so much! It is a plus having him work for Best Buy too.

Current Drink:
I have been really great with keeping up with my water intake, but I have been loving ordering a Trenta sized Unsweet Iced Green Tea with 2 pumps Peach syrup from Starbucks. It is very refreshing.

Current Food:
Everything haha!! I love food, and my taste buds are always changing. Trader Joe's is rigt up there with eveything I love.

 Melt the cookies and creame butter and then pour over a frozen banana and some cut up strawberries.

This salsa is to die for!!!

My favorite thing now is pouring BBQ sauce over a sweet potato. Make sure to try it!

The breakfast's that are most simple to make are the very best.

Current Show:
I am loving Secrets and Lies, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Young and Hungry, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, New Girl and The Goldbergs. That's my typical DVR line up. But I just finished this from Netflix, I watched the whole seaons in one day and it was great and hysterical...
Image result for unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Current Wish:
More money, less debt, ankle magically completely fixed and my car would just be brand new lol.

Current Triumphs:
Getting back into running again and completing not one but two 5k's in a week. The Iron Girl 5k was by far my best triumph so far! That finish line felt amazing.

Current links:
Besides loving on all my favorite bloggers and friends through Blog Lovin, I have been using Crowdtap a lot, I love winning gift cards and prizes through them.

Current Need:
My car to have a new A.C. unit. It is hot here in Florida and oh man, does this need to be fixed asap.

Current Indulgence:
Cookie Dough Pedicure treatment I got from a Groupon. They used a milk based water bath and then a brown sugar foot scrub and lotion. Then they serve cookies and milk to you. The tech and I were chatting away the whole time, so I completely forgot about the cookies and milk, but the scrub and experience was well worth it and my feet needed it so bad.

Current Outfit:
I typically can be found in two divisions of clothing, work clothes, which consist of black, white or grey attire or my sweat pants and tee-shirts. But on my days off, such as today, I throw on some spring and color..

Love these shorts from Old Navy. They fit great and are comfy and super cute.
I also picked up this shirt today from Ross for only 4.99

My Chevron Obsession continues. 

Current Excitement:
Really just life in general. Exciting that my ankle is healing quite nicely and I am starting to feel whole again.

Current Mood:
A bit sleepy because it is close to midnight, but in general, just happy. Life is good, my friends and family and James are amazing. I am doing extremely well. So my mood, is very content!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Color Me Rad 5k 2015: Bigger, Badder & Radder

Today was a colorful, Fun Day!!

My BFF Jen and I won tickets to run the Color Me Rad Tampa 5k race. We ran this race, last year and the year prior. Last year I won tickets and asked her to join me, the same thing happened again. We are lucky and so grateful to participate in this fun race. Normally, the race is in May, this year it was a few weeks earlier, which it really did make a huge difference in temperature wise.

It was a gorgeous day, blue skies and some breeze. With me being still a bit injuired and Jen hasn't ran all that much, we decided to take this race nice and slow. To be honest, it is a not a race you really run, it isn't timed, or is there a medal, it is just about getting together and having a really great time and getting color bombs, gel and spray all over you.

I, started the morning in my typical fashion with a selfie...

Wearing white is always the way to go with this race :0)

Jen and I met at the mall in Tampa and drove together. It is always a great time when you get to see your BFF. We talk to each other every day with work, but hardly get to see each other, so despite everything this was a great way just to get together.

Pre race fun. Color Me Rad was Bigger, Badder and Radder this year.
They had more color bomb areas this year and the pre and after run fun and giveaways were bigger.

VitaCoco had a vendor set up and giving these away. I had the original before and wasn't too happy with it, this one was great, I mean really, good! I will be buying this more often.

Before the color!!!

Huge turn out!

I was in the line of fire, Jen made it out clean the first two colors. They made up for it after 9 other color stations.

We made it through!! We walked the whole race, at a fast pace. It was the best choice for my ankle, since I ran the Iron Girl 5k only a couple of days prior. I wanted to take it nice and easy, so I can cointinue to heal properly, plus I told my PT the same thing hehe.

This really has been a tradition for Jen and I. Each year we have a blast, it is great way for us to meet up and get together with a few thousand other people and do something we don't normally do.

I recommend the Color Me Rad race, its fun, non competitive and a blast of a time.