Friday, April 24, 2015

StitchFix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix and I was very excited about it. This one was defintely a cut above the last one, but some items were still quite familiar. I didn't purchase anything in this one again, but because I think Stitch Fix is a bit expensive for me. BUT what I do love about this, is it gives me some super awesome ideas and I can go and find it cheaper somewhere else. I know that sounds bad and not the idea, but I have bills and still want to look good :0)

I loved this shorts right away when I saw them in the box, the only thing was the belt looked adorable in the box, but on, I just wasn't loving them. I think it wast the matieral. But I will be looking out for something like this.

As you know I am picky with pants, but I have been loving straight leg A LOT. These remind me of Old Navy's Pixie Pants, which I have a pair in black, I got for a 1.00, YUP. Told you I am cheap. I loved this color too, they were comfy and actually fit me quite well, but for 98.00 dollars, I just couldn't swing that. I know I can find that cheaper.

The next piece is a top that came in the box, I paired with the pants..

As you can tell with my smile, I love how this all looks, with cute sandals and I am good to go. It reminded me of the teal shirt they sent me last time. I love the color and with my tan finally coming back it all goes good. I will be finiding something in my budge for this. I never would have thought to put the two together and it make a great look.

I didn't even bother with this shirt. I just did not like the material or the ball things on there at all. No thank you. Pretty color, but it seemed way to old fashioned for me. Not my style at all.

This was a statement necklace for sure, but again not really me. I would wear this only once because I don't have much that goes with that, I know I could make it work with work, since we wear a lot of black, but not really screams me.

So this was a good second chance, I think I will give it another go. I love getting this service, a lot because I can see it on and take a picture and see how I really look in the items and it is helping me find my nitch and that is a win all its own.

So until the next fix!!!