Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fab Finds!!!

Happy Tuesday!! 

Ugh these last two days have been quite eventful! Yesterday was a crazy day at work and a long one, it felt like it at least and then today this happened...

Blew a tire on my way to a stor today in the pouring rain. Handled it like a champ, got somewhere safe and called AAA. Amazing I freak out of the littlest things and stuff like this I handle so calmly haha.

Anyway my day was shot after that, so I took a half day, got the tire fixed, a big old 100 to fix it, had lunch with Bubba..

Publix subs are amazing by the way and then I did a little Target and Big Lots shopping.

Here are some new finds I came across and some I bought..

I had a taste of the tropical one!! Delicious!!

It says it is a 3 step one day renewal! I'm going to give it a try, not sure if that's all I consume in the day, I'm going to have to look into it! But this step is exclusive to target!

This made me laugh!! I really want to get into Yoga but this what I currently do!! Haha

I took pictures so I knew what I wanted to read next, these looked really good!

Found these at Walmart and they are delicious!!! 4 for 4pp and so tasty!

Got these from Kohls and I am in love!! They were 19.99 and I had 10.00
Off!! They are Keds, I remember growing up and they were just a white shoe, these are totally dressed code approved

can not wait to get my hands on these, GNC needs these ASAP!!

Clearance items worth trying and lastly

Now some Chipotle action and a movie!! There is always a silver lining to a bad day!!