Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Iron Girl and My Fight Song

Good Tuesday Evening everyone!!!

So the last two days have been quite eventful and awesome all the way around.

Sunday morning was the Iron Girl 5k in Clearwater. I, of course, originally really wanted to run the Half Marathon but the ankle injury happened so I was not able to do that, so I figured the 5k would be just as great.

As you know getting back into running has been fun and with the whirlwind of it all, I was not sure how I was going to do or how my ankle was going to hold up. I ran 3.1 last Tuesday and while it hurt a bit, I felt pretty good. I was just nervous about the bridges because it does take a lot of pressure.

But I didn't care if I walked it, I was going to get that finish line.

I got up super early, which any other day I would have hit snooze a million times, but I got up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. I did make a cup of coffee, which I never do, because coffee and running does not usually work for me, but I figured I needed it and whats the worst that could happen. Good to know, it had no effect on me in the negative aspect.

I wanted to get there early so I could see Nanci and Corina. They were running the half and it started 30 minutes before the 5k. I am so proud of these ladies, they have been doing races all year, lots of half marathons and having a blast doing it. I really wish I could have ran with them, because it is always an amazing time. But there is always the end of the year and next year.

I watched them take off. It was really awesome to be a spector and I got chills watching them start off on their journey.

If was a beautiful sight. I love, LOVE running races and especially in our area. The views make all the pain worth it. I waited my 30 minutes until our take off. I wasn't nervous but more anxious, I think I just wanted to do it, to do it. I decided I was going to stick to my 2:1's beacuse I felt really comfortable in them.

I ran the first .50 mile without my beeper, to weed out some of the crowds. A lot of ladies were walking and its hard to get into a good spot. Right before the bridge I hit my beeper and got my first routation in. The first bride is always the toughest, who am I kidding, they all are, but it is different and I was not giving up. I made sure to run when I needed and walk my minute. I am stubborn and fought through it.

My ankle was feeling good, not great but not bad. My knee was good too. I taped and braced myself up something special. I didn't want to take any chances. I was really feeling great and like a runner again. I focused on me and my surroundings. I was listening to my music and just getting into the groove. I cant express what a confidence boost it all felt.

I got water at the two water stations. It was a hot and humid morning. Like always. I was heading back to the finish strong. At 3 miles, I just ran it in. I wanted to just finish strong. I didn't look much at my watch, I honestly could care less what the watch said. I was happy. I was feeling great. I was back at it.

I finished!!!

This 5k finish felt truly amazing. I mean I was beaming, as you can tell. It felt so good, that 2 months after an injury, I not only attempted this race but finished and finished strong, not even more hurt or in even more pain. I finished! This felt so good because when I fell, the first thing out of my mouth was will I run again. I was that scared and nervous and well, I am running again!!!

It felt just as good as the marathon, even though I don't believe any finish line will feel as good as that one lol.

Crossing the finish line I downed a bottle of water and got my medal and finally met this lovely lady..

Quiana!! We have finally met, we have been Instagram, Facebook, all of the above friends for awhile now, so it is so nice to meet in real life. She finished also the 5k, under 34 minutes like a Boss, congrats to you girl!!

After, I got my free food, duh of course and headed home because I had to work a floorset that night. I stopped at DD to get a large ice coffee, because nothing makes me happier than running and coffee. I took, a nice long nap and then laid out at the pool before work. Work was a bit rough that night, the soreness and stiffness settled in and I was on my feet at work for 6 hours, so all in all I was exhausted.

But gosh it was a wonderful day!

While, I was running, I decided to listen to Pandora and I came across this song...

Fight Song..

So this song, god this song, spoke right to me. I was coming up over the first bridge and man, it couldn't have come at a better time. I was amazed at how this song, really was my fight song, it was me, all me!!! My theme song for this year and going forward into my 30th birthday.

I think everyone and anyone can relate, it isn't just about fitness, it is about life in general.

I have downloaded it from Itunes and listening to it non-stop, haha!!