Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Past Few Days...

Oh man it has been a few days since I have written a blog post. So very unlike me, I apologize. Life just gets in the way. But this week, I have to say has been going off with out a hitch.

Courtesty of my selfie stick*

Sunday night we went over to some friends house for dinner. They just moved into a new place and right around the corner from us. We had a freaking blast. It is a work friend of James and I finally got to hang out with the guy's girlfriend, whom I can tell we will be fast friends, which is always great. They treated us so well, he made us steak, corn on the cob and potato salad and bananas foster for dessert, like legit bananas foster.

I mean anyone who can cook for me, like that, is good in my book. We got home super late that night and I had to be up early for PT, which ultimately after I got home from PT, I went right back into bed just to relax, I was exhausted. Worked a closing shift  and that was I wrote that day.

Tuesday, nothing too special, you know the drill, working and then trying to find a way to muster some energy to Work Out. I grabbed a Red Bull for the ride home, it was a travel day, I never drink Red Bull, I mean ever, regardless if it is Sugar Free or not, but I was desprite but I really wanted to get a run in.

Which I did...

And so happy about this..I decided to try The Women's Running Beginning Running or Starting Over, Getting Back into plan, however you might want to word it.

It is an 8 week plan, with 3 run days a week, 2 stregth/core/cross train days and 2 rest days. My run days might have to be 2 days a week, depending on my ankle and so forth. I am really hoping this will continue to build my endurance and stamina and get me back quickly. I love this plan because it is a daily plan, with something to do each day and I hold myself accountable and something to shoot for. I really want to run a sub 30 5k by the end of the year and I know I can, when I plan well.

I mean I had a daily training plan each day for 6 months for my marathon and I know that is what made me 100% successful. It's going to be tough, I know this because of my darn ankle. One day it is really great, the next it hurts like hell, BUT it's healing so thats all that matters.

Wednesday, I used as a rest day because of a closing shift of work. This is when the pain set in, last night I had the worst night sleeping, my ankle was throbbing it was so bad. And today was my last day of PT. I have two weeks to do the exercises at home and see if it heals anymore. To be honest, I am nervous to see how this well all play out, but I will do the exercises at home and take it from there.

It will be nice to sleep in a bit, but I really loved my PT guy. He was awesome and friendly and it was a great environment to be apart of. I am sending him a card to thank him for all he did, I don't think many people do that and I just want him to know I appreciate him. I never would be able to run if it wasn't for him.

Today, I have been off of work and just enjoying my day off with James.

We went out to breakfast and went to an old school diner set up. It was amazing...

Canadian Bacon, 3 Egg White Omelete with Feta, tomatoes and Peppers, Whole Wheat bread and Chessy Grits with a perfect never ending cup of coffe. Absolutely Delicious, we will be going back there again. We sat at the counter and I was in pure heaven.

Right across the street was an old school type of book store, which again is one of my favorite things in the world...

Broken up by departments, books people donated back or re sold. I love that, knowing people enjoyed this book before, millions, broken in. This will be defintely a place I will going back to enjoy time and time again! I picked up 4 books, 2 Jodi Picoult, A Nicholas Sparks and a book that just seemed fun. I cant wait to dive in.

Thanks for hanging around and cathching up!