Sunday, April 19, 2015

Currently April

Haven't done one of these in a while, nice to catch up.

Current Book:
I purchased a couple of Groupons recently where for 5.00 you get a 10.00 credit through Barnes and Nobles for the Nook. I have a Nook and bought 3 of them. Due to this I have been looking for new books to read, going through lists I have made, etc. My great friend, Nanci and I have a make shift book club lol, not really, but every time we read something good, we let each other know. Nanci is the best at suggesting books, I just finished two recommendations from her...

The Girl on the Train    &  

Both great books and totally different from each other. Sneaking Candy is a fun, guilty pleasure, quick read but VERY entertainging and The Girl On The Train is fast paced, intense and a lot like Gone Girl. Each book, I couldn't put down and read very quickly. Now, I'm startin tomorrow A Dog's Purpose..

Current Music:

This song is on repeat over and over..

I just love the message and everything to this song.

Current Guily Pleasure:

My Brand New Selfie Stick

First selfie Stick picture. I am thrilled, James not so much! It is a plus having him work for Best Buy too.

Current Drink:
I have been really great with keeping up with my water intake, but I have been loving ordering a Trenta sized Unsweet Iced Green Tea with 2 pumps Peach syrup from Starbucks. It is very refreshing.

Current Food:
Everything haha!! I love food, and my taste buds are always changing. Trader Joe's is rigt up there with eveything I love.

 Melt the cookies and creame butter and then pour over a frozen banana and some cut up strawberries.

This salsa is to die for!!!

My favorite thing now is pouring BBQ sauce over a sweet potato. Make sure to try it!

The breakfast's that are most simple to make are the very best.

Current Show:
I am loving Secrets and Lies, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Young and Hungry, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, New Girl and The Goldbergs. That's my typical DVR line up. But I just finished this from Netflix, I watched the whole seaons in one day and it was great and hysterical...
Image result for unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Current Wish:
More money, less debt, ankle magically completely fixed and my car would just be brand new lol.

Current Triumphs:
Getting back into running again and completing not one but two 5k's in a week. The Iron Girl 5k was by far my best triumph so far! That finish line felt amazing.

Current links:
Besides loving on all my favorite bloggers and friends through Blog Lovin, I have been using Crowdtap a lot, I love winning gift cards and prizes through them.

Current Need:
My car to have a new A.C. unit. It is hot here in Florida and oh man, does this need to be fixed asap.

Current Indulgence:
Cookie Dough Pedicure treatment I got from a Groupon. They used a milk based water bath and then a brown sugar foot scrub and lotion. Then they serve cookies and milk to you. The tech and I were chatting away the whole time, so I completely forgot about the cookies and milk, but the scrub and experience was well worth it and my feet needed it so bad.

Current Outfit:
I typically can be found in two divisions of clothing, work clothes, which consist of black, white or grey attire or my sweat pants and tee-shirts. But on my days off, such as today, I throw on some spring and color..

Love these shorts from Old Navy. They fit great and are comfy and super cute.
I also picked up this shirt today from Ross for only 4.99

My Chevron Obsession continues. 

Current Excitement:
Really just life in general. Exciting that my ankle is healing quite nicely and I am starting to feel whole again.

Current Mood:
A bit sleepy because it is close to midnight, but in general, just happy. Life is good, my friends and family and James are amazing. I am doing extremely well. So my mood, is very content!!