Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sweetness With Out The Guilt

As many of you know, Coffee is my spirit animal! I love everything and really anything with coffee. I have a whole coffee area in my apartment and a collection of coffee mugs, that may or may not be getting out of control. I need a whole cabinet for them at this point.

I used to drink my coffee as Light and Sweet. Or as some down here in the south say, Extra Extra. Light and Sweet was an up north thing. Light and Sweet meant it was with some cream, as light as can be and sweet, where you were getting a layer of sugar on the bottom of the cup. Yes, I would literally be drinking liquid sugar at some points. Looking back on it now, it was very gross, but hey you learn.

Then when I would make my coffee at home I would pour almost a half of a bottle of Coffee Mate creamer into the mug. The coffee to creamer ratio was very limited.

Then entered Weight Watchers and my creamer days were measured, literally. I know measure out my creamer opitions and try to stick to the Fat Free or Sugar Free kinds.  Internation Delight makes some really great ones, a whole line of them now. I used to be a huge fan of Coffee Mate but their Sugar and Fat Free lines are very limited. And I like to enjoy my coffee at zero points and then in walked in Torani Syrups.

Torani Syrups are seriously a good send. I am obsessed with them. You can find them online Torani. A lot of coffee houses and restaurants and smoothie places carrry the line of syrups also. They have regualr syrups and sugar Free. Their sugar free line is the way to go.

Such as Caramel Apple, S'mores, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pumpkin. Classics like Hazelnut, Caramel and Vanilla. This morning I took the pleasure of adding Caramel to my coffee..

One tablespoon is all you really need. I add 2 just because I can have a sweet coffee without all the guilt. Torani syrups are great for baking, smoothies, Iced Coffee, Ice Cream and anything and everything, the possibilities are quite endless.

I even added, them to alcohol...

This tasted great. You can add the syrup to margaritas, cosmos, mixed drinks. You get all the flavor with out the added calories.

Torani syrups can be found at stores too. Check out the website to find where you can locate them also. I have purchased mine from online. 

Waking up in the morning is easy when I have a great cup of coffee waiting for me. Torani syrups also allow me to drink my coffee with out any added creamers or Splenda. I am not much of Black coffee drinker, but with one or two pumps of syrup it turns my coffee into something so much more.

If you have tried any Torani Syrups, what kinds are your favorite??

I think my next one to try will be Peanut Butter :0)

Happy Sunday!!