Friday, April 17, 2015

Pre Weekend Off

Good Friday Morning!!!

I am currently at PT riding the bike for our warm up! Ankle is a bit sore but this week I know did a toll on me. Iron Girl and then doing the floor set knocked me right out this week and then on top of that I got the worst period I have had in a really long time.

I mean really bad, no energy, stomach pains and the only place I could lay was between my bed and couch yesterday. 

Today, thankfully I'm feeling a bit better but my energy level is so different these days! But it's something I'm looking towards.

But this weekend I am looking forward to being off on Saturday and Sunday and some fun things planed..

Color Me Rad 5k
Cookie dough Pedicure
Sleeping in on Sunday morning
Working out on Sunday
laying around
And doing some laundry

Yes, I'm excited to get chores done, after the last few days and how I have been feeling, it will be nice to be human again.

I also read I a Women's Running magazine a back to being a runner work out for 8 weeks that I'm going to try. And because it breaks down things to do, I'm really loving it! I will start it Sunday! And post what it will be looking like.

Hope everyone has a great Friday! Woohoo, I'm actually excited for end of day!!