Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Love the First

Happy Hump Day!

Happy First Day of April!!

Happy April Fools Day!!

Oh man, so much on one Wednesday. I am not much to partake in April Fools Day, I am the worst at pranks, but people LOVE to do them to me, I am super easy to pull a prank on lol.

Anyway, it is a absolute gorgeous day here in Florida. I mean it seriously feels like a perfect spring day, which in Florida this time of year is a hit or a miss. So I am going to take advantage of the day and lay out by the pool for an hour or so. Sorry all my northern friends, it will get better soon.

I just wanted to touch base with a few things. This week is going actually pretty darn great. I have worked out every day doing either our gym and I got two runs in! Last night was a great run, a little slower than normal, but I was able to run without my ankle brace or KT Tape at all. I seriously was feeling back to normal. BUT with normal always comes something else with me, so while my ankle is starting to get back, my left knee is aching. Now before my accident, that knee was bothering me anyway, and I think because I have had to relie so much on my left side, it has flarred it back up.

So you can't be 100% all the time, but I am working on both of them and hopefully I will feel great real soon. Physical Therapy is going really well. My PT is amazing, he is very low key, been doing this forever and knows his stuff. I had no clue what kind of activity or exercises or things he would have me be doing, but what he has me doing is working awesome. He did a little electro stimulation today with ice and elevation, he does this lotion manual stimulation and then calf raises, ride the bike for 10 minutes and then a bunch of circle exercises and using a band.

Sometimes it hurts, but not as much as it used too, so I know it is getting stronger and stronger!!! WOOHOO!!!

My eating has also been on point this week too. I am really trying to stay in between the 26-29 points, but Monday and Tuesday I went over just a little bit, I mean last night was Chipotle night!! But other than that, life is really good right now. I feel so much better than last week, out of my funk and moving forward.

It's also the start of the new month, which means new beginnings and new goals. I honestly don't have many for this month, I just want to continue on the path I am going right now. I am running the Iron Girl 5k on the 12th and I just want to finish, even if I walk a majority of it, the goal is to finish. No time or pace requirements, I just want that awesome medal and see a lot of my running gals!!!

One fun fact about today is I signed up for my first Full Marathon on this day last year. I wanted to sign up right when it went live, in fear of it selling out. I was so nervous to type in my information and commit to such a huge thing. I was actually shaking and a little over whelmed with emotion. I know, I am a big baby, but it was a huge deal for me to take that first step. I mean signing up for something like that is huge. Hitting that submit button forever changed me.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!