Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catch Up with Coffee

Good Morning!!!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. James and I went to Opening Day of the Rays on Monday and we had a blast. The Rays lost but the day was perfect. The weather was great and the draft beer tasted amazing. I have to say a NSV was the fact I knew when to stop and I drank water the rest of the day. I mean I actually craved water. That is something that never happened.

And the rest of week has just been a world of work. We have a lot going on, so my mind and body is there, which is breaking it down a bit. I did get a really great run on Tuesday. I ran for 3.1 miles.  A little test to what Iron Girl will be like on Sunday. I was beating myself up something firece on the run. My legs have been so heavy since my Epic leg day last week, so I was moving like a snail and had some aches and pains. I stuck with my 2:1's which I will be doing for awhile, just to get back in the rythm of it all.

While I was running, I was just mad at my body. Mad at the fact I feel, even made I was running 3 miles and not 10 and training for the half, which I had planned to do months ago. Then as I was turning around at the half way point, I saw a man walking with one leg. He was walking so strong, his head held high, proud. I looked down at myself and I saw two, fully functioning, strong legs. I was running 3 miles, regardless of pace, 2 months after having a major injury. How dare I feel bad for myself or mad I am not moving at a certain pace, when some people might never run at all.

I snapped out of it and vowed to never get mad or petty about running again because I am truly blessed to even be able to run at all.

It was the run that I needed, regardless it was 13:30 pace, I finished and that is something I didn't think would happen months ago and I know I will only continue to get stronger and better. Yesterday and today have been rest days for me. After the run on Tuesday, my legs and ankle were pretty sore.

Last night at work, my legs, heels everything was killing me a bit, we were busy at work, so I didn't get to sit down once. So this morning I woke up in a bit of a funk and my sinus a little whaky, so with a busy running weekend coming up, the two rest days are what I am going for. Tomorrow I have a busy day too, work, PT and then to Tamp to pick up my Iron Girl stuff.

When I get home I plan to get to the gym for just a little bit to sweat out some. I am hoping and really going to push for it. Then Saturday, just a little walk or run to loosen up my legs. I should have sucked it up the last two days, but listening to my body a bit. I am so excited to run Iron Girl and to do the 5k. I hope everything goes smooth, I am gonna stay in the back and just enjoy the views, the run and have fun. Honestly I just want to have a finish line, knowing I did this after an injury and I am working so hard to heal.

Plus I get to see some pretty amazing ladies too, which it has been forever.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!