Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Friday Fun Facts

So not to much to report on this end today. Life is just my typical, Physical Therapy is going great and I am feeling a big difference in it. Like I said before I was very skeptical about going into it, not knowing how it could really help and well I can say it is a God send. I wasn't feeling getting up this morning, rough night of sleeping, lots of tossing and turning and I almost canceled.

But I put my Big Girl panties on and got coffee in hand and went. So glad I did, because the gentleman that does my exercises is amazing. He is laid back, chill and just really, really  nice. He made my morning just being so positive and happy haha.

And I am super sore from my Leg Day on Wednesday. My poor legs haven't felt this sore in months, but it feels so good. Leg Day and the exercises I did the other day, I found from Skinny Meg. She seriously is my fitness love.

Considering I have nothing to report, I thought I would do a little Five Friday Fun Facts about Mwah and they are totally random!

1. I have never been skiing or snowboarding. I am from the North and lived literally like 30 minutes from a mountain where you can do all that fun stuff and never did it. And I never had a desire to do so and probably never will haha. I am not a fan of cold activities.

2. I sometimes get into a cleaning OCD, every day before I can sit down and relax, everything has to be perfect, clean up, make sure it is all good, or I seriously can not relax.

3. I get super self conscious working out in the Gym if other people are there. Not in a real gym like Planet Fitness or anything like that, but if I go to our little gym here at our apartment, where there might be one or two other people there, I hate being in there. It is weird.

4. Easter is probably my second favorite Holiday. No real reason, the candy is delicious, I mean my favorite candy is Cadbury Cream Eggs and Peeps. I always enjoyed Easter growing up and my mom and Grandparents always gave me the biggest and best Easter baskets.

5. It drives me nuts when my DVR is full. I like it to be clean and ready to go. I will seriously binge watch or delete shows just to have it clear. I think it has to do with something with my organization or control haha.

I hope everyone has a nice Friday!!!