Friday, April 24, 2015

So A Huge Shake Up In The Entertainment World!!!

Okay so this happened last night on Grey's Anatomy!!!


Now, you know I love me some DVR time and Grey's has been one of my all time favorite shows, BUT this, well I didn't see this coming and the rest of the world didn't either.

I was a mess last night on the couch. I am a huge emotional person anyways and throw this into the mix, I'm treating this like it was a family member. I have seriously watched this show since the beginning, religiously. There have been some I missed here and there, but I know every episiode and everything that has happened. I was devestated.

People were going crazy online too with this. But can we just say it made for great T.V., sure it is the main character and for 10 seasons all we ever wanted some for Meredit and Derek to be happy and they FINALLY were and now this. Where does it go from here??? That's kind of the exciting part, thats what will keep me watching. I mean this shakes up the whole show. I am not the person who will boycott the show, that's what the show is known for, those gut wrenching moments, that just kill you.

Kuddos to Shonda Rhimes, she knows how to write and make a conversation. And lets me honest too, Grey's has gotten a little crazy the last few years, should I bring up the musical episiode. So this is a change of pace all together. I would love for everyone to have their happily ever after, not last night.

I don't know why I am so vocale on this, maybe because it is the biggerst turn of events in a show in a very long time. James was making fun of me all night, what can I say, I love entertainment.

Derek will be missed for sure...

McDearmy!!! RIP!!

One of my favorite lines ever from the show!!

Were you as devestated as I was????