Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Day of June!!!

Can you believe that today is June 30th????

Literally half the year is over!!

Where has it all gone? So many awesome and fun and even magical things have happened in 6 months and I seriously can not wait to see what the next 6 have in store for me!!

Like in 104 days, I will be running a freaking marathon!! I am going to be apart of the 1%!!!

It hit me today while I was going on my walk, in 104 days, I mean we are almost to double digits. I have been on this journey for 71 days now. And I LOVE IT. I love the plan and the training, I hate the heat, but I love the satisfaction. I love when I am dead tired, sweaty and just on the brink of insanity. Maybe I am crazy, but I love all this craziness. I just cant believe for 71 days, I have not given up, back down, made excuses or really complained. I know these past 71 days haven't been a walk in the park, well literally sometimes it is, but I know these next 104 are really going to test my limits and I am ready to go. I am in this to finish and get to that finish line.

So for day 71, I went for my typical 40 minute walk and while walking, nature, life and all its beauty showed itself to me...

It was beautiful and even took my breath away a bit. It was huge and seemed to cover the whole sky. It hadn't rained, it seemed like it was going too, but in the distance. I walked the whole way just taking in the beauty of something so simple and elegant. I loved it. And this is why I work out, outside, you can't witness this beauty from the treadmill or inside a gym, get out and experience it. Sure it was blazing hot, but I got a good sweat on and felt great afterwords. So good, I was able to clean my whole apartment! Bonus, extra Activity Points.

Now a sweaty and tired mess I am, I am showering, eating dinner and then preparing myself for my day tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great June and hello to July.

P.s. My most favorite month!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Journey to 26.2, Week 10 Begins Today, Day 70!!

Week 10 of training began today. Cant believe that it has been 10 weeks, over 2 months of training I have been doing. I actually thought of that exact number the whole time I was running this morning. And I need new shoes too, boy these shoes have some numbers on them and their number is up.

As per training, the long run of today was 5 miles. I was pretty stoked about that, since I did a long run last week of 11 in the NC hills, which killed me. I originally had an idea to get up super early this morning, beat the heat and maybe, just maybe do more than the 5. But then I listened to JG, yes Jeff Galloway and I are short name basis since I met him last week, lol, that follow the plan, the plan works, don't try to be a superhero.

My alarm went off at 5 and I hit that bad boy with vengeance until 8:30. I was exhausted this morning and my bed just felt amazing. I got new pillows and wow it made all the difference, I slept great. So I went out later than planned and it was HOT and HUMID. I mean smack you in the face kind of heat. I ran for my first 2:30 and I was already sweating. Running for just 2 minutes and I am dripping.

I stayed with the 2:30/.30, which by the way is GREAT!! I don't feel beat or burnt out and the fatigue I feel or wall, isn't as bad. I wore my new outfit I got from Old Navy too this morning to make me feel extra pretty on my run.

I love this look A LOT!!! I saw it on display in the store and immediately fell in love. I used my Super Cash to buy it and the even better part, the shirt and pants are a size SMALL!!! SAY WHAT????? I used to be an XL and a size 22. Even though I don't always like how I look, I love how far I have come. Plus this week my cousin and James both said I looked more athletic. Like I looked strong, my legs were toning up. My Uncle said my butt and legs look much smaller and my Poppy said I looked fantastic. I know I have to tone up, but I am working on my marathon and mileage now, then everything will fall into place. 

But putting on that small today, wow what I feeling. The shirt wasn't the best choice for running, it was drenched by the time I was done, but I did look great out there today.

Those 5 miles were tough. The heat took everything out of my body for sure. But while I was running today, hitting a little bit of a wall, a person drove by honking his horn, waving and giving me a thumbs up, yelling, "Way to go" The kindness of strangers is unreal sometimes. That simple act, picked me right up and kept me going. Kindness can move mountains with this training. That little thing, made me finish and finish strong, even though I was dying haha.

After my run, I cleaned up and enjoyed 2 hard boiled eggs and some Greek yogurt. I eat the weirdest combos after a hot and sweaty run.  And through out the day, I am starving too. My metabolism and hunger has come back from the training too lately, which is nice but can also get me into much trouble. But I am making the right choices and really, really trying to get more protein in when I can.

I decided today I was just going to go with the flow with things I wanted to do. I unpacked last night, did the grocery shopping and got some cleaning done, but I didn't want to waste my whole day off doing the cleaning. So I caught up a lot of Social Media stuff I needed to do and then went to the pool with my Nook for an hour. It was just too hot, even when I could go in the pool, an hour of running and one just relaxing, was enough for me in the sun, it knocks me out.

I made an awesome lunch today. Like you can see, I was hungry.

Baked Lays Chips, BBQ-3pp
Everything Bagel Thin- 3pp
Borden Fat Free Cheese-1pp
Tomato and Pickle Slices-0pp
Carrots and Watermelon-0pp
Diet Coke and Nook-0pp :0)

Then I had a Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar for 2pp.

I love when I can make good choices on my day off and throw together a great lunch. It was perfect and I think I might be making the same thing for lunch tomorrow while at work.

My belly full and the sun exhaustion, I read for a bit and then took a long nap. I know I was on vacation but I did not nap once, I love naps, so today was a treat. I spent a ton on groceries last night and today I don't want to cook dinner, I woke up from a nap, hungry and tired, weird and not in the mood to be in the kitchen.

Now what can I get James to get us?? 

I am now ready to take on this week, which might be a bit crazy, we have a corporate visit this week, a big one and I need to be on point every day, long hours, early mornings too. Today, was perfect.

Thanks for reading a long with this long post!!

Happy Sunday and new Week.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post #400, Week 9 End & Day 69

Holy Moly, I have posted 400 posts. Wow, its amazing I have had that much to talk about but who am I kidding, I could go on and on for days, this brain of mine, it wanders haha.

So its post 400, the last day of week 9 in Marathon training, which means Day 69 and almost the end of June.

Wow where does the time go.

This morning since I took an extra rest day yesterday, I knew I had to get up and run, not a long or hard effort run, just some miles, so I put in 3.

Yup, I am back in Florida with the humidity. It sticks to you like glue for sure. I was having some calve issues, especially my right one. It was just so tight, made it hard to get into a motion and groove. I know it had to do with the hills from earlier this week. I walked for a few extra seconds each time and it felt okay.

It was a sweaty 3 miles and believe me I did not want to run them. I made every excuse but I know if I didn't I would feel guilty. I mean it isn't about how fast or hard or slow I go, it is about getting my mind, body and spirit all in a line to get me across that finish line. Luckily, I work today until 5 and then it is non-stop for me today after.

Grocery shopping, unpacking and cleaning this apartment are in order. I am off tomorrow because we have a corporate visit all week, and I don't want to waste a lot of my day off tomorrow doing all that kind of stuff. Its going to be a long and tedious day, but I mean I just came back from vacation, gotta get back in the swing of things lol.

So 9 weeks down and I am surprised and proud of how far I have come. Getting up every morning, or night, or afternoon. Putting in the effort, sweating out the good and the bad and making it happen. They say it takes 28 days to create a habit, well, I have surpassed that and I am scaling over it.

Here is to week 10 and climbing that mileage ladder!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Much Needed Rest Morning...

And now back to reality...

Seriously that is how I feel right now. I woke up this morning, sore, a million things running through my head and exhausted. My flight last night from Atlanta seemed to take forever, of course it was delayed a half hour and I was just darn tired. I know leaving later was a good idea so I could spend lots of time with my family before I left, but it just made for an even longer night, and I was beat.

By the time I got home, it was 1:45, then I wanted to unwind a bit, relax, try to at least and open all my mail. I seriously love coming back from vacation and having all that lovely mail waiting for me. Especially because I got lots of my subscription boxes, I'll post about them soon. I didn't fall asleep until almost 3 and planned this morning getting up and working out, either running or biking, but I felt like a truck hit me.

My mind was running because I am going back to work today, I wanted to unpack a bit, or at least have some minutes to myself before work to catch up on some things. My boyfriend is the worst when I am gone, because he does not clean or pick up all that great, which this time was good, but not the best, it just adds one more thing to my list.

Normally, I don't go back to work the next day or 12 hours later in this case, but we get 3 days off next week for the 4th of July, so I couldn't roll it into this weekend and then take 3 more days off next week. So I am off to work today, closing, ugh. haha. No, I am actually excited about going back to work today, to see my staff and my co-workers, before I know it, I will have my day off again, which will consist of me, cleaning and organizing, grocery shopping and laundry.

So back to training. Today, I decided to use a second Rest day. I haven't done that in 9 weeks, going on 10. But today the second one was much needed. Tomorrow I will do a run day and on Sunday, I am suppose to do 5 miles, I am going to double it and do 10 because of the 11 I did this week with hills. Normally, I take 2 days off with a double digit long run like that. I don't feel guility or mad or upset. I know my body and mostly my mind needs this because I would not give my all if I was doing something today, it would be all over.

So I am back to my routine, back to reality and Day 68!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making Good Choices in the Airport

Greetings from Atlanta International!

I am here for about 2 hours and then I am back to Florida. I can say I am ready to be back for sure. I want my own bed, bathroom and my love. 

While in the airports I have been I noticed how easy it is to stay on track while traveling. 

There are healthy options for dinner, lunch and breakfast and even better for snacks in between. I enjoyed my lunch with Starbucks as posted before. Now at Atlanta, I found a great place to eat and to be honest there were a lot of great places. There was Friday's, Willys, a Mexican place, Italian and then I chose, Fresh To Order.

They had salads, painins, side orders and even entree plates. They advertise fresh. And it was!

I chose a sandwich because I had a salad for lunch. I got the tomato with mozzeralla with basil and balsamic. I got a side of mashed sweet potatoes. 

Oh my Lanta! It was delicious. The sweet potatoes were ahmazing! And so was the sandwich. I am so glad I chose this for dinner!! I am counting this as 13pp all together. I am completely full and ready to take a nap lol.

I walked around a bit to digest and decided to show all the quick and easy snack choices you can make while at an airport. These aren't just for Atlanta, I have seen these at all airports. 

Vitamin Water and regular water, Always a great choice!!! Stay hydrated while flying, very important. And vitamin water is a great choice with added bonuses.

Chobani yogurt, Core Power protein shakes, Zico chocolate water, my favorite item, hummus with pretzels and snack packs with crackers, veggies, etc. While they are expensive, they are quick and pre-portioned, which are great for over indulging. I recommend to always look at the status on the back, some can be very high in calories, which can be high in points. 

Some areas also hold fresh fruit. Choosing a banana, apple or orange is perfect for some crunch and adding protein, fiber and fillers.

I pack my own protein bars for a quick fix but this is impressive with options. I love Questbars which they don't sell but Luna and etc are awesome options!! 

And the snack parts! This can be a danger zone, especially to me, because they are not portioned out and I could eat a whole bag alone. If you are traveling alone and have self control, good for you! If traveling with a partner this is great, share with each other. 

Go for almonds, snap peas, and some trail mix. Remember that they are high in calories with many serving sizes and even with dried fruit doesn't mean it's the best for you, even with the word fruit. 

Try to avoid the smells and soroundings, like pretzels, candy and ice cream. It can be tempting for sure, but stick to something that can settle the crave and not make your waist get wide.

With anything, use moderation and smart choices. It's good to know to that even with all the choices, healthy is a top list and not a rare find. 

Enjoy and have fun!! 

And before you know it vacation is over...

Vacation is over....

Today was my last day in VA.... 

I had to say goodbye to all my family members and especially my uncle and Abby whom I won't see for another whole year.

We had a nice morning... I went for a two mile one as per plan. Staying on plan of course. Then we went to the aquarium for the day. We had a blast! It was a nice last acitivity.

Then we headed to the airport. My Uncles flight was at 5:15 and mine is 6:30 then I have a layover in Atlanta until 11 then home to Florida by 12:30! Long, long day. 

My uncle and cousin and I said our goodbyes..

And a send off beer of course. My Uncle is my heart. He is my Godfather, uncle and one of my very best friends. I love him to death and supports me in everything I do! I am so blessed.

And I had to say goodbye to this beautiful face.. She is getting so big, it hurts my heart.

With tears in my eyes and a little buzz, geez when does one beer do that, I'm such a light weight, I'm now sitting in Starbucks eating..

Chicken cesar salad, a large iced coffee and fruit cup to hold me over until Atlanta.

Reflecting back on my vacation it was perfect. I drank, I ate, I ran, laughed and held memories with my family for a lifetime.

I won't get these days or moments back and I'm so glad I was able to have time from my job to do so. Reality starts back now and back to tracking, plans, schedules and work. I can't wait to get back to James and snuggle.

And believe it or not back to work and life. See, my vacations aren't always about tropical locations, relaxing or going far away, it's about going home and home is wherever my family is...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Journey to 26.2: Day 65&66- Last days on the lake

Back in action! 

Well for the most we are having a couple of more hours on the lake then back to Virginia for the night and tomorrow night I fly back to Florida. 

Yesterday we spent the day on the boat all day long. In the sun and water was just what I needed and wanted. I got a great tan from it also. Also yesterday since I did 11 miles, my body was hurting. Not so much because of the miles but because of the hills. Those hills killed me, I felt it in my legs, arms and hips.

I did a 3 mile walk on the same path to shake it out and of course stay on plan. It worked, I felt better. Today, I ran 3.38 miles and again those hills were killer. I'm sure if I lived here, I would get better and stronger with it. I stayed with 2:30/30 and it was great, sometimes on the hills I did 2:1's. 

Either way I took my time and listened. I am really proud of my success with staying on plan while in different areas. I ran the Friday-Saturday and then Monday-today running and walking. No excuses, just did it because I knew if I didn't, I won't get stronger and better.

Today is typically or has been my weigh in day but because I'm away, I won't be. I'm glad because I feel like a balloon, Aunt Flo came to town and between that and being with family, my snacking as been crazy and I can feel it! So today, it's a clean slate, new points and back at it. 

While I LOVE being on vacation, I'm ready to be home, back in my bed, with my routine and my food choices. I did well, but not great, I had wine, beer, margaritas, pizza, grilling food, chips, brownies, oh my! Mixed nuts, regular food, while I ran and worked out, some things will take longer to get going. 

But I enjoyed every bit and sip because it was spent with family and I haven't seen them in close to 2 years. I will work harder, eat right and drink water to get it back to normal!

Hope everyone is having a happy mid week! 

Here is my training while on the lake..

Monday, June 23, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 64: 11 miles in the hills of North Carolina

I apologize but being on vacation this week, will make it really hard for me to post until I am back!

I am having an absolute blast!!! 

We are at my Uncle's lake house on Lake Gaston in NC. It's absolutely beautiful peaceful and amazing here. My family is relaxed and we are just hanging out, going on the boat, getting sun, drinking and telling old stories.

Since I HAD to get a long run this week and it was 11 miles in, today was the day. I set an alarm for 6 am and snoozed for an hour because I really did not want to run, I wanted to just sleep in.

BUT, I got up and headed out. I forgot my watch, which I was so upset about because I had to use my Runtastic, which drains my battery on my phone so bad.

The run was tough!! For many reasons, the hills here were so bad!!! I mean I am not familiar with hills at all, there were uphill and downhill, and very steep. I had to walk a bit more but it was okay. 

I did get my 11 miles but my stupid phone died. So I made sure to run until I got my time in. Even though it was a tough run and my legs hurt after, I am really, really glad I did it. It tested me and tested my strenght and will. Even though I was on vacation and not wanting to so it or in an area I didn't know and not having a route, I got up and went.

Also the view was breath taking and I saw this friend..

I am originally from the country, so I'm used to deer but to see them up close and running was very cool.

Long run is done and now I'm just small runs until I am home.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebration of love, life & happiness

Last night was one of the best nights in my family's lives. My cousin, Andrew, the oldest on my dad's side of the family found the love of his life and married her yesterday. It was a beautifuk ceremony and the reception was even better. As a family we spent the whole night, eating, dancing and laughing. 

They had a buffet and I only ate what I wanted, I ate a little piece of cake, probably because all my points went to wine, moscato. To be honest, I didn't track anything yesterday. I know it's bad but I was more concerned about enjoying  the time with my family and enjoying the atmosphere.

I am so proud and happy for my cousin. We have a 3 year age difference and my whole life I have looked up to him. He has turned out to be an amazing man. He is well established and put together. Lauren our newest member to our family is just as fantastic. She is bubbly, energic, and well established. They are perfect for each other and I'm so glad I got to be a part of their day. I would have never missed it for anything in the world.

 It was a beautiful day!!

Congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Allerton ❤️

Now today is a rest day for me and my one for the week, well earned and well deserved. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 8 Ending & Wedding

This post will be quick and sweet because today is a big day in my family.

My oldest cousin, Andrew is getting married today!!!!

I am so excited and blessed that I can be part of his special day and witness the love him and his bride to be shared.

We have a busy and fun filled day and getting ready for the wedding later on tonight.

I, of course, going to get a run in. I was going to do a walk or XT since I ran yesterday, but I figure 3 miles will be good and will do. I am taking tomorrow my rest day, rather than one on Saturday and my long run tomorrow because of the wedding today and because we are driving to the lake tomorrow.

Oh and probably the fact I will be indulging in some alcohol tonight and running the next day might be the best idea.

This week of training has been great and to say quite easy.

Sunday : 5 miles
Monday: 3 miles with Jeff Galloway!! Highlight of my year and life.
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: XT Bike, 30 minutes
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 5 miles on vacation
Saturday: 3 miles

Oh and Happy First Day of Summer

Friday, June 20, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 55: 5 Mile Vacation

So even though I am vacation, my training does not stop, I am very strict about that for sure.

I wasn't feeling so great this morning, since yesterday I was up all day long and didn't go to sleep  until 10:45 last night, even though I had been up since 2:00 am. I slept great and got up at 6:45. Everyone was starting to get up, so I sat and got caught up on my social stuff and enjoyed a big cup of coffee.

Probably not the best idea considering I never, ever drink coffee before I run, especially when I planned to run 5 miles. I got dressed and set myself up to go. I am not familiar with the area at all, so I just thought I would run until I hit 2.5 miles and then turn around and head back to my Uncles. The weather is great, very low humidity but a bit hot. Not having humidity was great!!

My stomach was hurting me a bit due to sleep, the coffee and probably because my Uncle loves to drink and I have become his partner in crime. Yeah I will be indulging in some drinks this weekend and week, but hey, vacation is only once in a while, and I hardly ever drink, but my body is not used to it.

I got the my miles in but I decided to change my run-walk-run to 2:30/:30. I did the first 3 miles at my old 4:1 and then changed it and let me say, it made all of a difference. I was having some issues the first bit and then it all fell into place for me. My breathing became better and my pace was feeling comfortable. 

I am glad I got the 5 miles in and felt really good after and my pace was much faster than I thought, which is always a nice surprise.

Now we are spending the rest of the day, relaxing and taking it all in, tomorrow is the wedding and I plan on getting at least 3 miles in before, so I can enjoy a piece of cake later on, of course. 

I am still tracking this week, mindfully, put I am not holding back at all. I want to enjoy these happy occasions and being around my family.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vacation all I ever needed

Happy Thursday and happy day of vacation!!! I have been up so early today, my flight was at 545, so I was up at 230 and only got like 2 hours of sleep.

I am exhausted right now but it is a good exhausted because I am sitting here with my family which makes my heart full and content! 

It was a good flight and first day on the beach on the board work and just being with my family, I only get to see once a year!!

Enjoying her strawberry daiquiri, virgin of course.

To be young again!!!

Today was my rest day and it was glorious!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh I like that title!!!

I would like to keep that until I switch it back after Marathon training.

Okay so I am officially on vacation, my flight is actually in 8 hours, which means I will probably only get like 4 hours of sleep.

Thank god for coffee.

I went to WW after work today and weighed in. Because it has been so nerve racking for me every week, I was nervous to see what was going to happen.

I LOST!!!!


And I lost 2.8!!

Thank you Jesus. Hopefully this means my body is playing catch up with all the activity I have been doing. It stinks since I am going on vacation, which always isn't the best time for tracking, but I am going to try my freaking hardest for sure, with making all the very best choices.

And I have my work out and running plan all set up, so I am set up for success. I even packed my Questbars and protein powder, etc, that way when I am snacking or hungry, or don't want to eat what they have, I can still make really good decisions.

The one thing I did differently last week was I stopped eating my activity points, I just ate my extra 49 weeklies. That seemed to really help, maybe I was over indulging last time. There were some days I was hungrier, but I made it through. So I am staying with that, instead of eating my activity points first, I will eat my weeklies. I ate over my 26 points every day using the weeklies and I had a good lost.

Next week I wont be weighing in since I will be on vacation and there isn't a WW around there, so I will skip a week and be back the following Wednesday!

Okay now off to sleep. I will be posting lots about my vacation!!!

Day Before Vacation Excitement

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

I have so much to be happy and excited about today.

First up, a 7 hour shift stands between me and a week off of work!! I have been going strong for 11 days now and finally at 4 today, I can relax and breathe a bit.

Secondly, I am flying out tomorrow morning to Virginia to see my oldest cousin get married on Saturday. I am also seeing my whole Dad's side of the family, whom I am all every close with to begin with. My Uncle from Indonesia is here in the states and his daughter he adopted, my sweet girl Abby.

Thirdly, tomorrow is going to be my rest day from exercise. One because I have to be at the airport at 3:30 in the morning. I will arrive in VA at 9 and then my Uncle just let me know, the 3 of us are going to the beach and boardwalk all day. I am super excited. Even though I know I will be dead tired.

I already planned that Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or whatever coffee place will be fueling my whole day. I will try to sneak in a sleep on the plane but it is a quick trip, so I don't see that happening. I will use my run day on Friday instead and on Saturday is the wedding, so I plan on another run or a walk of some sort.

My Uncle enjoys running too and we bonded over that, so I think he might want to run. Last year when I was on vacation with him, we ran every day.

This morning, I did drag myself out of bed. I did wake up with a little more pep, probably because I know I am on vacation pretty soon. I took my Nook and went over to our little gym and got on the bike for 35 minutes doing some rolling hills and then did some arm work.

After work, I am going to WW to weigh in, so I will post later with how that all pans out, ughhh.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Journey to 26.2 Day 53, COMPLETE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 52: Just Tired

Working 10 days straight, 7-9 hours each day and I don't sit, running like a crazy person AND training for a marathon evey day is exhausting!

I am so ready to be on vacation, so at least I can relax a bit, even if I am still doing my training too. 

My body has been feeling it these past couple of days. My energy is low, my muscles are a bit tired and I'm just beat. It's a satisfying beat, but beat!

Today, I got in 3 miles and it felt great! I did my 4:1's and used my old Brooks shoes I had gotten last year. They made a difference, much lighter, not heavy and I moved a bit faster I think. 

After dripping in wonderful humidity sweat, I had egg whites, coffee, peppers, boca crumbles and some water. Love to refuel that way. Then I had a vitatop!

I have a blog about them soon!

I planned in packing before my closing shift but I needed to lie back down a bit. Like I said I'm tired! After vaca I'm going to my Dr. To look into my thyroid again, I think it has a lot to do with it!

Since I ran this morning, I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow and hope for the best! 

You know even though I am tired, and beat, I'm not sure I would change it at all for the world so far! Silver lining I get to see my family in just a few days!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Meeting and Running with Jeff Galloway

Okay this is later than normal but I have a very good excuse... 

Yup that is me, meeting Jeff Galloway!!!! 

Total fan girl moment right there.

I saw in Facebook he was going to be doing a meet and run at a local running store called FitNiche in Tampa, tonight at 6:00! I was all in! I knew I was working only until 3 today, so I had plenty of time to go home and change, eat and drink something and even lay down for a bit.

It started raining when I got there so I was nervous we wouldn't be running but there was no lightening. And I walked in the store and there he was, chatting it up with other runners. 

He truly is a very nice man. He didn't turn down a photo, he patted my back and congratulated me when I told him I was using his marathon plan. I wish it brought my book to sign.

I of course had to get a picture, which will now be my Facebook photo haha. I am such a fan and if it wasn't for his run-walk-run method, I would never think I could accomplish all this. 

I asked him questions about how I should handle the hills and if I should go down in 4:1's. He suggested I do 2:30:30's which I will try. He was upbeat and so friendly.

He went over his process and answered any question. We headed out for a run with him. He was doing 15:15, which I have never done before and not a huge fan of it but I mean Jeff Galloway is running, you run with him haha.

It was a nice and easy run and on the turn around, I actually ran side by side with him and he discussed the benefits of the run/walk. He talked about rosemary, it was a scent to him he enjoyed. I asked him about me running one extra day rather than a XT or walk and he said it was fine as long as I took walk breaks when needed.

I was also asked him the best XT for runners and he said running in water, in a pool. I will be trying it for sure. At the end of the run, he congratulated us all for coming out despite the rain. I mean the man was just so nice. 

Here are so selfies I took with Jeff Galloway, yeah we went there..

He was such a cool experience and I am so glad I went. It was free even and something I will never forget. He is very down to earth and expressed how he is all about running injury free. Which I am about.

At the end they had a giveaway for some items, I didn't win but seriously the picture and meeting was enough for me!

I never though during this whole journey I would be able to meet the man who has changed my whole running experience and life! Without him, I would not have been here either.

Probably the best moment thus far of this year. 

While there I also got to meet a blogger, around here I adore!! Her name is Denise and she is awesome! So spunky and nice.

I went right up to her and told her how much I adore her work and her blog. I can't wait to run into her more often.

So Day 51, was pretty epic!!!

And now when I run, I will always remember Jeff saying, "we are running", "we are walking"

Just so darn cool!!