Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 7 Begins, Journey to 26.2 Day 43 & My Sunshine

Lets just say once I get hooked on a show, I am hooked!!

I stayed up to 1:30 this morning, watching Orange. I couldn't stop and seriously if I didn't have a long run this morning, I would have stayed up finish the whole thing. Damn you Netflix.

I set my alarm for 5 and I thought for sure, I was going to be dragging some serious ass. But my alarm scared the crap out of me and made me jump, so I woke up pretty quickly.

I decided to try out my new shirt from Old Navy, light color, loose and fits great.

I am starting to see a difference in my legs for sure, they are shaping up, but that butt of mine, ugh. I think I need to start doing some squats for sure.

I found this quote too because of course before I run, you gotta take a selfie and post to Instagram with a quote :0)

I love everything about this quote, how simple it is and how it speaks exactly to me and my training. I am no one special, I don't run fast, I wasn't born a runner, I hated running in school. Just one day I took a few step and went with it. I signed up for half's and races and went with it and now the marathon. I just decided to go for it. It speaks to all aspects of my life. It really describes exactly who I am!

Today was 9 miles.  I got downtown a little after 6 and ended right before 8. I wasn't paying too much attention to my pace, just more to how I was feeling. It is hot and so humid in the morning, so I just want to get the miles in, no matter how fast or slow I accomplish them. I was having some pain here and there, but nothing mind over matter. 

I tried a new protein bar and it didn't sit right with my stomach at all, so I wont be doing that again for sure. I did stop to pee once, I think it was all in my head but I figured I should and then used the water fountain to get nice cold water, since I drank all four bottles on my belt. I need to get a Camelbak ASAP because my fuel belt is driving me a bit crazy.

I was dripping in sweat, dripping, that you could ring out my hair and a puddle of sweat was there, yuck. But I got the miles in and over with.

When I was done, I cooled down with some stretching and a slow walk. I was catching the sun rising some over the water and I could feel my father all around me. I could see him in the water, feel his warmth through the sun and the sweat and heat was him telling me I will be okay.

See running for me isn't just about training or weight loss or exercise. Most of the time for me it is a way for me to connect with my dad. Where I run is where I spread his ashes and released him. It is my place that I go to feel at home with him.

So after a long run, when I am feeling defeated or thrilled or just excited, I can't call him, but I know he is a around me. He is the air I breathe, he is my sunshine rising over the water and setting in the distance.

I miss him so much at times, it hurts everything inside of me. I think about him often while I am running and listening to songs that remind me of him. I know, I know he is all around me, but God what I would give just to see him again or see him at that finish line. So every time I am done running or getting close to the end, I run a little faster around these parts, I run to the imaginary finish line, I am hoping he is seeing.

Training is starting to bring out another side of me and I am glad my Father is looking down on me each and every mile...