Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making Good Choices in the Airport

Greetings from Atlanta International!

I am here for about 2 hours and then I am back to Florida. I can say I am ready to be back for sure. I want my own bed, bathroom and my love. 

While in the airports I have been I noticed how easy it is to stay on track while traveling. 

There are healthy options for dinner, lunch and breakfast and even better for snacks in between. I enjoyed my lunch with Starbucks as posted before. Now at Atlanta, I found a great place to eat and to be honest there were a lot of great places. There was Friday's, Willys, a Mexican place, Italian and then I chose, Fresh To Order.

They had salads, painins, side orders and even entree plates. They advertise fresh. And it was!

I chose a sandwich because I had a salad for lunch. I got the tomato with mozzeralla with basil and balsamic. I got a side of mashed sweet potatoes. 

Oh my Lanta! It was delicious. The sweet potatoes were ahmazing! And so was the sandwich. I am so glad I chose this for dinner!! I am counting this as 13pp all together. I am completely full and ready to take a nap lol.

I walked around a bit to digest and decided to show all the quick and easy snack choices you can make while at an airport. These aren't just for Atlanta, I have seen these at all airports. 

Vitamin Water and regular water, Always a great choice!!! Stay hydrated while flying, very important. And vitamin water is a great choice with added bonuses.

Chobani yogurt, Core Power protein shakes, Zico chocolate water, my favorite item, hummus with pretzels and snack packs with crackers, veggies, etc. While they are expensive, they are quick and pre-portioned, which are great for over indulging. I recommend to always look at the status on the back, some can be very high in calories, which can be high in points. 

Some areas also hold fresh fruit. Choosing a banana, apple or orange is perfect for some crunch and adding protein, fiber and fillers.

I pack my own protein bars for a quick fix but this is impressive with options. I love Questbars which they don't sell but Luna and etc are awesome options!! 

And the snack parts! This can be a danger zone, especially to me, because they are not portioned out and I could eat a whole bag alone. If you are traveling alone and have self control, good for you! If traveling with a partner this is great, share with each other. 

Go for almonds, snap peas, and some trail mix. Remember that they are high in calories with many serving sizes and even with dried fruit doesn't mean it's the best for you, even with the word fruit. 

Try to avoid the smells and soroundings, like pretzels, candy and ice cream. It can be tempting for sure, but stick to something that can settle the crave and not make your waist get wide.

With anything, use moderation and smart choices. It's good to know to that even with all the choices, healthy is a top list and not a rare find. 

Enjoy and have fun!! 

And before you know it vacation is over...