Friday, June 6, 2014

#OITNB and Training!

Okay besides being June 6th or Day 41 of Training, it is also the day that....


OMG, to say I am excited it an understatement! I even stayed up until Midnight last night to see if it would start then, sadly it did not. So all day today, I could not wait to get home so I could go work out and watch this while doing so.

But unfortunately the WiFi in our gym was not working, so I couldn't enjoy it while I was on the bike. So I did 30 minutes on the bike, which was 6.00 miles, burned around 150 calories and did rolling hills. I could really feel it in my legs, but probably because I ran 3 days back to back also, which I have to say, I enjoyed. I wasn't beat and on low weeks, I will be doing just that.

Okay, so I got my training completed for the day and then I came home and started Season 2. I am love this show, I thought the book was fantastic and the show is even better, not 100% like the book, but even better. I have waited for like 8 months for Season 2 to start. It has me hooked like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, both shows that break my heart.

As you can guess, my night will be with a couple more episodes and then my day off on Sunday, you betcha, will be watching the whole season probably. I tell ya, once I am hooked, I am hooked!

Have you watched Orange Is The New Black yet???!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!