Friday, June 27, 2014

A Much Needed Rest Morning...

And now back to reality...

Seriously that is how I feel right now. I woke up this morning, sore, a million things running through my head and exhausted. My flight last night from Atlanta seemed to take forever, of course it was delayed a half hour and I was just darn tired. I know leaving later was a good idea so I could spend lots of time with my family before I left, but it just made for an even longer night, and I was beat.

By the time I got home, it was 1:45, then I wanted to unwind a bit, relax, try to at least and open all my mail. I seriously love coming back from vacation and having all that lovely mail waiting for me. Especially because I got lots of my subscription boxes, I'll post about them soon. I didn't fall asleep until almost 3 and planned this morning getting up and working out, either running or biking, but I felt like a truck hit me.

My mind was running because I am going back to work today, I wanted to unpack a bit, or at least have some minutes to myself before work to catch up on some things. My boyfriend is the worst when I am gone, because he does not clean or pick up all that great, which this time was good, but not the best, it just adds one more thing to my list.

Normally, I don't go back to work the next day or 12 hours later in this case, but we get 3 days off next week for the 4th of July, so I couldn't roll it into this weekend and then take 3 more days off next week. So I am off to work today, closing, ugh. haha. No, I am actually excited about going back to work today, to see my staff and my co-workers, before I know it, I will have my day off again, which will consist of me, cleaning and organizing, grocery shopping and laundry.

So back to training. Today, I decided to use a second Rest day. I haven't done that in 9 weeks, going on 10. But today the second one was much needed. Tomorrow I will do a run day and on Sunday, I am suppose to do 5 miles, I am going to double it and do 10 because of the 11 I did this week with hills. Normally, I take 2 days off with a double digit long run like that. I don't feel guility or mad or upset. I know my body and mostly my mind needs this because I would not give my all if I was doing something today, it would be all over.

So I am back to my routine, back to reality and Day 68!