Saturday, June 7, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 42, end of week 6 and Old Navy

It is late and I just got off of work and I am ready to hit the couch with vengeance with Orange Is The New Black.

Today was a rest day, which have become my favorite day of the week, especially because I closed at work and I could sleep in for a bit. I woke up starving this morning, which is a good thing, my metabolism is moving again. I got an email from Old Navy, which is one of my favorite stores because I can get clothing for super cheap, and I LOVE their Active wear.

This email did me in today..

Say what!!!???? 

I am not a big shorts working out person, I actually don't like it but for 5.00 I have no problem picking up a couple for the gym or just to wear around. I swear I live in work clothes and running clothes, that's it and I am totally fine with it. So I of course had to take advantage of this sale today.

I didn't go crazy, but when you spend 25.00, you get 10.00 super cash to use in two weeks, bonus. I could always need more stuff, I mean what girl or runner cant.

Here is my mini haul of the sale, while the shorts and the two shirts were on sale, the rest was 40% off which is a good deal also and I had a 10% off coupon to use also.

The shorts were five and the shirt was 8.00! I wanted it in pink but they were out of the shirt, just the shorts..

Excuse my bra off to the left. The tanks are super light weight, too light weight for running, they would be dripping, but perfect for anytime or the gym. I am now branching out into tanks, I used to NEVER wear them, but I don't mind showing off my arm jiggle, it shows I am trying!

All of it for 26.00 dollars, not bad at all! 

Back to training really quick, this week was a good week. I didn't feel so run down, my body is adjusting and I did a mid week longish run too. I also ran 3 days back to back, which didn't kill me at all. It was nice. I am going to test it on the opposite weeks I think, all in all, week 6 is complete and done, and pushing forward.

See, even on a rest day I am thinking of running.

Speaking of that, I am off to watch some Orange and then bed, early morning long run!